Formula Gift Set

Each set includes one bar cleanser, one liquid cleanser, one spritzer, one Level 3 moisturizer, one Level 4 moisturizer, and one Level 5 moisturizer of your favorite formula….  all included in a sturdy gift box decorated with a ribbon (made of recycled and natural fibers). Every ingredient is a plant and there is nothing synthetic! Our cruelty-free and vegan skincare products are great for your skin and offer excellent benefits for your body. 

  • Unscented Elemental- for pregnant women, nursing women and those with hyper-sensitive issues. The Unscented Formula does not have a spritzer, so, the set includes 2 extra Unscented Bar Cleansers.
  • Sagerow Therapeutic - these earthly scents offer remnants of sage and cedar with benefits of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, clearing blemishes, and reducing muscle tension.
  • Warrior Therapeutic - voted favorite scent among our customers with over 9 plants in this formula, including frankincense and clove, it offers benefits of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing toxins in the body, and helping protect against bacteria and fungi.
  • Sweet Magic Therapeutic - Great for reducing stress! This formula helps balance the hormones of your body and also gives your body the components it needs to increase your happy hormone production. 
  • Lemon Laughs Therapeutic - Excellent for naturally clearing skin blemishes as well as reducing skin discolorations. You'll notice the scent of patchouli in this strong citrus formula.
  • Wildwood Therapeutic - Most people choose this formula because they love the scent! Described as a summer-scent with 9 plants including lemongrass - fabulous for reducing skin blemishes, reducing itchy skin issues, and helping to reduce excessive oil in the skin. 
  • Seawillow Therapeutic - This is the lightest scent for most people - designed for spas and yoga centers, this scent is calming and relaxing, balancing and restorative. 
  • Firefly Therapeutic - Energetic and uplifting! Invigorating mints with warm tones. Great for helping you wake up in the morning as well as reducing your need for coffee or other stimulates in the afternoon. 
  • Lavender Fields Therapeutic - Muscle relaxing, calming, and stress reducing, this formula is gentle enough for morning use and excellent to help you sleep better at night.
  • Dragonfly Therapeutic - A plethora of white flowers in this formula created a scent similar to baby powder. Fresh and clean with benefits of reducing depression, anxiety, and restoring feelings of peace. It has also shown to be balancing for feminine cycle.
  • Butterfly Therapeutic - Referred to as a happy hormone formula, this formula is light scented and using these products can help increase the body's happy hormone production. Breathe in the spritzer to help improve your breathing.
  • Minty Relief Medicinal - Great for reducing pain, swelling, and bruising.

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