Meet the women behind the magic of Alywillow...

Aliya Trinity - Founder, Formulator, and CEO

Aliya TrinityMeet the founder and genius of Alywillow - Aliya Trinity. She's been working with medicinal plants since the early 1990's, however, in 2007 a bone in her back snapped into three pieces. This accident and several other traumatic experiences spun an uncontrollable whirlwind, flipping everything in her life and rearranging it.

Determined to restore her health and her broken heart, she picked up the pieces and dedicated herself to listening to the wisdom and intelligence of nature. After spending years living in the mountains, healing her body, and reconnecting to her Native American ancestors, she moved back to Raleigh to introduce Alywillow - a line of skin and body products made only of plants and minerals. It is plant perfection; an absolute delight!

Aliya is an earth loving, tree hugging, barefoot walking mother, grandmother, public speaker, meditation guide, shaman, herbalist, and botanist. She was a professional photographer for over 2 decades, owned a yoga center on Topsail Island, and has traveled the US sharing messages in churches, women's centers, and other groups on using herbs and on restoring trust and love. Her respect for life and her pledge of authenticity is behind the making of every Alywillow product and her high standards ensure you the very best!

Hannah Walker - Director of Growth and Operations

Hannah Walker is currently taking a break from Alywillow to be a full time mom. We are so happy for her happy and growing family.


Hannah is the Director of Growth and Operations at Alywillow Organics, LLC. She is a genuine whiz-kid, starting college at age 16 and graduating from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in Environmental Studies. She met her husband in college and together they owned a small homestead in Black Mountain, NC which was a crash course in livestock management and gardening. After college, she pursued a career in the banking industry, climbing quickly through promotions. She has been helping Aliya (her mom) since her early childhood, and in 2017, she decided to pack up her family and move to Raleigh to undertake the redevelopment of Alywillow’s Wholesale Program and Alywillow’s team building initiative. Hannah is truly the daughter of Alywillow, which combined with her economics background, gives her a unique perspective on the future of the wholesale program and Alywillow Organics, LLC as a whole.