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Are you open?

YES!  The front porch at our Headquarters (5301 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC) has OPEN AIR shopping and skin consultations on the front porch. You can sample all our products and you can use our Pickup Window to place your orders (or pick up your online orders).

Please wear a mask when you visit!

Front porch

How is COVID-19 affecting Alywillow?

We are an essential business and our headquarters (at 5301 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC) are OPEN (Mon-Sat/10-6pm). Please click HERE for more information on how COVID-19 is affecting Alywillow.

    How do I place a pickup order?

    • Calling our headquarters at 919-234-7151 is still one of the easiest ways to place your order! (We can verify everything is in stock and help answer all your questions.) 
    • RING THE BELL at the Pickup Window (on the front porch) and we can fill your order on the spot!
      Pickup Window
    • Contact your personal  Alywillow Independent Specialist to place your order. 
    • ORDER ONLINE: When you check out, make sure there is no shipping information entered on the bottom of the "cart" page or on the "checkout" page. When you choose the delivery method, select the tab that says "PICK UP". (If for any reason it does not give you this option, simply leave a note at checkout that you would prefer to pick up your order, and we will refund any shipping charges)
    • When ordering online, the following are 4 occasions when the Pickup option isn't available:
      1. If the mailing address is entered in the cart
      2. If the mailing address is entered on the checkout screen
      3. If an item is out of stock
      4. Cases (for wholesalers) may not have a pickup option

    Tracking says my order was delivered, but I have not received it.

    Contact your LOCAL post office and ask to speak to your carrier. Usually the carrier can find it and redeliver, but it is so important you contact your "local" post office, not the main branch. Do this as quickly as possible and keep us posted! We want you to get your Alywillow asap!

    What is your return policy?

    If you don't get the desired results from our products, please contact to us first to make sure you are using it properly. We always recommend chatting with one of our Alywillow Specialists before giving up on your product. You can see all our Return Policies HERE.

      What if my skin is ultra-sensitive?

      Sample Set
      • If you have ultra-sensitive skin issues, please purchase our THERAPEUTIC SAMPLE SET first. It includes small samples for you to try as well as a 20% off coupon to use on a future purchase.

      • If you have an adverse reaction (rash, bumps, irritations, etc.) to one of our products you are more than likely allergic or sensitive to one (or more) of our plants. Review our complete list of ingredients so we can determine what is causing the problem.

      • If you have a plant allergy please review our complete list of ingredients and let us know which plant(s) you need to avoid. We will send you a custom allergy report showing you exactly which of our products are safe for you to use. 

      Is Disinfect Now an EPA-approved disinfectant?

      • The quick answer is "no". 

        Disinfect Now

      • However, the science behind some of the plants we use clearly shows they have natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal benefits.

      • DISINFECT NOW does not have the harmful side effects of chemical based disinfectants that can be dangerous for the human body or the environment. This makes it an excellent option for anyone preferring a 'natural and safe' alternative. 

      How can I get rid of Ticks?

      • If you make a spray bottle with Fortify (follow the directions you receive with the bottle), just spray your clothes and it will help repel ticks in the wild.
      • Alternatively, you can apply one drop of Fortify to an existing tick and watch it withdraw from your body. 

      Does Alywillow help with Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac rashes?

      We have heard from our customers that some Alywillow products offer great results. Check out this 5 STAR review from our website:

      "Dragonfly is my "go to" bar cleanser whenever I come into contact with poison ivy and it's friends...oak and sumac. The fact that I love to be outdoors and in the woods, I tend to come in contact with them more often than not. In the past I would get a prescription and in some cases, get a shot...not fun. I have also tried all of the remedies found in the drug store and none come even close. Now thankfully I have found that I can greatly reduce the reaction I have as soon as I know I have touched the poison plant or after working in the yard (which for some reason poison ivy loves the flower beds) I shower with Dragonfly. There are times I do not know I touched it and later on in the day as I start to itch, I wash with dragonfly and the itching is reduced and the rash does not continue. I use level 3 Wildwood moisturizer as well in these encounters with the poisonous plants. This helps to greatly reduce the reaction I have to poison ivy. I think I would be lost without it as my first line of defense against the nasty plants that cause me to itch. As I read on the website, not all plants are good and the poisonous plants found in NC seem to find me. Thank you Dragonfly!!! Thank you Alywillow!!!"  -Sheldon 

      The top on my bottle is broken. What do I do?

      We are happy to replace your top if it stops working. Just send us a quick photo of the bottle (via chat or email) and your mailing address, email, and phone number.

      Do you have a bottle return or refill option?

