Do you want to represent something that has real meaning in your life and in the lives of others?  If so, choose Alywillow!


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no syntheticsJust read the labels on your other 'natural' products and you will often see many synthetic ingredients. However, this is not the case for Alywillow! We use only plants and minerals to formulate over 150 vegan products. Even our scents and preservatives are from plants!

Who carries the Alywillow products?

nut-freeWe are small, but growing. Even before we opened this program to the public, there were hundreds of individuals and businesses (plastic surgeons, chiropractors, midwives, acupuncturists, hair stylists, gift shops) across the United States signed up!  We never advertised it or had to ask people to carry the products because once people use Alywillow products and recognized the power they possess, they want to be involved.

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Check out these details!

  • This is not a multi-level marketing scheme. When you sign up with Alywillow, you work directly with our trainers. No one is making money off your sales, instead, we give you the full percentage.
  • small batches
    Consistency!  We take responsibility for your training which ensures consistency in all Alywillow representatives.
    • If you wish to be an AIS, you will be required to complete five training modules covering all Alywillow products.
    • If you only wish to carry one or more specific products at your retail location, you are only required to go through training on those specific products. 
  • Safety! Alywillow safety measures and guidelines are very specific - even surpassing European Safety guidelines for plants and essential oils (and those are the highest in the world). We put a special emphasis on safety because we specialize in helping so many people who are hyper-sensitive.  
  • veganGenuine Quality! Alywillow products are free of all synthetics. Every ingredient is a plant or mineral - and that's all!  We make them in small batches to ensure quality and a long-shelf life.
  • You have THREE choices
    1. Get your own Alywillow website link so your customers can order online. This gives them access to everything and makes online ordering easy. You will be an Alywillow Independent Specialist (AIS).
    2. Choose one or more item(s) you wish to offer in your own store or location (just lip balms and soaps, or only facial products, or only pain relievers, etc...). You will be a Reseller.
    3. Open your own Alywillow Location - You will be a Reseller and an Alywillow Independent Specialist (AIS).
  • Made in the USA
    Easy Repeat Customers: It is exceptionally easy for people to understand the value and beauty of Alywillow products when experience our facial sets, feel our silky moisturizers on the skin, and smell our natural scents. Once they try it, they often come back for more. Just read our reviews to be amazed by the surprising ways our products help improve the lives of others.
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    Long-Lasting! Alywillow products do not require refrigeration like many other products. Almost all of them have a 2 year shelf life of longer and we make them in small batches, as needed to make sure they stay safe. 
  • Bio-available Benefits! Every time you wash and moisturize with Alywillow, your body receives bio-available vitamins which support the systems of your body. As your body soaks in these nutrients, you get healthier just from using Alywillow products!
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Other Ways to Contact Us

  • Email us at
  • Got a quick question, call the wholesale team directly at 919-238-4884. If we don't answer, just leave a message. We normally respond within 24 hours. (Please do not call our stores. They are not trained to handle wholesale questions and although they may try to help, they probably will not give you accurate information.)
  • Interested in more information?  

    Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. We'll explain the options, discuss your ideas, and send you more information.

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