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St. John's Wort has a history of use as medicine dating back to ancient Greece and has been well studied by our scientific community. It is best known for its anti-depressant qualities, but also well known for it's antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral benefits. The most-studied active components are hypericin and pseudohypericin, found in both the leaves and flowers. It's a small flowering plant that originated in Europe, but now grows all over the world. It was named from the fact that it usually blooms in June, around the birthday of the biblical John the Baptist.

  • Feel Better: Many people drink a cup a day just to help their body function better. As with anything, don't overdo it. A little can be very good for you and too much may be too much.
  • Lowers Stress Hormones - Along with being a powerful anti-depressant it can relieve anxiety by helping to balance hormone levels and lowering stress hormones. Use it in combination with our Sweet Magic and Butterfly products to also increase your happy hormones.
  • Pain and Full Body Swelling - Enjoy it daily for its anti-inflammatory properties. It's known to also relieve pain from arthritis, gout and muscle/joint aches. Combine it with our Minty Relief or Riverflow products for even better results.
  • Colds (viruses and flu) - St Johns Wort is well known for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits which help fight colds and flu. Combine it with our Paradigm Massage for even better results.
  • Healthy Heart - Enjoy a cup daily for a healthier heart as it has the ability to lower blood pressure by reducing inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Using our Warrior products on a daily basis will also help support your entire circulatory and nervous systems.
  • Anti-cancer - Its anti-cancer properties are still being studied, but if you are suffering from skin cancer, try adding our Warrior products into your life... as well as applying the Balance Toner to your affected areas.
  • Insomnia - St John's wort can make some people sleepy, which is great for those struggling to sleep. Use it as part of our Sleep Better, Feel Better program, but don't drink it before driving or operating equipment.
  • Premenstrual (PMS) and Menopausal Relief - St John's Wort is known to help balance the female cycle and reduce many symptoms. Use in combination with  our Dragonfly products for even better results. We offer many options to help reduce the imbalances caused by menopause.
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Used alone, St. John's wort has improved mood in people with SAD, a type of depression that occurs during the winter months because of lack of sunlight. SAD is usually treated with light therapy. Research shows that using St. John's wort together with phototherapy works even better.
  • Other: Some claim St. John’s Wort is beneficial for quitting smoking and improving memory, as well as reducing anxiety and ADHD. However, there’s not enough reliable evidence to prove these claims. You can try our Stress Relief inhaler to reduce anxiety and our Focus and Clarity Inhaler to reduce ADHD symptoms.

One bag contains:

1/2 cup (or 24 tsp of loose herb), which will make about 24 cups of tea.

Growing Details:

We use only love and nature to grow this herb (as well as all our other plants), just the way our ancestors did. We never use pesticides or herbicides or any other synthetic chemicals. This St Johns Wort is as pure and natural as you can get. Then, we dry our St Johns Wort in a cool air environment to retain as many nutrients as possible. It is never heated and only minimally processed. The pieces are a little large so you can grind them for a fresher flavor before you brew them. Just use a knife and chopping board, a grinder, or a mortar and pestle. You don't have to grind them. You can also just steep them for a few minutes longer.



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  • Be Aware: The use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Herbs, however, can trigger side effects and can interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. People who have been diagnosed with bipolar or schizophrenia should not use this herb. Do not use this herb if you are also on medication as St John's Wort is known to cause negative reactions when combined with many medications. You can see a list of medications from the Mayo Clinic. If you are taking medications you should consult with your doctor before use. (source)
  • Sensitivities: St. John’s wort may cause increased sensitivity to sunlight, especially when taken in large doses. Other side effects can include insomnia, anxiety, dry mouth, dizziness, gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, headache, or sexual dysfunction. Reduce or stop using if you experience any of these effects.
  • Healthy Life: Our products offer many great benefits, yet they are not enough to restore your health and joy by themselves. Read 10 Steps to Healthy Skin to learn how your health and happiness are affected by your life choices.
  • Shifting colors, scents, and textures: Our products are made from plants and plants vary from one harvest to the next. This may cause a variation in color, scent, or texture in our products. It is completely normal and expected from Truly Natural Products.
  • Cruelty-free and Dog Friendly: We create over 150 VEGAN products from plants and minerals. They are 100% natural and contain no synthetic chemicals. We don’t test them on animals, but you can review our Dog and Pet information to understand more how your pets can benefit from using Alywillow products.
  • Pregnant & Nursing women: The use of St. John's Wort during pregnancy does not appear to have any increased risk of fetal malformations compared with maternal use of other antidepressants or no exposure (link). Many Alywillow products are safer than anything you can find on the market for pregnancy, however, some plants should not be used during this time. If you are using any of our other products, please refer to our Pregnant and Nursing page for more information.
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