Our Founder

Our Founder


Three very important realizations came to me in the early 90’s that shaped my life…

  • First, we are surrounded by too many synthetic chemicals everyday - and some of them are very harmful.
  • Second, our skin absorbs a lot of stuff. It can absorb vitamin, minerals, and other good stuff! But it's also absorbing lots of those synthetic chemicals.
  • Third, our ancestors lived without synthetic chemicals and so can we.

Hi, I’m Aliya Trinity, CEO and Founder of Alywillow.

I was a young mother in the early 90's when I started studying the chemical structure of plants to find alternative options in order to keep myself and my family free of synthetic chemicals. But, it wasn’t until 2007 that an accident and a broken back took me on a journey across the country to find a completely natural way to get real pain relief. This journey eventually gave me the confidence and determination to make my own effective pain reliever – without drugs, steroids, or synthetics – now known as the MINTY RELIEF Formula.

You see, the damage and swelling in my back had paralyzing effects on my legs - forcing me into a wheelchair. I could have taken medicine every day for the rest of my life - to reduce the pain and swelling, but those pharma drugs often come with hefty health hazards, so I mostly avoided them. Just by rubbing a few layers of Minty Relief externally on the swollen areas, the inflammation and pain reduced to the point that I could walk and (almost) function like other people. Plus, there was no negative metal affect, so I never appeared drunk or drugged. The formula was so effective that I started sharing Minty Relief with others, and that eventually led to the formation of my own business, Alywillow. 

Now, we create many products that make your life better, without artificial scents or colors. There are no drugs, no steroids, and no synthetic ingredients. We literally use over 200 plants and minerals to make everything.

The mantra I have repeated to myself at every obstacle was, "If our ancestors could live without synthetic chemicals - then so can we!"  and it has been through sheer determination over several decades that I have achieved what so many said wasn't possible. I have single-handedly created over 150 products for the body and skin that are made of pure plants and minerals. Plus, some of them can do amazing things - just read our reviews!

But really, 30 years ago I didn't know that I would create Alywillow (Aly is one of my nicknames and the Willow is my sacred tree) and my journey with the plants started around 1995 when I accidentally put myself to sleep (a few times) with some plants. That's when I really begin to realize the power of the plants. They each have a language and a spirit and in my Native American culture we refer to the plants and rocks as our cousins. If you listen to them long enough, they will help guide you.

For instance, did you know aloe likes to touch another aloe plants? If left alone, they will often grow sad and unhealthy. Let them touch and they will start having babies! Did you know that tea tree can be toxic to your body? That's why we don't use it in any of the Alywillow products.



Who am I? I am an earth loving, tree hugging, barefoot walking, mother, grandmother, public speaker, herbalist, botanist, chemist, meditation guide, natural born shaman, and spirit enjoying a human life on this beautiful planet we call Earth.  As a insatiable autodidact and the curator of too many hobbies, I am always absorbing and learning. You might see me covered in chicken poo cleaning the barn, meditating on the top of a mountain, writing simple computer code, or surrounded by beakers in the lab... it just depends on the moment.

The integrity of Alywillow is as important to me as my pledge of authenticity. These values are behind the making of every Alywillow product and it is these high standards that ensure you the very best!  Yes, I still run the lab and formulate everything for Alywillow. I also still oversee the production of our products, oversee our wholesale program, and manage our team. You see, I'm not in this business for the wealth of it. I'm in the fields and in the labs - working to connect and help as many people as we can - making life on Earth a little easier, one person at a time. :-)

This is why our products are only available online and in our wholesale program to small businesses. I've been invited to put Alywillow into the big-box companies, but those large companies (and others like them) are actually bad for the economy. My goal is not to be the wealthiest or biggest company. It's to restore health and strengthen people and strengthen communities... to make life better.

Please contact me if you ever have any questions or ideas for helping expand Alywillow. Together we are able to make the world a better place." 

Much love to you all..

Aliya Trinity

 Love unconditionally