Lavender Lovers Gift Set - especially for those who love lavender

Attention Lavender Lovers! As a pure plant company we do not use lavender fragrances. Instead, we use REAL lavender in each of these products and we also use other plants that enhance the effects of lavender. Because of these complex formulations, you can enjoy anti-aging benefits and an increase in the hormones that make you happy. Relax and let your mind and body be at peace. Also, since we are synthetic-free, even the most sensitive person can enjoy this 'spa-like feeling' in the comfort of your home. This gift set is great for yourself and for your loved ones and includes the following items (you can customize it by adding optional items from Step 1 and Step 2 below):

LAVENDER BUDS HERBAL TEA – Certified organic and kosher, this loose tea is fresh from this season’s harvest (and it smells amazing)! Food grade quality ensures a sweet cup of hot tea or crush a few buds for your bath water or lingerie drawer. (Makes 48 cups of tea).

LAVENDER FIELDS Level 4 Moisturizer – This ultra concentrated MASSAGE moisturizer offers anti-aging properties and is excellent for your entire body - even your face! For younger looking & baby soft skin, just add 1-2 teaspoons to your bathwater - soak and enjoy! (4oz spray).

LAVENDER FIELDS Bar Cleanser – Considering its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, this gentle and moisturizing cleanser can be lathered for full body and facial care - restoring your youthful glow. Set the bar on the free enclosed facial loofah to dry. (4.8 oz).

STRESS RELIEF Inhaler – Contains 20 plants to ease your worried mind and improve your day. Inhale and relax. Enjoy this calming experience up to 3x a day.

SWEET MAGIC Spritzer – Just spray this lavender based spritzer onto your skin, clothes, or directly on your face. Breathe in deeply and let it help balance your hormones, increase your happy hormones, and reduce your daily stress levels. (8 fl oz).

LAVENDER Lip Balm– Our all-natural, super nourishing ingredients ensure that your lips are ultra hydrated and protected all year long, whatever the weather! Glides on smooth, free of synthetics (just like everything else), and full of bioavailable vitamins - for kissable lips!

Would you like to add any of the following lavender favorites to your set?