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We wild harvest this loose leaf Plantain leaf from our organic farm in the mountains and Plantain is widely used to reduce seasonal allergy issues, such as nasal drainage, in addition to soothing irritable bowel, irritable bladder, acute stomach conditions, rashes, wounds, hemorrhoids, chronic headaches, and sprinters. Plantain is rich in minerals, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Applied topically it can also be used to help stop bleeding. Even though this plant is known to be gentle, soothing, and restorative, please remember that Plantain draws things out of your body. Drink too much and you'll spend lots of time in the bathroom releasing everything all at once. This bag contains 48 teaspoons which is enough for 48 cups of tea.


  • DAILY HERBAL TEA:   1-2  tsp per cup of hot water (not boiling water), this is perfect for people dealing with long term issues and the taste is pleasant. 
    • MOUTHWASH: Sore and bleeding gums will get relief from a herbal tea used to gargle or rinse out your mouth.
    • COOLING EFFECT: known to draw the heat out of naturally hot people or those with fevers. If you are in menopause, you should also try the Red Clover herbs and Alywillow's Seawillow products.
  • RECTUM CLEANING:  make a herbal tea and inject 1-4 ounces with a plastic syringe into the rectum daily or weekly. It's a great way to assist in a bowel movement, to clean after the movement, and to reduce hemorrhoids.
  • BOILING the stems and seeds:  Drink as a tea to relieve diarrhea, inflammation of the intestines, kidney and bladder troubles, pain of ulcers, and excessive menstrual flow.
  • BLEEDING & HEMORRHOIDS: It you turn your plantain into a cream (grinding it and mixing it with coconut oil is a good option) it can be soothing for bleeding or painful hemorrhoids. Alywillow customers also get relief of hemorrhoids using our Warrior formula which is also great at helping reducing infections in this sensitive area.
  • PAIN RELIEF: It is known that Plantain leaves can be soothing for nerve pain (as a tea or poultice), but Alywillow's Minty Relief and Riverflow products offer pain relief options of all ages. We have incredible reviews from both these products.
  • RASHES: In the past, many rashes have been relieved with this plant (through teas and poultices), however, we have far more complex plant formulas relieve rashes - try Alywillow's Warrior and Wildwood formula & contact us if you have any questions.
  • CONSTIPATION: Just drink about 2 cups a day and you're bathroom visits might be more frequent than you desire. Did you know? Many over-the-counter medications for constipation contain an active ingredient found in Plantain. 
  • BLEEDING: mix a small pinch with some water... just enough to moisten it and apply to any small cut or area that is bleeding. It will help stop the bleeding quickly. 

Aliya's Stories...

I love Plantain! It's such a gentle plant and every one can have this as a tea, just because you enjoy it. However, our supply is always limited as we wild-harvest and dry and cut our plantain leaves, seeds and stems from our forest walks. Right now supplies are limited, but as our farm expands we'll increase our supply and we'll eventually have lots of plantain patches. Unfortunately, we have learned the turkeys love plantain just as much as the bunnies... so this is a challenge! ;-)

Ancestral uses for this plant cover many different topics, but the one that always comes to mind first is how great this plant is at pulling poison from a wound - like snake venom or stings. In 2019, I put plantain poultices on my 10 lb dog, Coconut, for a copperhead snake bite. She quickly recovered, with no problems. However, if you have snake bite it's best you go to the doctor. 

If you harvest your own the plantain leaf, remember to talk to it. Ask it for permission (it's just the polite thing to do). Tell it that it serves a purpose and what you plan to do with it. Then, thank it for it's gift (verbally and by leaving a small pinch of tobacco or even just a strand of your hair). This is a matter of respect. It's the Native way.

Another time I was in the woods and accidentally fell into a patch of stinging nettles near the riverbank. Fortunately, plantain was growing nearby and I covered my legs in the leaves to pull the stinging nettles out of my skin. I was so fortunate to get such fast relief... and it was fast!

The strangest thing I ever saw with plantain was when the old mountain man showed me how he would soak 2 large leaves in apple cider vinegar and let it dry over night. In the morning, he would put those under his feet to reduce his leg pains through the day. Yes, his shoes smelled strange.... If you have pain, you should consider our Minty Relief or Riverflow formulas. They smell nice and are much easier to use. 

If you ever get a chance to hold a fresh leaf, notice the long strong fibers that attach it to the base. You must break these thick fibers to break the leaf off from the base. I often share how plants give us messages, you just need to know what to look for. In this case, the message of the plant can be seen in the strength of the fibers. Consider it's cellular pattern that creates these strong fibers. This pattern acts as a highway to draw things out of the body.

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