Clearing Staph Infections

  Want to naturally relieve the symptoms of staph infections and stop the pain?

This is for you!

We have a solution you have never seen before. It's easy, fast acting, affordable, and potentially life saving!

The pain and swelling of staph infections is intense, and their recurring behavior may lead to hospitalization, surgery, amputation, and sometimes even death. But, we can help.

Yes, we are about to make your life better! When you get this set, we'll send you a flyer about how to use each item depending on the type of infection you are experiencing and they are sure to be helpful in your battle against your staph infection. If at anytime you have any questions or are not sure how to use them, just contact us. We are here to help you. The set includes 5 items which are each helpful on their own, but extraordinarily powerful when used together.

  • GoAway Plant Serum - This is a spot-treatment and it's used differently depending on if you have a skin infection or internal infections.
  • Warrior Level 3 - This must be apply after or at the same time as GoAway, depending upon your type of infection. It is a lightweight moisturizer that doesn't leave a residue, but it has powerful properties to protect you.
  • Warrior Bar Cleanser - for daily washing to help prevent another outbreak. Plus, it's our number one selling anti-aging product, so you are going to love how your skin feels and looks!
  • Travel Size Bottle - for on the go use or for cleaning surfaces that might be contaminated.
  • Instruction Flyer - with all the information on how to use the products.

They are capable of making a big difference in your life and we hope you will soon get the relief you so desperately need.

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Our products are different from everything you've seen.

Soon, you will really love Alywillow because our products are easy to use and very effective. There are no drugs, no steroids, no alcohol, no bleach, and no synthetic chemicals. We don't even use tea tree oil (Melaluca) because if used too much, it damages your skin and internal organs. Plus, it's not really effective against staph.

Our products are 100% natural, made of pure plants, and offer relief of many forms of staph infections of the skin, bloodstream, and bone. The molecular size of our formulas is so small that they sinks into your tissues, muscles, joints, and go all the way to your bones. This is why they work!

There are over 30 different types of staph bacteria and you can carry a them on your skin (or in your nose) and you may never get an infection. However, if you get a cut or wound, the bacteria can enter your body and cause an infection. Staph infections are often resistant to antibiotics and this makes it difficult for your body to fight them.

Our formulas aren't synthetically made and over the past three decades, we've found is the body is very receptive to antimicrobial benefits of many plant. This is why we have so much success.

How are we able to help when we only are using plants?

Well, I didn’t used to believe this would be possible either and I thought I was crazy for even trying to find a natural solution, but my 3-year-old child contracted MRSA and over the course of 9 months it became very apparent that the doctors had no real way to stop it. He would get these large painful red swollen boils full of pus on his legs and thighs, and they kept coming back.

We were in and out of the hospital every 3 months with another outbreak. He was suffering from intense pain and they’d have to lance the spots… and we’d start with the medication all over again. The doctor suggested we wash him in bleach. Yes, bleach! Not a lot, but a little in a bathtub to help kill the staph. Nothing worked. He continued to have outbreaks.

I had to find a solution that would work, or he would spend his life taking ineffective antibiotics. And honestly, exactly how long could he continue to live like this before these infections and destructive medications consumed his little body. My child’s life was threatened, and I felt helpless. Once again I turned to the plants and asked for help.


Did you know our body is very receptive to plants and there are some plants that are extraordinary at fighting infections?

It was my sheer determination to save my son that helped me create a product that is now referred to as GoAway Plant Serum. When I first started applying it to his large boils, we would look at that red swollen area and together we would yell at it to “go away”… and you know what? It did.

Now, I’m thinking maybe we’re from a magical bloodline and didn’t know it. So, I offered a little of the serum to some neighbors who were battling MRSA and it worked on them too. So, it was the plants, not magic, and that was a little disappointing for me as I was kind of hoping for magic, but I’ll take plants any day if they are effective and can save my son.

Using GoAway Plant Serum in combination with the Warrior Level 3 stops the pain in a few minutes and within a few days the boils dry up and go away. He continued to have recurrent outbreaks, so I started washing him in our Warrior Cleansers and that’s when the outbreaks finally stopped.

How long did he use the Warrior Cleansers? Well, I know MRSA is resilient, and I wasn’t about to give it a chance to come back. So, I didn’t stop washing him with Warrior for about 4 years. This is one of our therapeutic products that can be used on a child "when needed" and he needed it.

After that, he never experienced another outbreak and if you ask him now, he doesn’t even remember the outbreaks, the pain, or the hospital visits. I tell him that not only did I save his life, but because of his experience we have been able to prevent amputations and save the lives of others.

We can do so much good, but it is hard for people to believe it and I’m one of those people. Remember, I thought magic must have been involved because our culture has been convinced that plants are not effective. That is one of the biggest lies we have calmly accepted.

Over the course of the past 3 decades, I have come to realize the amazing gifts Earth has to offer us. It’s almost as if the planet was made just for us… as it seems to hold the answers to everything we need. 😉 I hope you are able to get the help you need. Just click here to see the complete set..

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Staph bacteria is highly contagious and can spread from person to person.

These bacteria can spread on objects, such as towels, clothing, door handles, athletic equipment, and remotes. Because staph bacteria are so hardy, they can live on objects such as pillowcases or towels long enough to transfer to the next person who touches them. If you have staph and do not handle food properly when you are preparing it, you can spread staph to others.

Don’t worry, the information we send in your set will explain how to reduce the spread of staph infections and help protect you even if you are exposed to someone with a staph infection.


 If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

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Do you have allergies to plants? Review our Ingredient List and let us know which ones you need to avoid. Then, we'll send you a list of which Alywillow products are safe for you.