PARADIGM MASSAGE relieving cold & flu symptoms
PARADIGM MASSAGE relieving cold & flu symptoms PARADIGM MASSAGE relieving cold & flu symptoms PARADIGM MASSAGE relieving cold & flu symptoms PARADIGM MASSAGE relieving cold & flu symptoms


If you are feeling unwell, with cold or flu-like symptoms,  PARADIGM MASSAGE may help relieve your discomfort. At first it's hard to comprehend it’s power as it's unlike anything you have ever used!

PARADIGM MASSAGE is a topical botanical product, meaning the molecules of these plants are so small they penetrate your skin and enter your body. Paradigm is made of pure plants. It is not a drug or medicine and you do not consume it. Instead, it is an oil-based blend that absorbs through your skin, bringing much needed nutrition into your body. 

After reviewing decades of scientific research from around the world, we know the plants in this formula support your respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, immune system, and cardiovascular system. They are known to naturally…

  • Offer powerful antioxidant effects
  • Fight viruses and bacteria to help speed up the healing of wounds and infections while lessening symptoms related to colds and flus such as fever, aches and pain, sore throat.
  • Reduce pain, swelling, and spasms helping restore a proper flow to the rivers of the body (nervous and circulatory systems).
  • Reduce phlegm and mucus so you can breathe better.

We already have other products that can fight things like shingles and staph infections, so we know how powerful plants can be. However, we do not know if PARADIGM MASSAGE will fight viruses like coronavirus. If you officially test positive for a coronavirus and PARADIGM helps you feel better, then please let us know! There are many people asking this question.

PARADIGM MASSAGE is designed to fight many of the viruses and bacteria that can cause colds and flu. It is a complex yet 'restorative & gentle' formulation that you gently massage onto your body to help you feel better. Use it at the FIRST SIGNS of feeling sick. If it can reduce the symptoms of your cold or flu, then you should start to feel better within 10 - 30 minutes. Sometimes, it may work so well you may feel like you’re not sick anymore, yet sometimes it does nothing. That's because it can't fight every harmful bacteria and virus... just like it can't solve all the problems of the world.

You simply use PARADIGM MASSAGE at the first signs or symptoms of a cold or flu, but please follow the directions before using this product. It is more powerful and effective at fighting colds and flus than our FORTIFY formula (which has about a 50% success rate at fighting flus and colds). Keep in mind, FORTIFY is an excellent disinfectant for your home and Fortify is more versatile than Paradigm because it can be used for bee stings, ticks, cold sores, cystic acne, fire ants & spider bites, and many other painful things.

PARADIGM MASSAGE is part of our Medicinal Product Line, which means you should only use it when needed. It is specifically designed for when you feel sick - and nothing else. It is not designed 'for fun' or to be 'used daily' for the rest of your life. If you wish to have daily preventative care, please use our 'Daily Care Products' in these formulas - Warrior, Sagerow, Lemon Laughs, Firefly, and Lavender Fields. These five formulas offer natural anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, they exceed European guidelines for plant safety, and best of all - they will make your skin feel great!

Health officials commonly suggest drinking at least 8 oz of water every 3 hours. This is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY when you are sick.

Do this before you use Paradigm...

  1. First, if your doctor has ever told you that you are sensitive or allergic to any plants, then you should review our COMPLETE INGREDIENT LIST HERE to let us know which plants you need to avoid. Based on this information, we will send you a list of which products are safe for you and which ones are not.
  2. Next, smell it. In nature, your sense of smell is a powerful guidance system and the scent of PARADIGM is only from the plants in the formula. There are no fragrances, perfumes, or synthetic ingredients. If you find the scent utterly repulsive, then there is a possibility that you may be sensitive or allergic to one of the plants. If this is the case, then test it on a very small area of your right arm, not your entire arm.
  3. Now, test your body for an allergic reaction by gently massaging PARADIGM MASSAGE onto your entire right arm (or your right leg). Shake the bottle well so you can blend the plants thoroughly and apply a thin layer to the area you have chosen. It should feel smooth and light, with no problems. Wait about 30 minutes to make sure you don't have an adverse reaction (which may include and are not limited to redness, irritation, & itchiness). An adverse reaction is rare, yet decades of experience have taught us that anyone can be allergic to anything - and you may not even know it. It's best to be safe.

Apply Paradigm when you are sick... 

