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Get Lasting Relief from Itchy Skin

Is itchy skin driving you crazy? Many times, the itch is simply caused by a fungus... and fungi are everywhere. The crazy thing about fungi is that they can move around your body and spread through contact. And, even though eczema and psoriasis aren't considered fungi and don't spread through contact, they move around the body in a very similar fashion.

Fortunately, Alywillow moisturizers and cleansers containing the Warrior and Wildwood formulas are designed with plants that fight many culprits that cause itchy skin including fungi, eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis. They are also soothing; gently relieving your symptoms for long lasting results.

What do fungi look like? Sometimes your skin flakes or peels. You may have a rash or dry, irritated patch. Sometimes it itches and sometimes it is invisible (microscopic). They can spread across your body. They are active and they go dormant. Many times, a shift in the weather acts like an "on" switch, activating dormant problems.

Don't worry, fungi are quite common. Most people will have an itchy fungus on their skin at some point in their life. Unfortunately, It can be difficult to find real relief and fungi easily get trapped in your shoes and clothing - continually infecting you. We can help! (Contact us if you want to talk to an Alywillow specialist about your situation.)

WildwoodIt is extra easy to get relief! Just replace your regular cleansers and moisturizers with either our Wildwood or Warrior products. Then, use them every day from head to toe for the next 6-9 months. These special formulas soak into your body every time you use the products, so the itchy culprits are unable to hide anywhere. You can even wash and condition your hair with them (Ask us for a FREE Hair Consultation).

Customers using our Warrior and Wildwood products normally notice relief from the itching within a few minutes and improvement in their skin within a few days or weeks. It may appear your symptoms are gone; yet, it has only gone dormant - hiding and waiting to come back. When you continue using the Wildwood or Warrior products for 6-9 months you are attacking the fungus while it is weak, and the results can be long lasting. Read our reviews to see the power of Alywillow.

By the way, most people use these products just because they like the natural scents and for their anti-aging and skin clearing benefits. So, you can use them as long as you wish. They are very safe and full of wonderful benefits! Level 3 Moisturizers

A word of caution: Cremes, paste, and clays are too thick and coat your skin, creating a warm, moist environment and promoting growth of the irritation. This is why we recommend using Alywillow Level 3 or Level 4 Moisturizers. These are spray moisturizers and light enough for your skin to breathe. Additionally, their humectant qualities ensure continued moisturization in your skin for hours after application. (Contact us if you want to talk to an Alywillow specialist about your situation.)

Psoriasis is a bit different. If you have been diagnosed with psoriasis, we recommend using the Warrior cleansers and moisturizers first. When Warrior becomes less effective (usually after a few months) switch to Wildwood for only 3-4 weeks before switching back to the Warrior products. According to our customers, this type of diversification offers the best results.

Babies, Children (under age 7), Pregnant & Nursing Women:

You can use the Warrior Cleansers and Moisturizers safely for two weeks. However, after 2 weeks start using the Warrior Baby Cleanser for daily use (continuing for at least 6 months or longer).  Please do not use the Wildwood products if you are pregnant.

Fungi will spread to your clothing, socks, bras. and shoes. In order to fight it, you can add our FORTIFY PLANT SERUM to your laundry or make a spray bottle (20 drops to 8 ounces of water) and spray your shoes and anywhere you skin has contact.

Your skin should get better! Our products are designed to help improve your skin. If you experience a negative reaction you may be sensitive to one of the plants in the formula. If so, switch to the other formula. Read our ingredients and get in touch with us if you have any plant allergies so we can determine the best option for you to ensure success!

Contact us if you want to talk to an Alywillow specialist about your situation.

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