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A message from our founder, Aliya Trinity...


"Our ancestors would refer to bites, stings, & infections that cause searing pain, burning, and swelling as ‘fire in the body”. So years ago, I combined a series of “killer plants” that burn away many toxins (including bacteria, fungi, and viruses)… and called it FORTIFY. Using Fortify is like fighting fire with fire, and thankfully, Fortify is normally the victor! Even though it doesn’t contain any drugs, synthetic chemicals, or artificial ingredients, it still important to use it properly, because it’s not soothing and restorative like most of our other products. It literally kills the things you put it on.


A customer in Raleigh, NC once told me that Fortify worked so well against all the blemishes on her face that she covered her entire face with it! Yicks! Don’t do that. It shouldn’t go on healthy skin – just on those areas that have problems. She said she wouldn't do that again and agreed to follow the instructions in the future.


The instructions won’t fit on the little bottle, so save the flyer that comes with it! The bottle has about 300 drops and you’ll use just a drop or two at a time. It is the single most versatile product we create here at Alywillow which is why it my number one choice for gift giving! Everyone needs it. It’s just that amazing! DisinfectNOW is a diluted for of FORTIFY. You can easily refill this bottle using distilled water and 10 drops of FORTIFY. Plus, it makes using Fortify really easy."


FORTIFY RECIPES - effective and versatile.

You should receive a flyer with your bottle explaining the following details. If you are applying FORTIFY directly to your skin, always follow it with an Alywillow moisturizer or oil, but not water or anything water-based (like a lotion). 