      • BOTTLE RETURN: Drop off your bottles for 25 cent credit for each bottle.
      • BOTTLE REFILL: Local customers can bring in your empty Alywillow bottle, and we may be able to refill it (while you wait - or you can pick it up later). Please call ahead (919-234-7151to confirm that someone from our production team will be here when you arrive.
      • REFILL existing bottles: 
        1. Refill our DisinfectNow bottles with Fortify. Instructions are on the bottle.
        2. Refill our Spritzers with concentrated MPF and TPF (Medicinal and Therapeutic Plant Formulas). Currently, these 15 ml vials are available throughout the year at limited times and in limited quantities.
        3. We are developing a "refill bag" option for many of our products and hope to have it available soon.

      Are there any discounts?

      • To get the MOST discounts, scroll to the bottom of this page (or any Alywillow page) to sign up for our NEWSLETTER.  This puts you on our VIP list and keeps you up-to-date on new releases and product announcements. Don't worry, we won't email you more than 2 times a month!
      • Go to our SPECIALS page to see coupons and sales available RIGHT NOW!

      How do I keep my floors from getting slippery from the moisturizers?

      Levels 1-4 are spray moisturizers. To prevent over-spray (and waste) when using the moisturizers, spray them directly into the palm of your hand. Then apply to any part of your body. Just remember to shake them first! One spray is usually enough for your entire arm. 

        How do I figure out which products are best for me?

        Tell us what you're struggling with or what you are looking for, and we'll help guide you to the best Alywillow products! Schedule a free consultation here.

          How do I get information on your wholesale program?

          Now is a great time to have your own business from home! Please see our Wholesale page for details. From there you may schedule a free appointment to receive additional information.

            Can I use my spritzers around babies and animals?

            • Yes, Alywillow Therapeutic Spritzers are great with your babies (and probably your dogs), but you should reduce their use near fish, birds, cats, and any other household pets.
            • We don't make our products for animals (only humans) and we don't test them on animals for safety. 

            What do I use to fight colds & flu?

            If you feel unwell, with cold or flu-like symptoms, Paradigm Massage may help relieve your discomfort. The molecules of these plants are so small, they easily enter your body when you massage it on. This can help support the health of your respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, immune system, and cardiovascular system. 


            If you are having head congestion (or headaches), try the Minty Relief Spritzer or one of our Medicinal Inhalers. Also, make sure you are drinking lots of water, as that will help loosen up your congestion.

            If you would like to boost your immune system, wash and moisturize with the Warrior formula. Also, drink Bee Balm, Elderberry, Rosehips, and Rosebuds Herbal Tea. 

            Does Alywillow make Sunscreen?

            Since all of our products are made of pure plants, not synthetic chemicals, we do not offer traditional sunscreen, like SPF50. Yet, we do offer some help! Several of the plants we use do have a natural SPF of 8-10, which means many of our products offer lower forms of SPF protection.  Check them out... 

            We also have this magical product called - GypsySun - that is designed to stop the pain of sunburn instantly, as well as to help repair your skin cells from the damage of the UV rays. 

            Island Rain
            Mostly we recommend that you enjoy SAFE SUMMER SUN. This means from 6-10am you have safe sunlight... and then again from 5-9pm you have more safe sunlight - THAT IS 8 HOURS OF SAFE SUNLIGHT everyday!  The time between 10-5pm  is when you should limit your time in the sun. (Traditionally, it is from 11am to 3pm that has the worst UV exposure)

            If you would like to speak to one of our specialists, just follow this link for your own private appointment.

            How to I stop my hair loss?

            Let's clarify the following 4 points:
            1. First, let's stop what is causing the problem. The shampoos and/or conditioners you are using are probably too caustic and causing an imbalance in the pH of your scalp. Over time these imbalances lead to hair loss and that hair loss can get worse. This is normally the situation people are in when they visit Alywillow for the first time. 
            2. When you switch to Alywillow cleansers and moisturizers for your hair, you are getting a download of nutrition into your hair and scalp every time you use the products (not an imbalance). Alywillow products are different from anything you have ever used before as they have the ability to help your hair growth get better and they don't mess up the delicate pH or hair growth of your scalp. 
            3. Once you make the switch, then Shimmer Spritzer can be used to help restore your hair growth. But, using Shimmer Spritzer by itself, without our entire program and while you are still using other products, is not going to be effective. It is not powerful enough on it's own to stop the hair loss when you are continuing to use products that can cause damage to your scalp's pH balance. In fact, if you are continuing to use products that cause imbalance, it is somewhat expected that this imbalance will continue to worsen over time. 
            4. Additionally, humans go through cycles of hair loss, similar to dogs and cats, where seasonal temperature changes can create a shedding of hair. Spring and Fall are notorious for this! Your hair loss should be a concern when it continues for months, not just a few weeks.
            You can read more about our Go Natural Hair Care program or schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your hair concerns.


            Butterfly - happy hormones