These natural products can be used alongside the advice and medication your doctor provides. Should you have any concerns, ask your doctor. If you have questions about our products, just ask us or schedule a private consultation with our team so we can discuss your needs. Allergic to plants? Look at our list of ingredients and tell use what you need to avoid. Make sure you are under the care of a doctor and enjoy the Alywillow products to help improve the quality of your life.


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  • Suffering from acne, cancer, oily skin, pain psoriasis, insomnia, aging, anxiety attacks, menstrual irregularities, or anything else...  This page is full of solutions offered over the years from our customers and team. Use the instructions above to search for a topic.
  • Talk with us: If you have questions, call us now or schedule a free private consultation so we can discuss ways to improve your life.
  • So Safe! These natural products can be used topically (on your skin) or as inhalants, and most of them are so safe you can use them just for fun. However, they provide many benefits. They can usually be used alongside the advice and medication your doctor provides. If you have concerns, ask your doctor. Allergic to plants? Look at our list of ingredients and tell us what you need to avoid.



  • DRY SKIN: Did you know most soaps and cleansers are harsh and will dry out your skin? Start using our BAR or LIQUID cleansers (made of pure plants) for a moisturizing experience. Then, if you only need a little moisturizer, choose our LEVEL 3 moisturizers. If your skin is naturally dry, use our LEVEL 4 moisturizers daily. If your skin is so dry that it cracks, choose the LEVEL 5 moisturizers to help hydrate and repair your skin. The more you use our moisturizers, the healthier your skin will get. These moisturizers are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Also, they can be used from head to toe – so on your face and your hands. Anywhere you put them, your skin will get healthier.
  • OILY SKIN: If your skin has been oily since birth, we have some ways to help. Start washing in our SAGEROW cleansers and using the ARROW HYDRATOR. You are going to love how they feel.
  • COMBINATION SKIN: Many cleansers are too harsh and strip the oils from your skin causing an overproduction of your natural oils. This leaves you in a vicious cycle of oily/dry skin, otherwise known as combination skin. Our cleansers are gentle and moisturizing. When you wash with them, they do not strip your skin oils and instead, they will leave your skin feeling healthy. Over time, your skin will realize it doesn’t need to make so much oil and your oil production will usually become more balanced. To speed along this process, you can spritz with the ARROW HYDRATOR (as it is a special combination designed to teach your skin to rebalance the oil production and help restore balance to your skin faster). Additionally, our LEVEL 1 moisturizer is designed just for your skin type. Use it every few days so it can feed nutrients to your skin. Eventually, your skin oils will begin to balance again.
  • NORMAL SKIN: If you don’t understand the uncomfortable pull of dry skin or the annoyance of oily skin, then you probably have normal skin. You can use any of our cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Tell us which benefits you desire and we can help you choose the best items for you.


Facial Skin Care can be complicated, so we offer free consultations to match you with the perfect products.