  1. Disinfect your air: To purify your air, put several drops on a tissue and place in your A/C or heat vent. You can also use FORTIFY in a diffuser (or boil some water on the stove and add a few drops of FORTIFY). Dilute FORTIFY in a water spray bottle or use DisinfectNOW and spray into the air. It's fast at cleaning mold and mildew from the air, so you can breathe freely again.
  2. Colds & flu: Feeling like you might be getting a cold? Put a couple of drops directly on the soles of your feet or your chest, and then cover with any Alywillow moisturizer. You can also diffuse it for 30 minutes when around others with cold and flu symptoms, when children come home from school, at home, or at work. Our PARADIGM MASSAGE is ready to use right out of the bottle and it already includes FORTIFY, plus several other components for relieving the symptoms of colds and flu.
  3. Foot Fungus: Add a drop or two of FORTIFY directly to the fungal areas, then cover with an Alywillow moisturizer. The itch and infection should clear up, but the fungus is still hiding in your body for months. So, keep doing this every day for 6 months to kill the fungus where it hides.
  4. Sanitize Clothing: Add 5-10 drops to your laundry cycle to help kill off bacterial and fungal issues in your laundry. This is especially helpful if your skin has dermatitis or fungal issues, or if your linens have been exposed to high-germ areas such as gyms.
  5. Sanitize Shoes: Add 1-2 drops of FORTIFY onto cotton-balls and insert into your shoes while you sleep. Alternatively, spray them with DisinfectNOW and allow them to dry before wearing again. Not only can this kill the fungi (such as athlete's foot) it can also kill the germs that cause foul odors.
  6. Bee & Wasp Stings / Fire Ant Bites / Spider Bites / Cat Scratches: Apply 1-2 drops to help stop the toxin and infection, then follow with an Alywillow moisturizer. Just one drop of FORTIFY will help stop the pain and reduce the toxins, swelling, and pain of many bites and stings (including infections). Just remember to cover it with a moisturizer to prevent a burning sensation. GOLDENSEAL TEA will also help reduce many allergic reactions.
  7. Toothache or pain in the mouth: Rub 1-2 drops on the outside of your cheek to fight any infections and then cover with a pain relief moisturizer to reduce the pain. To kill oral germs, fight gum disease, if you are experiencing pain in your mouth, or have sensitive teeth - brush your teeth and gargle with WARRIOR LEVEL 4. This can also fight gingivitis and reduce gum disease. If you have severe pain, use 2-3 drops of CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL on a cotton swab and apply to the affected gums and tooth. Always go to your dentist if your pain is severe or persistent.
  8. Infections (inside or outside the body): If possible, apply FORTIFY to the skin directly above the infection area and cover with a moisturizer. If you cannot touch the skin in that area, spray DisinfectNOW directly on the area.
  9. Lung congestion: Breathe in the vapors from the FORTIFY bottle. For a stronger delivery, use the BREATHE INHALER. It contains FORTIFY and several other components to support the health of your lungs.
  10. Sanitize Dishes and Surfaces: Just add a few drops to your dishwasher. To sanitize counter tops, desks and other surfaces, mix 20 drops in a 16-20oz. spray bottle with water.
  11. Disinfect Floors: Add 1/4 cup white vinegar, a few drops of dish washing soap & 10 drops FORTIFY to a bucket of water. If you are washing wood floors, add 1 tsp of oil (sunflower or vegetable oil is fine) to the water.
  12. Earache: Apply 1-2 drops of FORTIFY to the head around the outside of the ear, then cover with one of our pain relieving moisturizers. Do this daily, up to 3 days. This will clear most ear infections, if not, make sure to see your doctor.
  13. Ticks: If the tick has already bitten, apply a drop of FORTIFY, using a cotton swab to more easily remove the tick. Apply it for a few days to reduce the associated itch, swelling, and pain around the bite. If you wish to repel ticks, then add 20 drops of FORTIFY to your NATIVE-SHIELD. This way your mosquito repellent also repels ticks. You can also spray your clothes with DisinfectNOW. For pets, apply FORTIFY to a scarf and tie it their neck before they go outside.
  14. Disinfectant: Use FORTIFY to refill your DisinfectNOW bottle. This is an alcohol-free disinfectant that can be used on your face, hands, mask, door knobs, and any other surface. You can also inhale it to clear out your sinuses.
  15. Bedsores: Wash and moisturize with WARRIOR daily to help repair the skin. You can spray DisinfectNOW directly on the bedsores to fight the bacteria in it. If it is resistant, use the FORTIFY or GoAway spot treatments. To help prevent bedsores, move around every few hours and keep the muscles active and the skin, clothing, and linens clean and fresh.
  16. Abscess, Boils, Carbuncles, & Cysts: Add 1-2 drops of GoAway or FORTIFY to the spot and then add a little RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF moisturizer to prevent it from burning as well as to reduce pain & inflammation. Do this twice a day for a few weeks or until there is no more pain and discomfort. If this is a chronic condition, wash with WARRIOR daily to reduce occurrences.
  17. Fungi, Dermatitis, and Eczema: Continued daily use of the WARRIOR and WILDWOOD formulas can help your skin return to normal. Moisturize with these formulas in LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 as they will allow your skin to breathe. Please do not use creams or our LEVEL 5 moisturizers, as they are too thick and may cause the issue to continue or spread to other areas of your body. You can also apply FORTIFY or GoAway for an extra powerful attack.
  18. Anal itchiness or pain: Anal itching and/or pain is either caused by a fungus or bacteria. Do this to clear it up and avoid it in the future: Take a shower at least once a day (twice is better) and wash this area well - once with WARRIOR, once with WILDWOOD. Then spray some DisinfectNOW or WARRIOR LEVEL 4 into this area. Every time you sweat, you need to change clothes and wash them, especially your undergarments, sheets, & bedclothes. We highly recommend FORTIFY or GoAway in your washing machine to help sanitize your clothing so they re-infect you. If a baby has a diaper rash, any WARRIOR moisturizer is usually enough to clear it - fast, easy, and with no synthetic chemicals!
  19. Warts: Use FORTIFY and/or GoAway on the affected area twice a day until they go away. Apply 2-3 drops with a cotton swab. Cover it with a moisturizer.
  20. Complicated Acne: Is your acne large, painful, and extra persistent? We refer to this as complicated acne as it takes a little more effort to clear your skin and restore balance. (1) Wash with WARRIOR or SAGEROW cleansers. (2) To repair scars and reduce pores, use BALANCE toner (for dry skin) or the PHOENIX toner (for normal or oily skin). (3) Use FORTIFY or GoAway as a spot treatment for those persistent and painful bumps. It's going to kill the bacteria in existing breakouts. Put it on existing cyst bumps or on a new spot when you first still feeling it. Use just a drop every day and stop applying Fortify once the spot stops hurting, dries up, and doesn't look infected anymore.(4) Then, if your skin is dry, follow with the SAGEROW or WARRIOR formulas in a LEVEL 4 or LEVEL 5 moisturizer. (5) If your skin is oily or combination - spritz with ARROW and moisturize with SAGEROW LEVEL 3.
  21. Pneumonia: Pneumonia is an infection and inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs. All the Alywillow products listed below will help fight it, but stillness in the body is what allows this infection to take hold in the lungs, so I will address that first. Anyone with pneumonia needs to learn to do deep breathing exercises and keep your body moving. Even if you are fatigued and really want to rest – you must keep moving. Even months after pneumonia is gone, it will quickly come back if movement is not maintained. Think about what happens in a room or home that is closed up for long periods without enough air movement. The air grows stale and eventually mold can form and start rapidly multiplying. If there is not enough movement in your lungs, something similar happens. Pneumonia is an infection, but it behaves kind of like a mold. In all of Earth - stillness brings on this transformation. To slow down the rate of decay, you need movement. Movement literally helps us live longer.
    1. MOVEMENT: Find daily physical activities you enjoy and keep moving. Physical activities that encourage deep, healthy breathing, like yoga or tai chi, need to be persistent and happen several times a day.
    2. NO LONG TIMES OF STILLNESS: Don’t sit or lay down for more than 3 hours at a time, except at night while sleeping. The body needs movement. Stretch, Breathe, Stretch, Breathe, Stretch, Breathe, etc.
    3. BREATHING: Too often we have shallow breathing. Learn breathing techniques and do them often to keep the air in the lungs fresh. Breathe deeply into the bottom of the lungs, filling them like balloons until you feel your chest and ribs expand. Hold for a few seconds and release. Do at least 10 deep breaths every 3 hours (or more often if possible). It will be hard at first. It will get easier over time.
    4. TO FIGHT THE INFECTION: Dilute 6-10 drops of FORTIFY (or DisinfectNOW) and apply to the chest and neck at least 3 times a day, for the next 7-10 days.

