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Astragalus Root Dried Herb

Astragalus Root Dried Herb

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Astragalus Root Dried Herb is generally believed to slow down aging, prolong life, boost the vital energy of the body, and strengthen your qi. It reduces inflammation in the body, including edema. It also wards off infection and reinforces the body’s natural defenses through its deep immune support. 

Astragalus is a perennial plant from the pea family that has been used by Indigenous people across North America for many generations and historical records also show it being used in Chinese medicine for over two thousand years.


When to use:

Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus) is both preventative and restorative.

  • Preventative: Drink one 8 ounce cup a day as a Healthy Living Practice.
  • Restorative: Drink 1-3 cups a day for the support and benefits listed below.


  1. Heart Health: Widens your blood vessels and increases the amount of blood pumped from your heart. This can give you more energy and help you feel better. It also battles fatigue, even after chemotherapy. But you should discontinue use if you are planning a surgery because of these anticoagulant properties and as it can interfere with anesthesia.
  2. Deep Immune Support: Evidence shows that astragalus may increase your body’s production of white blood cells, which are the cells of your immune system responsible for preventing illness. It's antiviral properties are both preventative and defensive. This is why it is considered so valuable against colds and flu. Add it to a pot of chicken soup or make some fresh hot tea.
  3. Astragalus is often used for stimulation of the spleen, liver, lungs, circulatory and to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure
  4. The opening effect of Astragalus supports your Respiratory system which naturally reduces asthma, seasonal allergies, upper respiratory infections, and shortness of breath.
  5. Protective effect on the kidneys and helps improve the urinary system.
  6. Also believed to have the ability to increase sperm count and reduce sweating of those who easily overheat or experience hyperhidrosis.
  7. These benefits are supportive when you enjoy a healthy lifestyle incorporating good physical activity and live food choices.
  8. Often used in products created for dogs to provide immune system boosting benefits.

    Aliya's comments:

    It always amazes me at how often nature is providing the items that we need to live a healthier life. Astragalus is one of those amazing plants that makes every day better. Think of this plant as one that opens and supports the rivers (fluids) of the body to function better, removes items that do not belong, and gives you a shield that protects from invaders (even on the cellular level). These properties remind me so much of the benefits of our Warrior products and I highly recommend bringing astragalus as a daily option to help you feel better and keep you well.

    Native American traditions:

    Astragalus is commonly used in teas, poultices, or creams to apply to injuries but also for pulling out poisons, toxins, and fever from the body. It is gentle enough to be made into an eye wash and it’s valued for ceremonial use. The sweet roots are often eaten raw or boiled, fruits are eaten as food, and the leaves are used as a mat to line areas used for butchering. Stalks with pods are used as rattles and astragalus is widely known as good horse medicine.


    • Astragalus Root: washed, cut, sifted, dried, certified organic, and certified kosher
    • One Bag Contains: Approx. 24 tsp of loose cut and shifted roots. This will make roughly 24 cups of tea.
    • Directions: 
      • Use 1 cup of boiling water to 1 tsp herb and steep for at least 15 minutes.
      • Drink hot or cold.
      • Read the cautions below before consuming this tea.

    Safety Profile:

    People who have any of the listed conditions should not use Astragalus: Crohns, MS, Psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus. Anyone who has had transplant surgery or is taking medications that suppress the immune system or medication that thins the blood. Children and pregnant or nursing women. It has anticoagulant activity and may increase the risk of bleeding.

    Beta blockers may be incompatible with astragalus and there are indicators that is can interact with other medicines, such as decongestants given for colds. If using astragalus, you may not need other decongestants as astragalus opens your breathing while giving your body protective support.



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