Our safety standards surpass European safety standards for plants and essential oils, which are the highest in the world. So, we can say with confidence that you and your children can use many of our products. In fact, our products are probably safer than anything you have tried before. Plus, they come with great benefits.


This is simple... bathe your baby with the BABY WARRIOR or BABY WILDWOOD bar cleansers.


Bathing your baby with the soft smelling BABY LAVENDER FIELDS can help calm the digestive system and generally relax the baby. Washing in BABY WARRIOR will help their little body function better. You can also apply any level of the LAVENDER FIELDS or WARRIOR moisturizers to their feet and give them a foot massage. The formulas will help soothe their body and their feet will love the stimulation.


Wash your baby with BABY WILDWOOD and use the WILDWOOD SPRITZER. Our baby cleansers are formulated to be safe for everyone, for daily use.


Spray or rub on any WARRIOR moisturizer and see results fast! If you use the WARRIOR LEVEL 5, you can also use it to reduce stretch marks and scars you may have gained during your pregnancy and delivery. Wash with BABY WARRIOR on a regular basis to reduce potential infections.