  • Large Pores: Add a toner to your daily facial skin routine to reduce the size of your pores..
    • If you have skin damage or want restorative anti-aging benefits (you are over 40 or already have wrinkles) - choose PHOENIX for normal to oily skin or BALANCE if you have dry skin
    • If you’d prefer preventative anti-aging benefits, use HARMONY to tone your skin for a fresh look. Preventative benefits help protect your cells which slows down the signs of aging.
  • Rosacea: Wash with our UNSCENTED cleansers daily. They are simply made of plants and are ultra gentle for your skin. However, we would like to give you some relief and have discovered over the years that using FEATHERAY daily feeds your skin mega amounts of nutrients which helps it repair the damage and stop the pain associated with rosacea. All of this, so your skin can be smooth and soft again.
  • Complicated Acne:  Is your acne cystic in nature? Meaning, is it large, painful, and extra persistent? We refer to this as complicated acne as it takes a little more effort to clear your skin and restore balance. 
    • Wash with WARRIOR or SAGEROW cleansers
    • To repair the skin from scars and to help shrink the pores, use the BALANCE toner (for dry skin) or the PHOENIX toner (for normal or oily skin).
    • Use FORTIFY or GOAWAY as a spot treatment for those persistent and painful bumps. 
    • Choose a moisturizer for your Dry skin - SAGEROW or WARRIOR in a LEVEL 4 or LEVEL 5 moisturizer.
    • Choose a moisturizer for your Oily skin - SAGEROW LEVEL 3
  • Simple Acne:  Do you have small little bumps and outbreaks on your face? We refer to this as simple acne.
    • Just washing with WILDWOOD or LEMON LAUGHS can clear the little bumps quickly. You can even wash with these to clear the little bumps on your arms (keratosis). 
    • If your pores are large, use HARMONY TONER
    • ARROW HYDRATOR will help balance your oil production
    • LEVEL 1 is the perfect moisturizer for oily to normal skin.
    • For maskne (mask acne):
    • DISINFECT NOW can keep your skin clear! Spray on your face and mask before and after each use. 
  • Anti-Aging: We have many anti-aging products. Schedule a free consultation with us so we can help design a perfect facial set for you!
    • First, these are our anti-aging therapeutic formulas... SAGEROWWARRIORFIREFLYLAVENCER FIELDS and DRAGONFLY. Choose your favorite to wash, spritz, and moisturize.
    • Choose a toner: PHOENIX if you are over 40, HARMONY if you are under 40, or BALANCE for dry skin. 
    • Choose a day time moisturizer in one of the formulas above.
    • At night, use our FEATHERAY Eye and Facial Cream (our most powerful anti-aging product) to firm and lift the skin, prevent cell damage, and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
    • Use a spritzer in one of these formulas above for a finishing touch.


  • Skin dimpling: Would you like the skin dimpling or cellulite issues of your body to go away? Too often we see this in the lower limbs, buttock, or abdomen. There are two things you must do to reduce this issue. First, it is essential to restore a healthy flow of blood to this area (better circulation) and secondly, you must restore good muscle tone to these areas (more movement). This means you need to sit less and move more. Washing and moisturizing with our WARRIOR and WILDWOOD products will help as they support a healthy circulatory system and  give your body what it needs to repair and rebuild the blood vessels in this area. We also recommend a healthy diet plus add herbal teas to your daily practice to increase your collagen levels. Exercise the area of concern every day (for muscle tone) and massage the area everyday (for better circulation). PHOENIX is also helpful to tighten the skin.
  • Dark Spots: Wash and moisturize with LEMON LAUGHS to lighten age spots and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Our facial moisturizer LEVEL 2 also helps even skin tones, reduce age spots and dark circles. These effects are slow and steady, giving great results over time.
  • Loose Skin: Wash and moisturize with any of our anti-aging products daily to tighten, firm, and lift your skin. WARRIOR. You can also boost your collagen levels by drinking a cup of BURDOCK ROOT TEA every day.
  • Bruising: Use RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF as fast as possible after an injury to reduce the bruising. The faster you apply it to the area of concern, the faster it will work.
  • Blisters: Use GYPSYSUN to help repair the skin and reduce the itching or burning. WARRIOR helps repair the skin and MINTY RELIEF helps relieve the pain.  
  • Calluses: Moisturize with a LEVEL 5 MOISTURIZER to soften the skin. Soak the area and exfoliate with a loofah regularly to remove dead skin cells.
  • Stretch Marks: Moisturize daily with any LEVEL 5 MOISTURIZER to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. LEMON LAUGHS is the best at lightening the scar. Also, if you are pregnant, moisturize your body daily with our LEVEL 4 or LEVEL 5 moisturizers will help your skin stretch better and reduce stretch marks from happening.
  • Scars: To lighten scarring, wash and moisturize with LEMON LAUGHS or WARRIOR products. BURDOCK ROOT TEA helps boost collagen levels, which is needed for skin repair.
  • Sun Damage: Long term sun damage can be harsh on your skin! Wash and moisturize with any of our anti-aging formulas (WARRIORFIREFLYDRAGONFLYLAVENDER FIELDS, or SAGEROW) to help restore balance to your skin and improve your skin's quality. Also, GYPSYSUN is a great way to help repair damage caused on a daily basis. Just spray every evening on your exposed skin. This is especially great for those suffering from actinic keratosis and premature wrinkles, loose skin or irregular skin. If you are suffering from pre-cancer or cancer issues, please review our SKIN - Cancer suggestions. 
  • Tattoo Aftercare: Wash with the UNSCENTED UDC and moisturize the area with UNSCENTED LEVEL 4. UNSCENTED products are extra gentle and safe to use on fresh tattoos.


