If you want Holiday Delivery, please be aware that what normally takes a few days is now taking much longer because...

Not only is inclement weather slowing down shipping companies, but  the numbers of postal workers is diminished due to COVID19.  These and other unforeseen issues are causing unexpected delays on top of the holiday delays we normally experience.

We realize this is extremely inconvenience and we will do all we can to make the process easier for you, but ultimately, we have no control over the shipping companies. We arrange the initial shipping process for you, but your contract is between you and them. You are the only one that can communicate with them about shipping delays or delivery issues. Read below for more information.

  • Orders shipped prior to December 9th were probably shipped USPS, and depending on your location, you may experience delays.
  • Beginning on December 9th, we began using UPS for shipping on most orders outside of the Raleigh area. 
  • Shipping times that normally take a few days may now take a little longer.
  • Use the tracking information you receive to track your Alywillow orders, and if you have concerns, you will need to contact the carrier.


Since the Raleigh Post Office seems to be flowing smoothly, most local orders will still be mailed through the USPS. If you are concerned about possible delays, we encourage you to pick up your order at Alywillow Headquarters at 5301 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27603 or call for more information at 919-234-7151. We are open Monday - Saturday from 10-6pm.

Tracking says my order was delivered, but I have not received it.

  • IF YOUR ORDER WAS SENT THROUGH THE USPS: Contact your LOCAL post office and ask to speak to your carrier. Usually the carrier can find it and redeliver, but it is very important you contact your local post office, not the main branch. Do this as quickly as possible for the best results.
  • IF YOUR ORDER WAS SENT UPS: Here is what you do if your package is missing.

What do I do if my order never arrives.

All packages we ship are insured. If you don't receive your package, you need to file a claim with either the USPS and UPS for a refund for the value of your missing package. If the amount they give you is less than what you paid for your products, just send us a copy of the refund and we will give you store credit for the balance. This way you can reorder you Alywillow products without losing any money. But, please understand, we are unable to file for a refund for you or control anything else about the shipping process.


You can avoid all the shipping problems with Alywillow Gift Cards. They are are instant! Meaning, they are sent immediately to your email and you can forward them or print them for your gifts. This is one great way to avoid the holiday shipping problems.