Not only is Alywillow a small business, we are also helping other small businesses start and grow. Just look at our map below...

We are so happy to announce that Alywillow products can be found at OVER 25 LOCATIONS - see the map below.

Let me quickly explain…

Map of locations

It just so happens that a healthy economy depends on small businesses. Instead of selling Alywillow products at large box stores or internet stores that line the pockets of the corporate giants, I made a decision to do something most companies won't do. I chose to put the health of other small businesses, and society as a whole, in front of my own personal gains. This is the reason why I continue to turn down offers by large corporate companies and pharmaceutical companies to buy Alywillow or to carry Alywillow products on their shelves. Alywillow products are unique in their benefits and they are only available at small businesses.

It's about freedom of your own life and your own future.

Did you know that healthy small businesses increase the middle class (a sign of a healthy economy) and reduce the need for public assistance programs. This in turn reduces the number of low income families. Plus, running your own business gives professionals a chance to do something different than be subjugated by the rat race of the corporate world. Have you ever wished you could get paid what you’re worth or have control over your own hours? Maybe you'd like to check out our wholesale ideas and contact us with your questions.

Since my true love is helping people and spending time in nature and with family, it was imperative to me that I find a way for Alywillow to grow in a way that respects the individual, the family, and the community. Small businesses do this! This way, I can be a part of making the world a better place... and I really like how that feels.

Hillsborough Street Store

Making this happen meant rearranging the way you get your Alywillow products...

Sorry it's been a little confusing at times, but everything over the past 2 years has been done to make this a reality. At first, we had to get the wholesale program ready. Then, we shut down all of our retail stores. Next, was to move our headquarters, production, and shipping to Arroway, a 70 acre farm and retreat in the Shenandoah Valley, where we are growing many of our plants.

Attention Customers in Durham, Morrisville, Cary, Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, and everywhere in between...

RDU map

You can still get Alywillow products in the Raleigh area from many different small businesses.

There are ELEVEN small business in this area that exist (or are growing) because of Alywillow. They would love to help you. Many of them work from home, some have offices (want a massage?), some will personally drive your products to your house, and now, there's a retail shop. (More are coming in the future). Every location has an active certified representative who can answer your questions. Just do a search in the map below to see who is in your area and contact them to see what they offer.

Oh, and yes! You can always order online.

If you are working with a Specialist, please remember to use their link. Plus, our Raleigh team members are working from home and would love to video chat with you. Just talk to them when you have questions.

Our NEWEST Location is at Crossroads in Cary, NC and opens the end of February...


Sarah McKenzie - nurse, artist, and Alywillow Independent Specialist, along with her husband, Larry, are opening their first retail shop - 'Daleen Designs Boutique'. They have Alywillow products and their handcrafted artistic jewelry (it is beautiful) lining their shelves. This location is OPEN 7 days a week (in The Painted Tree at Crossroads Plaza in Cary) for you to stop by and pick up your items (beginning the end of February). However, Sarah isn't always able to be there, so call her if you have a question. You can find this location (and others) on the map below by searching for Cary, NC.

Thank you for helping us grow!

Our reps could use your continued support so they can grow their businesses too. Don't live in this area? Check the map below for a location near you (or join the team and start a location).

Arroway and Alywillow

The fields of ArrowayArroway are only 3.5 hours from Raleigh, NC. This is where Alywillow is growing plants and assembling your products. One day soon you can stay at the Arroway BNB, participate in some of Alywillow Special Events, or maybe attend a wedding with a view. Watch our journey on Instagram at @arrowayretreat as Alywillow and Arroway grow together.


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If you have a heart for helping others and would like to create a new location for Alywillow. Check out our wholesale options.