MANUAL FOR LIFE, Saturday, Sept 15, 2018 (10-5PM) $95

Learn how to consciously align your electrical fields, calm your nervous system, see aura fields, and balance your chakras in just 10 seconds. It's hard to explain in words, but these experiences can change your daily experience of life. It’s like getting a manual for how to have a more enjoyable life. As a bonus, Aliya will teach you how to see auras - we want you to see that the energy we are working with is real! When the energy centers of the body are out of alignment, you may experience headaches, dizziness, the inability to focus, physical pain, menstrual pain, shakiness, and many other issues. When your energy centers are balanced and your body is more effective, you regain your creative flow, your inner joy, your true passion, and your delight in the small things of life. In this full-day event, Aliya shares with you how to consciously align your electrical fields and nervous system, to calm your emotional state and restore balance and well being to your mind, body, and spirit. Many participants have expressed a clearing on lifelong physical issues they've always had. We've noticed this is especially helpful when your circulatory and nervous system are compromised, or when you suffer from "phantom pains". Restoring alignment and balance to your body helps relieve so many issues. It's a life-changing event. Space is limited. Use this link to RESERVE YOUR SPACE.

Manual for Life


    It doesn't matter which brand you use - essential oils are plant chemicals and incorrect use can cause serious damage. Has someone told you essential oils are safe because they are natural or because they are the highest grade level? Don’t be a victim. Just a little information can make an incredible difference! For instance, do you know if Rosemary has a .08% or 6.0% dilution rate? When used correctly, essential oils are fantastic! The safety information we share in this seminar applies to every brand. We will explain the grade levels and help guide you through many complicated questions, including, dilution, usage, oxidation, and safe handling. This is a free event, however, space is limited. Use this link to RESERVE YOUR SPACE.

    Essential Oil Safety Seminar


    These parties are fun! You'll learn secrets for better skin, methods to naturally care for your skin, safely shrink pores, reduce all types of blemishes, lessen wrinkles and fine lines, proper exfoliation, and so much more. There are over 100 products to choose from and we will help build a custom daily facial plan to meet your needs. We'll also share secrets on how to naturally slow down aging and boost collagen levels. Straight from the professionals. Bring your friends and have fun together! Safe for sensitive skin - just read our reviews to see the power of Alywillow. Please check over our ingredients list and let us know if you are allergic to any of these plants. If you give us at least 48 hours, we will prepare an allergy report for you at the party showing which products are safe for you to use. This is a free event, however, space is limited. Use this link to RESERVE YOUR SPACE.