We have several hormone balancing formulas. When you wash & moisturize with SEAWILLOW, BUTTERFLY OR SWEET MAGIC daily, your body gets some relief.


In the moment of a hot flash, spray and inhale the SEAWILLOW SPRITZER. The RED CLOVER BLOSSOM TEA has been used for generations by Native Americans to help reduce symptoms related to menopause in women. We recommend drinking at least one cup a day. If overheating is a problem, avoid hot foods and drinks. Instead, cool down your herbal teas and drink cold coffees and cold soups.


Every Alywillow moisturizer will reduce vaginal dryness. If you are ultra sensitive, use the UNSCENTED LEVEL 4 or LEVEL 5 MOISTURIZERS. However, since all our moisturizers are pH balanced, you can use any of them! If you want more lubrication, go for the LEVEL 5 BODY BUTTER. There are 12 options to choose from however, be aware that MINTY RELIEF, DRAGONFLY and LAVENDER FIELDS might reduce swelling which may be counterproductive for intimate situations. Drink DAMIANA LEAF TEA to reduce dryness and enhance your intimate moments.