Want something easier?

We put FORTIFY in several products so you can easily enjoy the benefits…

  • DisinfectNOW - This is a travel-sized, alcohol-free disinfectant for easily disinfecting hands, face, mask, or other small things very quickly. Just spray and let dry.
  • Paradigm - This is a concentrated massage oil to rub on your body, for dermal absorption, at the first sign of flu and cold symptoms. It can reduce symptoms so you get some relief.
  • Breathe - This inhaler is designed to support the health of your lungs… and to reduce concerns of infection in the lungs. Remember to practice deep breathing every day.



A combination of therapeutic grade essential oils (FORTIFY Formula). If you have allergies to any plants, then please review our ingredients list. This product can contain any of the essential oils from our ingredient list.  There are no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no paraffin, no gluten, no propylene glycol, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no DEA, and no DEET. Actually, there are no synthetic or artificial ingredients of any kind. Also, Alywillow products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. If an adverse reaction occurs, then you may be allergic to one of the plants in the formula.


    • Is this your first time using FORTIFY? If it's your first time using FORTIFY, smell it before using it to see if your body rejects it or accepts it (this is always a good practice as we are often repelled by the things we are allergic to).  If you have a negative reaction (difficulty breathing, watering eyes, itchy skin) you are probably allergic to one of the plants in the formula. In this case, do not use FORTIFY. We have other options you can try. Either gift it to someone else or return it for a replacement. Also, review our ingredients list
    • Size: 0.5oz glass bottle contains about 300 drops.
    • Want more information? Check out our reviews to see the power of FORTIFY.
    • We are here to help. FORTIFY is different from anything you have used before. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you use FORTIFY and don't get the desired relief, please contact us to ensure you are using it correctly.
    • FORTIFY is CONCENTRATED, one drop can have a powerful effect.
    • Children: You can use FORTIFY on children and infants, when needed and when following the guidelines.
    • Stop the burn: FORTIFY can burn your skin if applied directly to it. In order to prevent this, immediately follow its application with a thin layer of any Alywillow moisturizer. Never apply water which will only cause the burn to spread.
    • Choose the most gentle option. Sometimes our other products are will give a more gentle effect. For instance, simple acne issues don't really need the power of Fortify as they can usually be cleared up just by washing with our Wildwood or Lemon Laugh cleansers. However, FORTIFY is great for the more intense cystic or persistent acne that also has bacterial (pain) or fungal (itchy) problems.
    • Emergency Situations: In the event of anaphylactic shock from a bee sting, serious bite, or other problem, you can use FORTIFY on the way to the hospital. In potentially dangerous situations, always go see your doctor. For instance if your ear ache doesn't go away in 24 hours, something more serious could be happening and you need to see a doctor.
    • Medical issues: You can still use FORTIFY even if you are already on antibiotics. Just ask your doctor if you have any concerns or if you are already on other medications.
    • Dermal vs Oral Application: Do not consume orally. Dermal application (on your skin) is best as it soaks through your skin and is absorbed into the proper area without involving your digestive system. Dermal application is often faster than oral applications. This is not only true for FORTIFY, but it is not designed for oral consumption.
    • Killer Plants: This product has been made to eliminate many stubborn fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It is not nurturing. It will attack. Do NOT apply it to healthy skin, only the problem areas.  Carefully follow the directions when using this product.
    • Avoid your eyes: If it gets into your eyes, flush with any vegetable oil from your kitchen. Do not use any product containing water. 
    • External use only. Do not consume.
    • Healthy Life: Our products offer many great benefits, yet they are not enough to restore your health and joy by themselves. Read 10 Steps to Healthy Skin to learn how your health and happiness are affected by your life choices.
    • Shifting colors, scents, and textures: Our products are made from plants and plants vary from one harvest to the next. This may cause a variation in color, scent, or texture in our products. It is completely normal and expected from Truly Natural Products
    • Cruelty-free and Dog Friendly: We create over 150 VEGAN products from plants and minerals. They are 100% natural and contain no synthetic chemicals. We don’t test them on animals, but you can review our Dog and Pet information to understand more how your pets can benefit from using Alywillow products.
    • Pregnant & Nursing women: Use when needed. Many Alywillow products are safer than anything you can find on the market, however, some plants should not be used during this time. Please refer to our Pregnant and Nursing page for more information.
    • Follow us on FacebookInstagram, or YouTube for more information and skincare tips.
    • Coupons: Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive our monthly newsletter for updates & coupons.
    • Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor.
    • USA: We make over 150 products, right here in the USA, using only plants and minerals.