Itchy skin driving you crazy? Get fast relief when you wash and moisturize with the WARRIOR or WILDWOOD formulas.

  • Fungus (general): Continued daily use of the WARRIOR and WILDWOOD formulas can help your skin return to normal. Moisturize with these formulas in LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 as they will allow your skin to breathe. Please do not use creams or our LEVEL 5 moisturizer as they are too thick and may cause the issue to continue or spread to other areas of your body. You can also apply FORTIFY or GOAWAY for an extra powerful attack.
  • Anal itchiness: Anal itching is either caused by fungus or bacteria... Take a shower at least once a day (twice is better) - once with WARRIOR, once with WILDWOOD - and then spray some DISINFECT NOW into this area (or use a WARRIOR moisturizer if it is sensitive). Every time you sweat, you need to change clothes and wash them, especially your undergarments and sheets/bedclothes. We highly recommend FORTIFY or GOAWAY in your washing machine to help sanitize your clothing.
  • Ringworm: Apply FORTIFY or GOAWAY for spot treatment to kill the ringworm fungus. Start washing and moisturizing daily with the WARRIOR or WILDWOOD Avoid LEVEL 5 as it is too thick for your skin and instead moisturize with LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4.
  • Dandruff: Wash your hair and scalp with WILDWOOD UDC daily to relieve the itchiness and reduce the flaking associated with dandruff. Gently massage onto your scalp in the shower, and let it sit for a couple minutes before rinsing. On the days you aren’t washing, use the WILDWOOD SPRITZER.
  • Rash related to Dermatitis or other fungal issues: Itchy skin driving you crazy? Get fast relief when you wash and moisturize with the WARRIOR or WILDWOOD Continued daily use will help your skin return to normal. Moisturize with these formulas in LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 as they will allow your skin to breathe. Please do not use creams or our LEVEL 5 moisturizer as they are too thick and may cause the issue to continue or spread to other areas of your body. 
  • Rash related to eczema: Calm the itch within moments when you wash with our WARRIOR or WILDWOOD If you will also use LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 moisturizers in the WARRIOR and WILDWOOD formulas (every day) you will feel so much better and your skin will start getting healthier. Please do not use any creams (including our LEVEL 5 moisturizer) as they are so thick that they can cause the issue to continue or spread to other areas of your body. 
  • Itchy Skin: This includes eczema, dermatitis, and rash issues. Wash and moisturize with either WARRIOR or WILDWOOD. Since most itchy skin is related to fungal issues, use LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4 moisturizers, but do not use creams or LEVEL 5 moisturizers since these can be too heavy and seal in your skin - creating a moist environment for fungal issues to grow. If you suffer from Psoriasis, use the products in the STARBRIGHT SET
  • Rash caused by Psoriasis: Start using our STARBRIGHT PSORIASIS RELIEF SET (or at least one item from this set) to see improvement. Suffering from an extreme case of psoriasis - using the entire set twice a day will give you the best results. We have found that many people with psoriasis also have a skin fungus (they just don't know it because so much focus has been put on the psoriasis). It's like two skin conditions layered on top of each other. If you also have psoriasis, please check out our STARBRIGHT SET.
  • Rash of unknown causes: We have seen our WARRIOR products clear some very strange rashes, especially when they appear bacterial related (painful). If fungal-related (itchy feeling), use the WILDWOOD products instead. If your rash is more spot-like, use GOAWAY.
  • Skin Bumps under the skin: Small bumps or small cyst under the skin, like milia, will easily clear up when you start washing with WARRIOR. If under age 7, use the BABY WARRIOR instead.
  • Rash during pregnancy: Experiencing a PUPPP rash or other itch skin issue? Wash with BABY WILDWOOD and use the WILDWOOD SPRITZER to relieve the itching. We also offer many other products that are safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Chicken Skin (sometimes called Keratosis Pilaris): Do you have dry rough patches or tiny bumps on your upper arms, sometimes called “chicken skin” or Keratosis Pilaris? Just wash and moisturizer with our WILDWOOD products for quick and easy relief. Thankfully, this scent is a favorite among many of our customers and it can be used from head to toe, including your face and sensitive areas. You're going to love the way it feels. If you are allergic to WILDWOOD, use the WARRIOR products instead.
  • Rash caused by Poison Ivy / Oak / Sumac: Wash with DRAGONFLY bar or liquid cleansers and then moisturize with WILDWOOD LEVEL 3.
  • Symptoms of Mastocytosis*: If your skin feels itchy, bathe and moisturize with WILDWOOD or WARRIOR. Use FIREFLY SPRITZER or the BREATHE INHALER for energy and to breathe easier. Drink ROSEBUDS & PETALS TEA to ease abdominal discomfort. We also recommend drinking RED CLOVER TEA daily to feed your body the proper nutrients to help improve the health of your bones.


