Itchy skin driving you crazy? Our products are different from anything you have ever used before and when you follow our instructions, they can have a profound and quick effect on reducing the itch, redness, rash, and irritation - and restoring your peace of mind.

There's a variety of reasons we develop itchy skin, but don't worry, we can help almost all of them. You can expect fast relief when you use the right Alywillow products, in the right way.... and we've listed all of the products at the bottom of this page so they are easier to find.

Here are a few things you should know.

  1. Avoid Tea Tree. Even though we use 100% plants in our products, we don't use or recommend tea tree oil because it can damage your skin (and internal organs) when used too often. It's better for cleaning mold and mildew. Think of it like the bleach of the plant world.
  2. Most itchy skin problems, including dermatitis, are fungal related and fungi can survive in space, so it is very difficult to get rid of them. They can spread to other regions (quickly), they are usually contagious, and they go inactive and active. We can relieve your symptoms and in some cases eliminate them from your body.
  3. Lots of Options: Even if you don't have fungus - and instead have eczema or psoriasis - we have solutions for you too! Just look below.
  4. Easy to order. All of the names of the products we recommend on this page are italicized in the text and their links are listed at the bottom of this page so they are easy to find.
  5. Proven and Effective: We've helped many people get relief of the itch. Just read our REVIEWS to see some of their stories.
  6. We are here to help you. If this is overwhelming and you'd like to speak with a real person, CONTACT US. If now isn't a good time, you can schedule a private appointment at a time that is convenient for you.


Fungi are almost always itchy. Sometimes they are invisible, sometimes they create a rash, sometimes they spread, sometimes they cause flaky skin. They are usually reoccurring (specifically at seasonal weather shifts). We have two formulas that can give you almost instant relief - WARRIOR and WILDWOOD. This is how you get relief...

Wash and moisturize daily with these formulas. In just a few minutes you will feel relief. In a few days or weeks, it may appear they have disappeared, but in truth, the fungi has just become 'inactive'. You see, our Warrior and Wildwood formulas weaken almost all fungi and continued use of the products containing these formulas can turn your body into an unwelcome host for the fungi... eliminating it over time. 

When choosing a moisturizer, choose LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 as they will allow your skin to breathe. Please do not use creams or our LEVEL 5 moisturizer as they are too thick and may cause the issue to continue or spread to other areas of your body. You can also apply FORTIFY or GOAWAY for an extra powerful attack.


Apply FORTIFY or GOAWAY for spot treatment to fight the ringworm fungus. Start washing and moisturizing daily with the WARRIOR or WILDWOOD cleansers and moisturizers. However, avoid LEVEL 5 Moisturizer as it is too thick for your skin. Instead, moisturize with LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4.

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Wash your hair and scalp with WILDWOOD UDC daily to relieve the itchiness and reduce the flaking associated with dandruff. Gently massage onto your scalp in the shower, and let it sit for a couple minutes before rinsing. On the days you aren’t washing, use the WILDWOOD SPRITZER.


Itchy skin driving you crazy? Get fast relief when you wash and moisturize with the WARRIOR or WILDWOOD formulas. Continued daily use will help your skin return to normal. Moisturize with these formulas in LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 as they will allow your skin to breathe. Please do not use creams or our LEVEL 5 moisturizer as they are too thick and may cause the issue to continue or spread to other areas of your body.


Calm the itch within moments when you wash with our WARRIOR or WILDWOOD cleansers. It is best to also use LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 moisturizers in the WARRIOR and WILDWOOD formulas (every day) you will feel so much better and your skin will start getting healthier. Please do not use any creams (including our LEVEL 5 moisturizers) as they are so thick that they can cause the issue to continue or spread to other areas of your body.

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This includes eczema, dermatitis, and rash issues. Wash and moisturize with either WARRIOR or WILDWOOD. Since most itchy skin is related to fungal issues, use LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 moisturizers, but do not use creams or LEVEL 5 moisturizers since these can be too heavy and seal in your skin - creating a moist environment for fungal issues to grow. If you suffer from Psoriasis, use the products in the STARBRIGHT SET.


Start using our STARBRIGHT PSORIASIS RELIEF SET (or at least one item from this set) to see improvement. Suffering from an extreme case of psoriasis - using the entire set twice a day will give you the best results. We have found that many people with psoriasis also have a skin fungus (they just don't know it because so much focus has been put on the psoriasis). It's like two skin conditions layered on top of each other. If you also have psoriasis, please check out our STARBRIGHT SET.


It's embarrassing, but what do you do when this area starts itching. Anal itching is usually caused by either fungi or bacteria. This is what we recommend....

Take a shower at least once a day (twice is better) - once with WARRIOR and once with WILDWOOD - and then spray some DISINFECT NOW into this area (or use a WARRIOR moisturizer if it is sensitive). Every time you sweat, you need to change clothes and wash them, especially your undergarments and sheets/bedclothes. We highly recommend FORTIFY or GOAWAY in your washing machine to help sanitize your clothing.

We don't want to mention it, but this will help too. Each time you finish eliminating waste in the bathroom, make sure to clean this area really well.  Spray the Warrior or Wildwood Spritzers or Level 3 Moisturizers on a tissue and do a final wipe. This will ensure everything is clean and protected.


We have seen our WARRIOR products clear some very strange rashes, especially when they appear bacterial related (painful). If fungal-related (itchy feeling), use the WILDWOOD products instead. If your rash is more spot-like, use GOAWAY.

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Small bumps or small cyst under the skin, like milia, will easily clear up when you start washing with WARRIOR. If under age 7, use the BABY WARRIOR instead.


Experiencing a PUPPP rash or other itchy skin issues? Wash with BABY WILDWOOD and use the WILDWOOD SPRITZER to relieve the itching. We also offer many other products that are safe to use during pregnancy.


Do you have dry rough patches or tiny bumps on your upper arms, sometimes called “chicken skin” or Keratosis Pilaris? Just wash and moisturize with our WILDWOOD products for quick and easy relief. Thankfully, this scent is a favorite among many of our customers and it can be used from head to toe, including your face and sensitive areas. You're going to love the way it feels. If you are allergic to WILDWOOD, use the WARRIOR products instead.



Wash with DRAGONFLY bar or liquid cleansers and then moisturize with WILDWOOD LEVEL 3.


If your skin feels itchy, bathe and moisturize with WILDWOOD or WARRIOR. Use FIREFLY SPRITZER or the BREATHE INHALER for energy and to breathe easier. Drink ROSEBUD & PETAL TEA to ease abdominal discomfort. We also recommend drinking RED CLOVER BLOSSOM TEA daily to feed your body the proper nutrients to help improve the health of your bones.

* Make sure you are under the care of a doctor and enjoy the Alywillow products to help improve the quality of your life.