Sacred Blessing Gift Set
Sacred Blessing Gift Set Sacred Blessing Gift Set Sacred Blessing Gift Set Sacred Blessing Gift Set Sacred Blessing Gift Set Sacred Blessing Gift Set
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Everyone has experienced a moment that you wish you could get rid of, or perhaps a bad feeling or a negative influence in your life. The burning of sage is referred to as smudging, and it is a sacred practice of Native Americans for healing and protection. It's a way to wash off the outside world, ridding one of unwanted influences, becoming energetically, spiritually, and emotionally clear and restored. Every tribe and nation has a slightly different method of use and no offense is intended here. The practices may be slightly different, but the purpose of burning sage is the same. The smoke brings a blessing, to cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. While you are smudging you are praying. It is sacred. Honor, respect, and gratitude are all part of this process.

This set includes one of each of the following:

  • Large Sage Smudge Stick
  • Large Abalone Shell
  • Hand-carved wood stand for the shell
  • Sagerow Spritzer
  • Sagerow Bar Cleanser
  • a large feather
  • all included in a 12"x12" gift box made from recycled material and a ribbon of natural fibers

It is always a great idea to smudge after a long day at work or school, before a ceremony or meditation, and for prayer. The earliest part of the morning can be a great time to establish a good start for the rest of the day. If you’ve had something troubling you, perhaps smudging late in the evening could help facilitate a relaxed night’s sleep. 


Smudging is a balancing of elements, the four directions and the Creator. Fire (represents itself as fire), the dirt you place in your shell (represents earth), the abalone shell (represents water), Feather (represents air), and smoke (represents Spirit, the Creator).


Sometimes, you're not able to burn a smudge stick, especially if there are smoke detectors or water sprinklers in your building. In these cases, you can use the mist from the Sagerow Spritzer (cedar and sage) in the same way you would use the smoke, restoring a sense of balance and peace


Additionally, taking a bath or shower opens you to other influences that can sometimes turn sadness into depression. Using the Sagerow Bar Cleanser brings the protection of sage and cedar into your bath, creating a feeling of peace and safety.

This set includes an abalone shell for use with your sage. Place some sand or dirt (from around your home) in the bottom of the shell so the ashes do not scar the surface. The shell represents the water of earth. It's a symbolic balance. Please do not burn your sage in the shell. Instead, use it as a place for your sage stick to stay when it is resting.


A feather is also included in each set. Each one is different and they are all collected from the wild and from family owned farms where they naturally fall out. No animals are harmed for these feathers. They are considered perfectly flawed and natural.


This set also includes an information flyer written by Aliya Trinity, founder of Alywillow, who is of Native American and Jewish ancestry. It is her desire that the sacred use of herbs and plants be understood once more and for people to return to a life of respect for the land and for each other.


Most people are not aware that smudging, like many spiritual practices of the First Nations of the Americas, was not allowed for many years. Even now, Native Americans do not have the same freedoms or religious rights as other citizens of our country. Please help support the freedoms and individual rights of the Native Americans in your area.


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