INTERACTIVE APHRODISIAC GIFT SET to deepen your bonds and increase intimacy

This interactive set helps deepen your connection and intimacy with your partner so you can enjoy a more loving and sustainable relationship. Start your evening with some Damiana Tea. Many people commonly refer to this as the 'sex tea' as it calms you down and helps put you in the mood. Then, take a bath or shower together and wash each other one at a time. Playful rules can be fun, “I am going to wash you, but you can’t touch me. If you do, you’ll have to wash me.” Do not forget to wash all areas because teasing and touching builds excitement and longing. Instead of rushing through things draw out the fun by using the massage moisturizers to give each other a full body rub. This give you a chance to really enjoy each other and deepen your bonds. This set contains the following items and you can customize it by adding optional items from the steps listed below:

DAMIANA HERBAL TEA – Used for centuries to encourage romantic relationships, share hot or cold. This bag contains 24 servings.

SWEET MAGIC Bar Cleanser – Just for her (or the receiver in your relationship). Wash her from head to toe to help release the daily stress and encourage more playfulness.

WARRIOR Bar Cleanser – Just for him (or the dominator). Wash him in this formula so he can enjoy its balancing & strengthening effects. It’s primal attraction will ensure he smells great too!  

DRAGONFLY Massage Moisturizer – Give her a full body rub (from head to toe), attentively exploring every part of her body with this intoxicating nectar-like scent. It is a great lubricant - offering excellent slide.

WARRIOR Massage Moisturizer – This luscious lubriant will let you slide all over each other. Give him a full body rub and enjoy the intimacy as it brings you closer together and enhances your attraction. 

GARDENIA Lip Balm – Our all-natural, super nourishing ingredients ensures extra soft and kissable lips!