  1. Follow the 3 steps above to make sure you aren't allergic, then use the correct amount based on your age. 
    1. Ages 18+ - use 20-30 sprays (equivalent to 1 tsp).
    2. Ages 1-17... use the same number of sprays as your age. A two year old would get 2 sprays. A 7 year old gets 7 sprays, a 15 year old gets 15 sprays, etc...
  2. APPLY IT - then spray PARADIGM MASSAGE into your clean hands and massage a thin layer onto your ENTIRE BODY. Start below your neck, and work your way down to your waist. Then start at your feet, and work your way up to your waist. Drink water!
  3. APPLY IT - An alternative application is to add it to a warm bath (not hot), and soak for 5-15 minutes. - Drink water!

What to expect…

  1. There are about 6 tsps in this 28mL bottle. You should use no more than 1 tsp per use, so it has a maximum of 6 applications (and many more when used on a child).
  2. If after the first use you don't feel any better, then you can try it again in 6-8 hours. However, if the second application has no effect, then it is not able to fight the specific virus or bacteria you are battling. Try other things and always  contact your doctor if your situation worsens.
  3. If your symptoms are relieved, you can reapply at 6-8 hours intervals. You should not need to use it more than 3 times.
  4. If you feel so great that you don't think your still sick, please understand that your body is at war with the invading microbe and you need rest and lots of fluids. You are also probably still contagious. The CDC recommends staying at home at least 24 hours after a fever goes down. Even if you didn't have a fever or if your symptoms are completely gone, a 24 hour rest period seems to be a good idea. 

Ingredients: The Paradigm Formula is 15 essential oils at medicinal concentrations carried in a sunflower and cherry kernel oil base. Please understand our formulas are made of pure essential oils and therefore, we cannot patent them. For this reason, we keep the exact details secret.  If you have plant allergy or concerns about a plant, please review our COMPLETE INGREDIENT LIST HERE and let us know which plants you need to avoid. Our goal is to keep you safe! There are no synthetic chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, and no other artificial ingredients. There are no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no paraffin, no gluten, no propylene glycol, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no DEA, and no DEET. Paradigm, just like every other Alywillow product, is cruelty-free and has never been tested on animals. Most of our products, including this one, are vegan. 

CautionAvoid the eyes. If it gets into your eye, immediately flush with cold full fat milk, or vegetable oil to dilute. If stinging is not alleviated, seek medical assistance. Keep out of the reach of children. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use, seek medical attention (if needed) and notify us. If you experience a negative reaction, you may be allergic to one of the plants in the formula. If you have plant allergy or concerns about a plant, please review our COMPLETE INGREDIENT LIST HERE and let us know which plants you need to avoid. Our goal is to keep you safe!

Pregnancy & NursingDue to the concentration of these plants, Paradigm isn't recommended for nursing or pregnant women. We will release a new product soon.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor. 

Happiness and HealthAlthough the effects of our products can be very powerful, the therapeutic effects are not enough to restore your health and joy on their own. Our happiness and health are affected by our overall lifestyle habits, eating habits, relationships, water intake, level of exercise, and exposure to harmful substances.

Questions or Concerns: If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us so we can help. If you would like to share your experience, please leave a review. Thank you.

love your body - love your life - love Alywillow

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We're so happy to hear that Paradigm has helped you feel better, Jackie! You may enjoy reading our blogs, they're full of information on how Alywillow products can help you
Thank you for sharing Paradigm with your family, Mary. She may love the smell, but Paradigm is not designed for everyday use, as it is our most powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial product! It is meant to be used only when you are experiencing cold and flu symptoms. We recommend that she try our anti-bacterial daily care formulas - Sagerow, Warrior, Lemon Laughs and Firefly :)
Wonderful news that Paradigm helped you with your cold, Susan! Did you know that some of our daily care products (Sagerow, Warrior, Lemon Laughs and Firefly) can be used to help prevent colds and flus?
Excellent products

We are so glad that you and your husband have found such amazing relief with our products, Kathryn! While sweet basil is a good pain reliever it has a dilution rate of 0.1%, meaning that to use it safely on your skin, you would need 2oz of carrier oil for just 1 drop of sweet basil! It is important to use carrier oils (like our moisturizers or coconut oil) so that you do not damage your skin or develop a sensitivity to them. We designed Minty Relief and Riverflow as safer options to quickly ease the pain from your arthritis. Keep an eye out for our online essential oil safety seminars!