Apply a drop of FORTIFY to the affected area to reduce the reaction. Use WILDWOOD LEVEL 3 MOISTURIZER to reduce the itching. GOLDENSEAL LEAF TEA can help reduce allergic reactions.


Spray NATIVE SHIELD BUG REPELLENT on your skin, hair, clothing, and shoes to create a barrier to help protect from mosquitos and some of the other annoying flying insects. If you already have a mosquito bite, just add some NATIVE SHIELD to the bite to reduce itching, swelling, pain, and scars.


If the tick is on you, adding a drop of FORTIFY will weaken the tick, making it easy to remove. Fortify will also help fight the infection around the bite. If you wish to repel ticks, then add 20 drops of FORTIFY to your NATIVE SHIELD. This way your mosquito repellent also repels ticks. This is developed for people, not dogs.


Just one drop of FORTIFY will help stop the pain and reduce the swelling of many bites and stings (including infections). Just remember to cover it with a moisturizer to prevent a burning sensation. Add a little RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF moisturizer to reduce pain & inflammation.