Wash Is your skin infected, swelling, red, or painful? Do you have cellulitis or other similar skin irritations? Wash and moisture with the WARRIOR products to clear the issues. You can also use RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF to help reduce the pain.

  • Bedsores: Wash and moisturize with WARRIOR daily to help repair the skin. You can spray DISINFECT NOW directly on the bedsores to fight the bacteria in it. If it is resistant, use the FORTIFY or GOAWAY spot treatments. Bedsores can be prevented. Move around every few hours and keep the muscles active and the skin, clothing, and linens clean and fresh.
  • Abscess, Boils, Carbuncles, & Cyst: Add 1-2 drops of GOAWAY or FORTIFY to the spot and then add a little RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF moisturizer to prevent it from burning as well as to reduce pain & inflammation. Do this twice a day for a few weeks or until there is no more pain and discomfort. If this is a chronic condition, wash with WARRIOR daily to reduce occurrences.
  • Hives: Wash and moisturize with WILDWOOD or WARRIOR to relieve the irritation and help your body recover more quickly.
  • Ingrown Hairs: Washing with either our WARRIOR cleansers daily helps prevent ingrown hairs and clear up any issues you are having.
  • Warts: Use FORTIFY or GOAWAY on the affected area twice a day until they go away. Apply 2-3 drops with a cotton swab. Cover it with a moisturizer.
  • Razor Burn: Use a WARRIOR moisturizer to soothe the rash and reduce redness. In the future, shave using our BAR or LIQUID CLEANSERS. They help reduce razor burn and extend the life of your razor blades.
  • Burns: Shake the bottle well and then spray GYPSYSUN (or honey) directly onto your burn. There is no reason to touch it. Add a little RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF moisturizer to reduce pain & inflammation and wash and moisturize with WARRIOR to help repair the skin and reduce scarring.
  • Hemorrhoids: Wash the affected area with a WARRIOR cleanser to ease the symptoms. Alternatively, wash with MINTY RELIEF to relieve pain.
  • SKIN Blisters: Use GYPSYSUN to help repair the skin at the cellular level and reduce the itching, pain, or burn. WARRIOR products will also help your skin repair faster. 
  • Skin Cancer*: Many of our customers are surprised to get relief from their skin cancer issues from washing and moisturizing with our products containing the WARRIOR Use these things in combination with the recommendations from your doctor. Whether it's pre-cancer such as actinic keratosis, or full on cancer such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or malignant melanoma - WARRIOR can help. The more serious issues should also apply BALANCE toner and/or the entire STARBRIGHT SET as it has triple amounts of the WARRIOR formula when compared to our therapeutic products. If you have had melanoma before and are monitoring its reoccurrence, use WARRIOR PRODUCTS to wash and moisturize as a daily care routine. Use either the PHOENIX or BALANCE toners daily and use GOAWAY as a spot treatment. Add a little RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF moisturizer to reduce pain & inflammation.
  • Sunburn: Shake the bottle well and then spray GYPSYSUN directly onto your sunburn. There is no reason to touch it. It spreads out evenly and gives instant relief of the pain. Additionally, the GYPSYSUN will start to repair the damage on a cellular level restoring health to your skin. Also, wash and moisturize with WARRIOR to help repair the skin and reduce scarring.
  • Windburn: If you apply a LEVEL 3, 4, or 5 moisturizer before going into windy situations, you can prevent windburn. If you get windburned, apply the highest level of moisturizer for fast relief. Also, spray GYPSYSUN on the affected area to help repair the cellular damage fast! 
  • Staph Infections (including MRSA): GOAWAY was developed specifically to fight staph infections and it does a fantastic job! Apply it to the area of concern and then cover it with one of the WARRIOR Also, start washing in WARRIOR cleansers to protect your body. Once the infection is drying up and no longer painful, stop using GOAWAY, but continue to wash in WARRIOR cleansers daily to protect from further outbreaks. The medical community is quick to suggest those with staph infections to wash in bleach. Please understand that washing with WARRIOR is a natural alternative and bleach is not needed. 
  • Hives: Wash and moisturize with WILDWOOD or WARRIOR to relieve the itching.
  • Cancer/ Chemotherapy Side Effects: Use WARRIOR PRODUCTS daily to help support your immune, circulatory, and nervous systems and restore your body. FIREFLY PRODUCTS can give you an energy boost when fatigued. Drink BURDOCK ROOT TEA to help purify the blood and detox the body. Please schedule a free consultation or contact us if you have any questions.
  • Herpes Virus: You can simply wash and moisturize with our WARRIOR products to reduce the symptoms... and they do it fast! You should feel better within a few hours and see significant improvement within 24-48 hours. Our WARRIOR products are effective at reducing cold sores, chickenpox, shingles, and even genital herpes – anything caused by a form of the herpes virus. These products also support the health of your nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. Your entire body functions better just from washing and moisturizing from this formula.
    • Genital herpes: These products are gentle enough to be used in your sensitive areas so wash everywhere and get relief.
    • Shingles can continue to attack your nervous system for up to 9 months, so keep using the WARRIOR product line daily as they will continue to support the health of your nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. 


