Are your natural products 'truly natural' or a 'just a gimmick'?

Have you ever wondered about the authenticity of these "natural" claims that seem to be everywhere? Or, perhaps you have read the ingredients of your so-called ‘natural products’ only to find that many of those items are not easy to pronounce and sound more like chemicals than natural items? This is because most 'natural products' or 'plant-based products' are made partially of natural ingredients and partially of synthetics.

All Alywillow products are made with pure plants and minerals and nothing else. Read through our Ingredient list.

What is the motivating factor behind a company?

Maybe you trust that these big skin care companies to only use the bare minimum of synthetic chemicals (only the necessary one) and instead pack their products full of natural ingredients that are good for your wellbeing).

Unfortunately, that is not what they usually do. Most companies are primarily concerned with their profit margin. Synthetics are cheap and easy, so the more they can use them, the more money goes into their pockets. and quite honestly, your wellbeing isn't their motivating factor. 

They want to convince you to buy their lotion, shampoo, soap, etc... so they may add ONE DROP of a natural ingredient and then write it in giant letters on the label. Now, they add a great color scheme, a catchy slogan, a pretty picture, and jump the price up – all to convinced you that you are buying a natural product. We can see the evidence of their success everywhere we look.

Alywillow is determined to be natural for your wellbeing (and ours too)

We think differently than most companies you have met. Several decades ago, the founder of Alywillow decided that since our ancestors lived without synthetic chemicals, she was going to find a way to do that too. Now, through Alywillow, you can enjoy over 150 products and there are absolutely no synthetic chemicals in our products. We use over 200 plants in the formulation of our products and every scent, color, and ingredient is a plant or mineral.

We make Botanical & Nuetraceutical products – with topical and inhalation applications.  

  • Botanical - all plants
  • Nuetraceutical - product derived from food that offers physical and emotional benefits and may also provide protection against chronic disease including vitamins and herbs.
  • Topical and Inhalation applications - it's like vitamins for your body that get absorbed through your skin or lungs instead of through your digestive system.

Since you are going to wash and moisturize with something. Why not use something that does good things for your body?

Natural also means safe, right?

We wish that was true, but not everything natural is safe for you. Ever heard of poison ivy? You knew that wasn't safe, but what about Tea Tree? It's known to cause skin and internal organ damage and most people aren't aware of this and many companies add it because you like the way it tingles.

Integrity and Responsibility

We believe companies should be responsible for the ingredients in their products and do everything within their power to keep consumers safe, not because of government regulations and not because you want a tingle, but because it is the right thing to do. We take this responsibility seriously.

Not only do we make the Alywillow products from scratch using food grade, organic, therapeutic and medicinal ingredients.... we also use them - all the time. Our families, our children, and our grandchildren use them. And, when you go into our homes you will see them everywhere! We put our hearts into them. We make them for us. We make them for you.

Our full ingredient list contains over 200 plants and minerals and we examine each of these for their individual natural chemical composition (for proper usage) and re-examined at each harvest to ensure consistency. 

Benefits of Natural Plant Chemicals

Through biotechnology and many other fields of sciences, we know that plants can offer a myriad of helpful benefits - like antimicrobial properties, reducing inflammation, slowing or speeding up the circulatory system, protecting the health of your cells (which slows down the signs of aging), and so much more. However, some plants can damage the body if used too frequently, in large volumes, or in sensitive populations like babies, epileptics, pregnant women.

In the creation of our formulas, we follow European safety guidelines for the use of plants and essential oils (those are the strictest guidelines in the world). Yet, we go beyond those guidelines and Alywillow safety standards are even higher than that. For these reasons and more, Alywillow products are classified into three different grade levels: ElementalTherapeutic, and Medicinal

There are basically THREE types of products

    1. Synthetic Products - not natural at all
    2. Plant-Based Products - not really natural, probably just a gimmick
    3. Pure Plant Products - a truly natural product (this is Alywillow)

Two of those options have synthetics in them. Can you guess which two they are? 

Right, the first and second. Alywillow products are the third option... Pure Plant Products because they aren't simply based on plants or include partial plants. Instead, Alywillow products are made 100% of plants and minerals. 

Look at the consistency, scent, and color of your synthetic products. Are they perfectly consistent ALL THE TIME?

Synthetic products are consistent. When you have perfect consistency, all the time, you have a synthetic based or plant based product. Why is this? Because natural has lots of variety. Even the same plant can smell different and have different water content from one harvest to another. 

Most people are accustomed to synthetic products.

Synthetic products have incredible consistency - with the same scent, color, and texture since their ingredients are artificially replicated. The average consumer is used to this and doesn't initially understand why truly natural products can achieve the same level of consistency. 

Why is the Scent, Color, and texture of my Alywillow product different from the last one I had?

At Alywillow, we don't use anything synthetic. Instead, we use over 200 PLANTS from around the world and every harvest is slightly different.
By their very nature, plants vary from harvest to harvest. Since our products are made from plants, you will sometimes notice variation in color, scent, or texture. This is completely normal and expected. If you think about it, this variation is a true sign of a natural product. 
We formulate most of our products for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits, not their scent, color (except for the lipsticks), or texture. But, don't worry. Your products will still do what they were designed to do. The fact that they smell good is just an added bonus! Just keep in mind they will not always smell the same. 
Even products within our Aromatic line will have variations, which is why our perfumes come with a series number. GRATITUDE PERFUME 101 indicates the batch number. The next batch we create will be called 102 because the scent will vary slightly.

Consistency or Natural? Which is more important to you? 

While it is true that products made from synthetic ingredients are more consistent, that consistency also brings many unnecessary toxic properties into your life. It has always been our goal at Alywillow to bring you the very best plants to help make life better. We hope you will keep choosing a natural life, even if it does surprise you occasionally.  ;-)

The power of your Sense of Smell 

When you are using truly natural products, your sense of smell because a powerful tool to help guide you to the best products for your body. Consider this.... If you eat broccoli today and it taste really good, will it taste that good if you continue to eat it every day for weeks? No, not really. Eventually, your body will get all the nutrients from the broccoli and you will not even enjoy the smell of it. This is the signal from your sense of smell that you do not need any more broccoli. 

The same thing happens with Alywillow products. You may adore the scent of Dragonfly and wash and moisturize with it every day. But, eventually you might pick up your bottle and think, "This doesn't even smell nice." This is because your body has enough of those nutrients. It wants more variety and this is the perfect time for you to play with other Alywillow products to determine which one your body is drawn to now.

We actually recommend using as many of the different formulas that you like at one time. It's like enjoying a large salad bar vs eating only lettuce. If you only like one formula, consider our recommendations for a 6 month switch. Meaning you alternate from one formula to another formula every 6 months. 

If you don't have a sense of smell, then you can use any formula for it's therapeutic or medicinal benefits, just switch them up every 3-6 months so your body gets a variety of nutrients.