Meet the woman behind the magic of Alywillow...

Aliya Trinity - Founder, Formulator, and CEO

"Aly is a nickname and the Willow is my sacred tree... so this is where Alywillow comes from. It was easy and felt natural. In truth, I have always been inspired by the beauty of nature and the idea that our ancestors lived without synthetic chemicals. If they can do it, so can we. I didn't know 30 years ago that I would create Alywillow. Now, I refer to myself as an Ambassador for Nature... because she whispers secrets that bring harmony and wellness and I share those secrets.


This path probably started around 1995, when my daughter Hannah was little. I accidently put myself to sleep (a few times) with some plants. That's when I started talking to the plants and I realized they were talking back. It's sort of like being a plant whisperer... Did you know aloe likes to touch another aloe? If left alone, they will often grow sad and unhealthy. Let them touch and they will start having babies! 


Since then, I've been working on and off with therapeutic and medicinal plants. However, in 2007 a small little accident caused a bone in my back to snap into three pieces and this became a turning point in my life. I was pregnant at the time and endured a few years of extreme pain before I developed a solution to relieve the pain using plants. This accident coincided with several other traumatic experiences that left me with a PTSD diagnosis and spun my life into an uncontrollable whirlwind, flipping everything upside down and rearranging it. 


Determination has always been one of my character traits. (My mother would probably say I am stubborn, but I like determined better).  I was simply determined to do whatever was necessary to heal my body and my broken heart.  So, I committed to a path of discovery and meditation that took me back and forth across the United States and eventually landed me in my own little sanctuary in the mountains of Virginia - where I was able to spend years healing my body, mind, and spirit.


This is when I finally reconnected and journeyed to the land of my ancestors to heal my ancestral past. I spent years listening to the wisdom and intelligence of nature... for I truly believe as my ancestors that the trees and the rocks, and the wind and the water are like our cousins, and the Creator placed us all here together to live together. 


Eventually, I moved back to Raleigh to introduce Alywillow and build the Alywillow team. Our little line of skin and body products is made only of plants and minerals and we now offer over 150 products. It is plant perfection and an absolute delight because through the Alywillow team, we are changing and improving lives. <3 At one point you could find Alywillow in the local malls, but the pandemic hit and we rearranged again. Alywillow is now available through wholesalers, online, and in our Raleigh store.


As of 2021, my sweetheart, Dr Cazhaow Qazaz, and I moved to a different region of the mountains of Virginia - to start Arroway (a BNB and event venue), to share our lives with family and friends, and to explore nature for more answers to bring more healing. And yes, I still have my lab and formulate everything for Alywillow. From the farm I am still able to oversee the production of our products and manage our team.


Who am I? I am an earth loving, tree hugging, barefoot walking mother, grandmother, public speaker, meditation guide, natural born shaman, and Spirit living a human life. There's a little bit of herbalist, botanist, and chemist in there too! Yes, I have passed the half-century mark and my hair is graying. Also, don't be alarmed if you see me hiking a mountain in the morning and in a wheelchair by the afternoon. Even though I have learned to reduce the pain in my back, I still have a shattered bone in my spinal column that limits my movement. 


It seems like a life-time ago, but I was also once a professional photographer, owned a yoga center on Topsail Island, and I have traveled the US sharing messages in women's centers, churches, and other groups on the use of herbs and on restoring trust and love in our lives. My respect for life and my pledge of authenticity is behind the making of every Alywillow product and these high standards ensure you the very best!  Please contact me if you ever have any questions or ideas for helping expand Alywillow. We depend on community to make the world a better place."


Aliya Trinity



Aliya and Coconut -2021

Cazhaow and Aliya

 Dr Cazhaow Qazaz and Aliya Trinity


Aliya and son, Oliver

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    "Always return to gratitude... which restores love, pure love. Because when we come back to love it makes every problem an adventure and every hardship a new opportunity." ~ Aliya