  • Body Odor: Your body odor is caused by germs and these germs can be in many places on your body. These bacterial buildups can cause odors. If your skin breaks, they can cause infection, and even pain. They can go everywhere, but they thrive mostly in the moist areas of your body. #dailycare
  • Stinky Shoes: It seems every family has someone with stinky shoes and feet! No worries. We've got you covered. Just spray these smelly areas with DISINFECT NOW and enjoy a new fresh scent. Please encourage them to wear white socks (not black ones), to air dry their feet whenever possible, and to spray their shoes with DISINFECT NOW nightly.
  • Face Mask Odors (and maskne): These odors can be horrendous. Just spray your mask with DISINFECT NOW. It kills the odors that are causing the smells. You can also use this to disinfect your hands, face, and surfaces around you. Just using the DISINFECT NOW can reduce maskne issues (the acne caused by wearing a mask), but you can also follow our Anti-acne guidelines to keep your skin clear and healthy.


  • Pregnancy: Our safety standards surpass European safety standards for plants and essential oils, which are the highest in the world. So, we can say with confidence that you and your children can use many of our products. In fact, our products are probably safer than anything you have tried before. Plus, they come with great benefits.
  • Baby Acne: This is simple... bathe your baby with the BABY WARRIOR or BABY WILDWOOD bar cleansers.
  • Colic: Bathing your baby with the soft smelling BABY LAVENDER FIELDS can help calm the digestive system and generally relax the baby. Washing in BABY WARRIOR will help their little body function better. You can also apply any level of the LAVENDER FIELDS or WARRIOR moisturizers to their feet and give them a foot massage. The formulas will help soothe their body and their feet will love the stimulation.
  • Cradle Cap: Wash your baby with BABY WILDWOOD and use the WILDWOOD SPRITZER. Our baby cleansers are formulated to be safe for everyone, for daily use.
  • Diaper Rash: Spray or rub on any WARRIOR Moisturizer and see results fast! If you use the WARRIOR LEVEL 5, you can also use it to reduce stretch marks and scars you may have gained during your pregnancy and delivery. Wash with BABY WARRIOR on a regular basis to reduce potential infections.


