Deluxe Spa Gift Set
Deluxe Spa Gift Set Deluxe Spa Gift Set Deluxe Spa Gift Set Deluxe Spa Gift Set Deluxe Spa Gift Set Deluxe Spa Gift Set Deluxe Spa Gift Set

This set gives you the luxury of a spa right in your home. Delight yourself or those you love! Each set includes one of each of the following items to help melt away the fatigue and stress, restoring your inner peace and comfort:

SWEET MAGIC THERAPEUTIC LEVEL 4 MOISTURIZER - stabilizing hormonal imbalances, relieving anxiety and stress, creating a sense of calmness, increasing happy hormones, catalyzing euphoric emotional relief, and reigniting your sense of euphoria. Read more here.

SEAWILLOW THERAPEUTIC SPRITZER - designed for those who are seeking assistance with stabilizing hormonal imbalances, reducing the symptoms of menstruation and menopause, relieving stress, and providing emotional support to alleviate depression and anxiety. Created from 8 plants, the Seawillow Spritzer can be sprayed into a room, onto the skin, and breathed into the lungs to unlock the benefits of the Seawillow formula. It comes in an 8 oz bottle with a fine mist spritzer. Read more here.

ROSEBUDS & PETALS HERBAL TEA - uplifting properties that make it an excellent tea for those who are feeling down, depressed, or overly stressed. It helps to regulate hormones, ease uterine and cramping issues, improve digestion, and balance the immune system. High in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, minerals, and anti-oxidants, this tea is a great choice if you are struggling with cold, flu, or bronchitis as it soothes the respiratory tract, lungs, and throat. Read more here.

VEGAN BAR CLEANSERS - 100% vegan cleansers made of therapeutic plants, they are excellent for the face, hair, and whole body. These solid 4.8 oz bar cleansers are naturally moisturizing and don't contain irritants like lye to dry out the skin or charcoal to throw off the skin's pH. Lather up to unlock the benefits of each of these formulas:  

DRAGONFLY FORMULA calming the nerves of the body, lifting your mood, reducing cellular damage to reduce the signs of aging, lowering high blood pressure, reducing tension, and alleviating depression, anxiety, disappointment, and emotional instabilities. Read more here.
BUTTERFLY FORMULA - relieving congestion and inflammation, stabilizing hormonal imbalances, relieving anxiety and stress, creating a sense of peace, increasing happy hormones, and increasing optimism to improve gratitude and well-being. Read more here.
FIREFLY FORMULA - repairing cellular damage to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increasing energy levels without a subsequent crash, and eliminating bacteria in the air and on the body. Firefly also opens the sinuses for better breathing. Read more here.


Ingredients: specific ingredients are listed on each product label, and as with all Alywillow products there are no synthetic chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, and no other artificial ingredients. There are no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no paraffin, no gluten, no propylene glycol, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no DEA, and no DEET. They are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Most of our products, including these, are vegan. If you experience a negative reaction you may be allergic to one of the plants in the formula. If you have allergies to any plants (including grasses, trees, aloe, coffee, and coconut), review our full list of ingredients.  

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor. 

Happiness and Health: Although the effects of our products can be very powerful, the therapeutic effects are not enough to restore your health and joy on their own. Our happiness and health are affected by our overall lifestyle habits, eating habits, relationships, water intake, level of exercise, and exposure to harmful substances.

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