Dragonfly Formula Bundle

These sets are the way to go! They include all six products in the formula – 

  • Level 3 Spray Moisturizer is extra light with no residue feeling.
  • Level 4 Massage Moisturizer leaves your skin feeling like silk.
  • Level 5 Body Butter Moisturizer for the most moisturizing effect. 
  • The Spritzers can be used from as a body spray or as a room spray. Treat them as a portable diffuser to get all the benefits of each formula.
  • The Bar and Liquid cleansers are made of pure plants. You’ve probably never washed with something so wonderful.

Even the driest skin that cracks and breaks will get better with these moisturizers because they don’t just sit on top of your skin like lotion, instead, they go into your skin and make it healthier. Safe for sensitive skin and free of all synthetic chemicals. Your body and face will love these products.

The topical botanical DRAGONFLY FORMULA was designed to help reduce cellular damage which naturally slows down the signs of aging whilst supporting the health of the digestive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, urinary, and endocrine systems. The products containing the Dragonfly Therapeutic Formula also help calm the nerves to help reduce tension, alleviate depression, anxiety, disappointment, and emotional instabilities. After continued daily use of the cleansers, moisturizers, and spritzer, our customers rave about how they "feel better" and "look better." It's a bouquet of 8 plants including amber and a variety of flowers that has an uplifting scent, to ease away your worries. These products can be used every day from age 7 through adulthood.