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Are you open?

Yes. Many people and businesses now offer Alywillow products. Some are retail locations or offices, and others work from home. We closed our original location on Hillsborough St in Raleigh (Feb 2022), but you can shop with us online or choose from over 25 locations. The newest location is only 4 miles from our original store.

How is COVID-19 affecting Alywillow?

See how COVID is affecting our production, products, and policies right now.

    Why does this spray moisturizer not feel like my other moisturizers? Is it different, is there something wrong with it?

    We don't change the recipes for our moisturizers and the ingredients are always ultra fresh. Yet, when you get a new bottle, the consistency often feels different. Why is that?

    This is mostly because there isn't enough room in the bottle to shake it enough to blend the plants sufficiently.

    To start a new bottle, you need to shake it vigorously (10 times longer than normal). Then, pump out a few squirts to clear the spray tube of all the plants that aren't blended well. Once you've used a little of it, it will have more space and be able to blend better.

    You'll see, it will turn out as magnificent as before.

    My skin is so dry and cracked that I need something strong!

    Level 5 Moisturizers are your answer, but if your skin is cracked open, then it is very damaged and you'll need to follow these guidelines for success:

    • Start with a spritzer. Spray your skin... just to help hydrate it first. This way it will be able to absorb the moisturizer better.
    • Don't make yourself greasy! LEVEL 5 is concentrated and a little bit is better than too much.
    • You need to rub it into your skin until you can't feel a residue. Every day it will get healthier and this will become easier.
    • At first, you should reapply every hour or two (spritz and then rub on). Once your skin starts improving, you can apply it as often as you wish, but definitely once in the morning and once in the evening to keep your skin healthy.
    • LEVEL 5 should never leave you greasy. If it is, you are using too much and your skin can't absorb it. Try using less, at more regular intervals.

    How do I place a pickup order?

    You must call first... contact us.

    Tracking says my order was delivered, but I don't have it.

    Please review our shipping policies for more help and keep us updated. We want you to get your Alywillow goodies as soon as possible!

    What is your return policy?

    You can see all our return policies.

      What if my skin is ultra-sensitive?

      Sample Set
      • If you have ultra-sensitive skin issues, please purchase our THERAPEUTIC SAMPLE SET first. It includes small samples for you to try as well as a 20% off coupon to use on a future purchase.

      • If you have an adverse reaction (rash, bumps, irritations, etc.) to one of our products you are more than likely allergic or sensitive to one (or more) of our plants. Review our complete list of ingredients so we can determine what is causing the problem.

      • If you have a plant allergy please review our complete list of ingredients and let us know which plant(s) you need to avoid. We will send you a custom allergy report showing you exactly which of our products are safe for you to use. 

      Why is the scent, color, and texture different?

      By their very nature, plants vary from harvest to harvest. Since our products are made from plants, you will sometimes notice variation in color, scent, or texture. This is completely normal and expected. If you think about it, this variation is a true sign of a truly natural product

      What is the shelf life of Alywillow products?

      Our products are naturally preserved with a regular 2-year shelf life when proper temperature (under 80 degrees) and normal humidity levels are maintained. The exception is Featheray and the Unscented products - which have a 1-year shelf life.

      The top of my bottle is broken. What should I do?

      We are happy to replace your top if it stops working. Look at this page - Replacement Tops - and order the correct top for your product. Or, send us a quick photo of the bottle (via chat or email) with your contact info (name, mailing address, email, and phone number), and we'll ship one out to you asap.

      Do you have a bottle return or refill option?

      • REFILL existing bottles: 
        1. Refill our DisinfectNow bottles with Fortify. Instructions are on the bottle.
        2. Refill our Spritzers with concentrated MPF and TPF (Medicinal and Therapeutic Plant Formulas). Currently, these 15 ml bottles are available throughout the year at limited times and in limited quantities.
        3. AVAILABLE MARCH 2022 - Refill Bags will begin to be available March 2022 for some of our Level 3 Moisturizers, Level 4 Moisturizers, and Spritzers. All of our glass bottles will have refill bags by the end of 2022.

      Are there any discounts?

      • To get the MOST discounts, scroll to the bottom of any Alywillow page to sign up for our NEWSLETTERThis puts you on our VIP list and keeps you up-to-date on new releases and product announcements. Don't worry, we won't email you more than 2 times a month!
      • Go to our SPECIALS page to see coupons and sales available RIGHT NOW!

      How do I keep my floors from getting slippery from the moisturizers?

      Levels 1-4 are spray moisturizers. To prevent over-spray (and waste) when using the moisturizers, spray them directly into the palm of your hand. Then apply to any part of your body. Just remember to shake them first! One spray is usually enough for your entire arm. 

      How do I figure out which products are best for me?

      You can check our solutions page or contact us and tell us what you're struggling with or what you are looking for, and we'll help guide you to the best Alywillow products! Schedule a free consultation here.

        How do I get information on your wholesale program?

        Now is a great time to have your own business from home! Please see our Wholesale page for details. From there you may schedule a free appointment to receive additional information.

          Can I use my spritzers around babies and animals?

          • Yes, Alywillow Therapeutic Spritzers are great with your babies (and probably your dogs), but you should reduce their use near fish, birds, cats, and any other household pets.
          • We don't make our products for animals (only humans) and we don't test them on animals for safety. 

          Does Alywillow make Sunscreen?

          Since all of our products are made of pure plants, not synthetic chemicals, we do not offer traditional sunscreen, like SPF50. Yet, we do offer some help! Several of the plants we use do have a natural SPF of 8-10, which means many of our products offer lower forms of SPF protection.  Check them out... 

          We also have this magical product called - GypsySun - that is designed to stop the pain of sunburn instantly, as well as to help repair your skin cells from the damage of the UV rays. 

          Island Rain
          Mostly we recommend that you enjoy SAFE SUMMER SUN. This means from 6-10am you have safe sunlight... and then again from 5-9pm you have more safe sunlight - THAT IS 8 HOURS OF SAFE SUNLIGHT everyday!  The time between 10-5pm  is when you should limit your time in the sun. (Traditionally, it is from 11am to 3pm that has the worst UV exposure).
          Do not use these products in the sun... Lemon Laughs moisturizers or spritzers, Intensive Nighttime Treatment, or Seawillow moisturizers or spritzers. 

          If you would like to speak to one of our specialists, just follow this link for your own private appointment.