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Anti-Itch Creams may be the worst thing for your Itchy Skin.

When you apply an anti-itch cream to fight itchy skin issues, the thickness of the creme often acts as a seal that pushes the itch below the surface where it thrives in your warm, moist body. That itch may even travel to another part of your body and pop up somewhere else. You may need to use these creams over and over, and unfortunately the biggest problem is they are full of synthetic chemicals (or drugs) that are often not safe for extended use.

Alywillow products are different from anything you have ever used before. We can usually stop the itch, give you relief, and prevent the itch from returning.

  • No drugs. We literally only use plants.
  • No synthetic chemicals. We don't even know how to use those.
  • They won't irritate your skin. In fact, they will soothe it - and fast - because they are loaded with natural vitamins and minerals. 
  • They are thin and liquid based, so they won't 'seal-in' your skin like heavy creams.
  • They soak into the skin, which fights the itch and prevents the spread.
  • Read our reviews. Our botanical blends are so effective, you won't need anything else. Use them to wash and moisturize every day.
  • We care about safety. They are so safe that you can use them every day from head to toe, just because you like the scent (you don't 'have to', but you could if you wanted to). That's how safe they are!
  • Everywhere and all the time. They can be used everywhere on your body including your face, scalp, and intimate areas.
  • Great scent! Many of our customers use these exact products not because they need them, but because they love the scent. We don't use fragrances, but you will smell the scent of the plants.
  • Glowing skin. They leave your skin feeling amazing.
  • Feel better. You'll get relief.




When used according to the directions these products will give you relief or your money back. We can afford to make this offer because we know they are effective on 99% of people.


Stop Itchy Skin Bundle

Replace your soaps and lotions with these and enjoy the fast relief...

Stop Itchy Skin

Stop Itchy Scalp Bundle

Replace your shampoo with these cleansers and start spritzing your scalp everyday until it clears up.

Itchy Scalp


The products in our StarBright Set contain higher concentrations of our Warrior, Wildwood, Lemon Laughs, and GoAway formulas to effectively fight and clear your psoriasis symptoms and scars. Just follow the simple instructions of washing and moisturizing daily for great results...


Stop Itchy Skin Bundle (age 0-7 years)

Replace your child's soaps and moisturizers with these and watch them get fast relief!

Itchy Skin for babies


Sometimes it spreads.

The itch or rash may stay in the same area, but sometimes they spread across your body and even to your fabrics, hats, and sheets. Keep reading to see how we can help clear your clothes so they don't continue to reinfect you. Plus, some itchy skin issues are highly contagious and easily pass to other people through touch. Those who lead sedentary lives can often develop them, especially in the creases and warm folds of the skin, but those who go to the gym regularly can easily pick them up too. See below for how our DisInfectNOW an help keep you safe. (It's important to note that eczema and psoriasis are not contagious in these same ways and yet, we have found that the products that fight fungal issues, fight them as well.)


 Read our Reviews

You've never seen anything like Alywillow. Read our reviews you will see the effectiveness of our products.

“Thank you so much! I have not found a product that has worked so good for my itchy legs. The Wildwood moisturizer has done such a great job. I bought a big supply for my trip home to Dallas.”

“I have severe eczema breakouts since birth. After a ton of trials with lotions, medications, etc… to no avail, I found Alywillow. I use the Warrior soap daily for the last 8 months now and have yet to experience the itch and rashes I have known for years. I am a huge fan of this product." M. Arrington, Frankinton, NC

“I use Wildwood soap and moisturizer and it has cleared my eczema! I no longer have any problems. If I do happen to get a slight itch, I apply the moisturizer and it immediately feels better. I recommend these products to anyone and everyone! They are magical! <3″ B. Gardner

“My husband had some type of itchy skin rash that would not go away with traditional (pharmaceutical) medicine. We purchased the Wildwood and within 2 weeks the rash had gone away!” A. Pouse, Seven Springs, NC

“Delightful product/packaging, so amazing! Love these products, the quality is phenomenal, really works for eczema. And the smell, so yummy. I feel like I am at the SPA!” Amanda-Kate,

"Years ago I was diagnosed with moderate to severe psoriasis affecting about 60% of my body and it was progressive. My skin was in bad shape and bleeding in some places. I tried three types of (very expensive) medications but it didn't help, plus the side effects. In December 2019 I discovered Alywillow Organics by some share chance. After a conversation with the owner I decided to try the STARBRIGHT set. As a physicist I go by empirical data and evidence, which I had none at the time but I gave it the benefit of the doubt, given how desperate I was. So I tried. Then within the short span of a few months everything began to change... drastically. Not only my psoriasis was in retreat, the itches, scars and the skin irritations disappeared. Now I am psoriasis FREE. Thank you Alywillow!" ~ Dr. Cazhaow Qazaz



Have questions?

Schedule a private consultation with one of our team members or with a location near you that carries Alywillow products.  A large majority of itchy skin seems to be fungal related, and even though eczema and psoriasis aren't fungal based, they act like it. These issues can cause rashes and itching that can drive you crazy. Sometimes they are invisible and sometimes they leave red and splotchy patches. Other times they cause persistent flaking or bumps on your skin. They might clear up on their own and then reappear later, and they often travel to different places on your body or even spread across your entire body. Let us show you how to improve the quality of your life.


Want to try it first?

We realize you probably feel like you've tried everything, but we can assure you our products are different than anything you have tried before. However, if you want to "try it" before you "buy it", we offer sample sizes of the bar cleansers for just $1 apiece. This will give you a small experience of using the products. They won't fix the problem by themselves, but they should be enough for you to notice an improvement.

WARRIOR Sample Size

Warrior sample

WILDWOOD Sample Size

Wildwood Sample


Four important things to remember.

  • BE CONSISTENT: If possible, wash and/or moisturize with these products from head-to-toe every day so there is no safe harbor on your body for the itch to retreat. You need consistency for this to work.
  • BE DETERMINED: After the itching or rash clears up, keep using the products for at least 3-6 months, just in case it's hiding in the microscopic world waiting to come back.
  • BE THOROUGH: If your clothing, sheets, socks, shoes, or other fabrics are affected, add Alywillow's FORTIFY for your washing machine and use Alywillow's DisinfectNOW on your hats, furniture, and other fabrics that don't go into the wash. This step is really important so your linens don't reinfect you in the future. Because, how can we get rid of the fungus if you keep putting on your fungal infected clothing? You can even use DisinfectNOW to spray your bra straps and undergarments to help prevent an embarrassing growth and spread in these regions.
  • AIR FLOW IS IMPORTANT: Your skin needs to breathe and this means the clothing you wear needs to allow air, heat, and moisturize to move away from your body. If you must bundle up, always keep cotton, bamboo, natural fibers, or moisture wicking fabrics next to your skin and then layer with your other fabrics. If you put fleece, polyesters, or synthetic fabrics next to your skin it can cause the perfect breeding ground for fungal growths.

You have so much to gain (piece of mind),

and so much to lose (irritation).

If you have any questions, contact us.