Energizing Mini-Set - for a little extra boost of energy without a crash

Skip the power drinks, sugary foods, and extra coffee and use this Energizing mini-set to keep going all day. These little delights can help give you the a little boost of energy without a crash so you can make it through the day. Use the Firefly Bar Cleanser every morning to wake up and the Energy Medicinal Inhaler throughout the day to rejuvenate! They won't cause a sugar crash and you will gently feel more energized making it easier to handle the task of the day. The coffee lip balm is just an extra treat to enjoy (it smells just like coffee because it has real coffee in it!). Every ingredient is a plant and every product is vegan. It's a great gift for yourself or for someone you know. Do you have employees? Give a set to every employee and watch as productivity increases!