This collection has been assembled for those who have caught the SARS-CoV-2 virus and are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, although these products also help for almost any common cold.

Why are these effective: Your body absorbs many of the ingredients of the things you use on it and Alywillow products are truly natural, made with only plants & minerals offering many wonderful nutrients to improve your daily life. Your body easily absorbs the nutrients of our products, either through dermal absorption or inhalation, and you feel better.

Based on experience: We have compiled this list based on the experiences of our customers, as well as our founder Aliya Trinity, and how they used Alywillow products to help relieve the symptoms of COVID-19. We hope you stay healthy, but in the case you experience this virus or others, a little relief can feel amazing. Please... keep giving us feedback so we can keep helping in a positive way.

Let's stay healthy: Viruses continuously evolve as changes in the genetic code (genetic mutations) occur during replication of the genome. So, as the virus changes, so do the symptoms and so might our recommendations. Our primary concern is for your health and happiness.

COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Infected people have had a wide range of symptoms reported – from mild symptoms to severe illness. Please review the CDC guidelines for more information on COVID, its specific symptoms and when to seek emergency medical care.