Wholesale Training and Samples - Reseller - Massage Therapist - Gold Package

The MASSAGE GOLD PACKAGE is designed specifically for massage therapists and includes training for MODULE ONE, MODULE TWO and MODULE THREE. During this training, you will learn a basic understanding of why our products are so amazing! (You'll need this information for your customers). You will also learn how to use the Basic, Elemental, Therapeutic and MEDICINAL products (they are different from everything you've ever tried before and can offer incredible benefits). Let's explain...

  • MODULE ONE: These products give you the core products - moisturizers, cleansers and more that are everything you need for daily care. They are designed for everyone and are even safe for babies, children, pregnant women and nursing women. The information in Module One is the foundation on which you’ll build your future with Alywillow.
  • MODULE TWO: These products offer daily therapeutic benefits for everyone over age 7 and can drastically improve people's lives – promoting more joy and health. There are soothing options for those with wrinkles, eczema, scars, psoriasis, dermatitis, excessive stress and so much more! These are scented by the plants that are used to create them. Just like all the other Alywillow products, there are no perfumes and no synthetics, just amazing formulas with soothing results.
  • MODULE THREE: Do you work with lots of clients with chronic pain or skin ailments like psoriasis? Our medicinal line gives you the ability to naturally help your clients. Use GoAway to clean and disinfect your massage and body work areas (it is effective even against staph infections). Your customers will come to you when they need help because you offer safe and effective products. You can even help them sleep better with Island Rain or reduce their sunburn with GypsySun.

There are 19 items (on this page) and they are required to complete this set. Please add them to the cart. All the other products are optional and you can choose up to a total of 99 testers for your package (but not more). Upon completion of the training, you can purchase all the products in Module one, Two, and Three by the case at 50% off retail prices. (If you aren't sure which package is right for you, contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.  We are here to help you now and in the future).