    Ages 0+ Use When Needed  Concentrated Vegan Cruelty Free Small Batches With Essential Oils Safe for Pregnant Women No Alcohol No Dyes or Colors No Nuts No Synthetics Made in USA

    Love Yourself - Love Your Life - Love Your Earth - Love Alywillow

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    Fortified is a wonderful product. Little bottle last a very long time, smells wonderful. Very easy to mix with some water and you're ready to spritz when you're out in the germ world. Works on mosquito bites to stop the itch!
    Sarah McKenzie in NC was a big help on picking out levels on other products. (Daleen Designs, Cary, NC location)

    It's great to hear that you are enjoying Fortify! You can also use Native Shield to repel mosquitos and relieve the itching and pain of the bites.

    Pam T
    Fortify disinfectant

    With all the disinfectants we need to use, I prefer natural products when possible. I ordered this specifically for my young niece who works as a nurse with COVID patients to spray inside her face masks. Since they only have one mask to use throughout the day, I wanted her to be as protected as possible so I mixed up a small spray bottle for her. She can have it close to her nose and it smells nice and not breathing in harsh chemicals. It doesn't bother her sensitive skin. I started using it for my non surgical mask now when I go out too. I keep it with me when I have to go out and make sure I clean up surfaces before and after I touch. Very happy with this product.

    We are so happy that we could help you and your niece during this difficult time, Pam! Using Fortify on your face masks is a great idea. It's wonderful to have a natural disinfectant that is so versatile!

    Callie Pellerito
    Wonderful product!!

    We diffuse Fortify regularly and now mix with water to disinfect our home! I also use if I feel a breakout coming on and notice immediate results!! Thank you!!!

    Great to hear that you are having great results, Callie! Fortify is so versatile - you can use it on bug bites, psoriasis, cold sores and more. We just released a NEW medicinal product called Paradigm that you may also be interested in.

    Lauren S Daniels
    Zits Be Gone

    I love this oil! I felt a zit coming on two days ago and started applying Fortify with my morning and evening skin care and the zit never came to the surface!!

    <p>Lauren, thank you for sharing your feedback! Did you know that Fortify is our most versatile product? It can be used for so many things as well as acne - colds, fever, psoriasis, ticks, air and surface sanitization, bee stings, fungal issues and cold sores!</p>

    Elaine Simpson
    Clears up eczema!

    Great product!

    This is another fantastic report Elaine! I hope you also received the little card that explains the many ways to use Fortify. It is one of our most versatile products. We mix 20 drops into a spray bottle every summer to spray our clothes down when we go into the woods as it helps keep the ticks off. Also, it's fantastic for reducing ear aches, fever, acne, and the pain from fire ant bites, bees, and so much more! It's definitely a go-to item for so many things! :)