Do you have trouble sleeping, diagnosed with insomnia, or are wondering about a natural sedative? Ask for our Sleep Better, Feel Better Flyer. It will explain the main ways we can help improve your sleep naturally*.

Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN. Use up to 10 times until your body relaxes and your mind is calm. Do you like tea? We have many teas that are ‘don’t drink and drive’ teas because they make you sleepy.

LAVENDER FLOWER BUD, HELICHRYSUM FLOWER, LEMON VERBENA, DAMIANA LEAF or MULLIEIN LEAF teas can help calm the mind and help you relax. Use the LAVENDER FIELDS products nightly to promote better sleep.

Those who wash and moisturize with our WARRIOR formula every day have noticed a reduction in their episodes of sleep apnea.

Our customers have also found that using the BUTTERFLY SPRITZER helps reduce snoring.

* Make sure you are under the care of a doctor and enjoy the Alywillow products to help improve the quality of your life.