Alchemy Lipstick
Alchemy Lipstick Alchemy Lipstick Alchemy Lipstick

ALCHEMY LIPSTICK is moisturizing with a dramatic effect. The dark wine color of Alchemy Lipstick magically compliments every skin tone. As a result, Alchemy has become one of our best selling products!

Benefits of Alywillow Lipsticks:

  • Vegetarian and never tested on animals, therefore cruelty-free.
  • No synthetic chemicals.
  • Made with our lip balm base (which is plant-sourced and full of bioavailable vitamins).
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • The super hydrating and nourishing formula means no more dry lips!
  • No bugs! Our vibrant lipstick colors are only made from minerals and plants.
  • SPF of 8-10, a natural benefit of these plants!

ALCHEMY Lipstick is moisturizing with a dramatic effect ALCHEMY Lipstick is moisturizing with a dramatic effect ALCHEMY Lipstick is moisturizing with a dramatic effect Cruelty Free Made in USA Small Batches


Organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic shea butter, argan oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil and minerals. These natural ingredients protect your lips to ensure that they stay soft, smooth and kissable all year long. ALCHEMY LIPSTICK is moisturizing with a dramatic effect. There are no synthetic chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors and no other artificial ingredients. There are no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no paraffin, no gluten, no propylene glycol, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no DEA and no DEET. Alywillow products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. If you have any plant allergies, please review our ingredients list.


  • At Alywillow, we never compromise on quality. However, our products are not enough to restore your health and joy by themselves. Your happiness and health are also affected by your lifestyle. For instance, eating habits, relationships, water intake, level of exercise and exposure to harmful substances. Additionally, see our 10 Steps to Healthy Skin guide for more information.
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Customer Reviews

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Never Leave Home Without It!!!
It's great to hear how much you love our Alchemy Lipstick, Wanda! Did you know our lipsticks are made with our Lip Balm base? That's what makes them so hydrating! Alchemy is one of our bestselling products, so don't worry, it won't be leaving anytime soon :)
This is a great review Jillian, we are so happy that you are enjoying your Alywillow lipsticks!
Satiny and lasts all day