Washing and moisturizing in LAVENDER FIELDS products will help support your digestive system on a daily basis - bringing it more stability and health. Drinking LEMON VERBENA TEA can help you lose weight where drinking SAGE LEAF TEA and DANDELION ROOT TEA may boost your appetite. If your issues are stress related, go for some of our stress relief options.


Remember to drink 8 ounces of water every 3 hours and eat at least 70% fruits and veggies each day. We also recommend eating your proteins and starches separately, since these require different pH levels in the stomach to digest them. You want to make digestion easy. Here are some herbal teas that can also help speed up your digestion… Drink too much MULLEIN LEAF TEA and you will release everything! The sour taste of HIBISCUS FLOWER TEA is pleasantly tangy for many and naturally helps aid in elimination. Drink LAVENDER FLOWER BUD TEA at night because it can have a sedative effect. ROSEHIP TEA has high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants that are considered helpful in reducing allergies as well as reducing constipation. ELDERBERRY TEA is high in flavonoids that help with constipation.


Washing and moisturizing with LAVENDER FIELDS, DRAGONFLY or FIREFLY products daily will help improve the function of your digestive system. Our DRAGONFLY products help improve digestive health. The mineral content in LAVENDER FLOWER BUD TEA helps to improve overall uptake by the digestive tract, soothing indigestion. LEMON VERBENA TEA is known to improve digestive issues. Drink PEPPERMINT LEAF TEA to support digestive health. ROSEHIP TEA is considered helpful in reducing ingestion. SPEARMINT LEAF TEA helps soothe nausea and indigestion.


Drinking DANDELION ROOT TEA is known to help support healthier liver function. BURDOCK ROOT TEA helps reduce stress on the liver. It also contains a significant level of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Drink moderately. GOLDENSEAL LEAF TEA also supports liver and kidney function.


SPEARMINT LEAF TEA tastes great and has been widely used to reduce nausea. PEPPERMINT LEAF TEA helps support healthy bowel function and can reduce nausea in some people.


Drinking LEMON VERBENA TEA every day can ease your issues related to chronic acid reflux and it tastes great too! It can make you a little sleepy, so use it at night to help you relax.