Sense of Smell

Sense of Smell

When using truly natural products, your sense of smell becomes a powerful tool that guides you.

The following information doesn't apply to synthetic products... In many ways, synthetic fragrances have confused your body. You have forgotten (or never learned) that your sense of smell is a guidance system to lead you to the goodness that nature provides.

The following information only applies to truly natural products, like Alywillow products.

We have learned... when a customer doesn't like the smell of a specific product, they are often allergic or at least sensitive to one of the plants in that product. So, paying attention to your sense of smell is really important when you are smelling our products.

If you are repelled by a scent, please avoid those products. If you are drawn-in to a scent, your body is probably craving the nutrients those products offer. Does this sound strange?

Consider this.... If you eat broccoli today and it smells and tastes really good, will it smell and taste that good if you continue to eat it every day, for weeks? No. Eventually, even the scent of broccoli would repel you. This is a signal from your body that you have already absorbed enough of those nutrients and it doesn't need any more broccoli. It's time to eat something else.

The same thing happens with Alywillow products. You may adore the scent of Dragonfly and wash and moisturize with it every day. But, eventually you  pick up your bottle and think, "Isn't this the same bottle I used yesterday. I normally love the scent, but this doesn't even smell nice. What's wrong with it?"  It happens to us, so we know it happens to you.

Remember, your body is absorbing the ingredients of the things you put on it!

Nothing is wrong with your product, but your body has absorbed enough of those nutrients and it wants something different. This is the perfect time for you to play with other Alywillow products.

  1. Check your cabinet to see what other Alywillow treasures you have tucked away...
  2. Contact us so we can help you choose something new...
  3. Or, order the Therapeutic Sample Set so you can try all the formulas and determine which one your body is drawn to now.

Think of it like a Salad Bar.

How healthy is your salad if it only contains lettuce? That's better than eating a candy bar for lunch, but it's rather boring and it could be so much better for you if you'd add some variety to your salad plate!

Thankfully, our products smell great when you use them all together and we recommend mixing them up for the most nutrient rich experience!

Here is an example of a day enhanced by Alywillow.... wash in Warrior (it's anti-aging and fights germs), moisturizer in Dragonfly (because it smells so great and your skin feels awesome), use Firefly Spritzer (to keep you alert throughout the day), tuck the Stress Relief Inhaler into your pocket (in case you need a mental break), use Lemon Laughs moisturizer at night (to even out your skin tones), and inhale Island Rain to help you sleep.

It's like forest bathing all day long - as you surround yourself with a plethora of plants that help your body function better.

Soak up as much goodness as you can! You'll feel better and that makes your day better.

Do a "6 Month Switch"

Years ago a customer called us to ask if we changed the formula for Lemon Laughs. We don't change our formulas, however, she was convinced that we had altered the formula because she had been using Lemon Laughs cleansers and moisturizers for the past 5 years to get rid of her acne and now it wasn't working.

What? 5 years! Oh good gracious, you need to switch formulas. Your body needs different nutrients. She still uses Lemon Laughs, but now she mixes it up with a little Wildwood, Warrior, and Sagerow - because they fight acne too!

In most cases, we'd like to see you give your body more nutrients than just one formula. If you must use only one, try to alternate formulas at least every 6 months.

Do you have a chronic condition? If you are using Alywillow products to fight staph infections, herpes, shingles, or eczema or other chronic issues, please stick to the products designed for your condition or contact us if you have questions.

Is your Sense of Smell broken?

We're so sorry to hear this. If you don't have a sense of smell, your body still benefits from the therapeutic or medicinal formulas. Read through the products or ask us what will improve your life... and then switch them up every 3 to 6 months so your body gets a variety of nutrients.