  • Heart Health: Just washing and moisturizing in our WARRIOR and WILDWOOD products will help increase the health of your cardiovascular system over time. This means your blood vessels are healthier, your heart functions better, and you have less varicose veins. Also, eating real, live foods and drinking herbal teas promote heart health, especially BURDOCK ROOT TEA, HIBISCUS TEA, and LEMONGRASS TEA.
  • High Blood Pressure: Washing and moisturizing with the DRAGONFLY products daily helps reduce high blood pressure. They can also help anger, tension, and emotional instabilities. Inhale the DRAGONFLY SPRITZER for a calming effect. For regular maintenance, we recommend drinking HIBISCUS TEA and using Himalayan Mineral Salt on your food.
  • Varicose Veins: Wash and moisturize with WILDWOODWARRIOR or RIVERFLOW daily to reduce the appearance of varicose veins over time. All three of these formulas are designed to help support a healthy circulatory system. 
  • Symptoms of Lyme Disease*: Wash and moisturize with WARRIOR to detox the body while supporting your cardiovascular system. Use WILDWOOD if you develop a skin rash. Use RIVERFLOW daily from head to toe to relieve aches and pains. Use FIREFLY for a safe and gentle energy boost. Use PARADIGM to help reduce fever, chills, aches, and stiffness. Use the HEADACHE INHALER for brain fog, headaches, and fatigue.


  • Appetite: Washing and moisturizing in LAVENDER FIELDS products will help support your digestive system on a daily basis - bringing it more stability and health. Drinking LEMON VERBENA TEA can help you lose weight where drinking SAGE LEAF TEA and DANDELION ROOT TEA may boost your appetite. If your issues are stress related, go for some of our stress relief options.
  • Constipation: Remember to drink 8 ounces of water every 3 hours and eat at least 70% fruits and veggies each day. We also recommend eating your proteins and starches separately, since these require different pH levels in the stomach to digest them. You want to make digestion easy. Here are some herbal teas that can also help speed up your digestion… Drink too much MULLEIN LEAF TEA and you will release everything! The sour taste of HIBISCUS TEA is pleasantly tangy for many and naturally helps aid in elimination. Drink LAVENDER BUDS TEA at night because it can have a sedative effect. ROSEHIPS TEA has high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants that are considered helpful in reducing allergies as well as reducing constipation. ELDERBERRY TEA is high in flavonoids that help with constipation. 
  • Indigestion: Washing and moisturizing with LAVENDER FIELDSDRAGONFLY or FIREFLY products daily will help improve the function of your digestive system.  Our DRAGONFLY products help improve digestive health. The mineral content in LAVENDER BUDS TEA helps to improve overall uptake by the digestive tract, soothing indigestion. LEMON VERBENA TEA is known to improve digestive issues. Drink PEPPERMINT TEA to support digestive health. ROSEHIPS TEA is considered helpful in reducing ingestion. SPEARMINT TEA helps soothe nausea and indigestion.
  • Liver Health: Drinking DANDELION ROOT TEA is known to help support healthier liver function. BURDOCK ROOT TEA helps reduce stress on the liver. It also contains a significant level of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Drink moderately. GOLDENSEAL TEA also supports liver and kidney function.
  • Nausea: SPEARMINT TEA tastes great and has been widely used to reduce nausea. PEPPERMINT TEA helps support healthy bowel function and can reduce nausea in some people.
  • Acid Reflux: Drinking LEMON VERBENA HERBAL TEA every day can ease your issues related to chronic acid reflux and it tastes great too! It can make you a little sleepy, so use it at night to help you relax.


  • Anger: Washing and moisturizing with the DRAGONFLY products daily can help anger, tension, and emotional instabilities. Inhale the DRAGONFLY SPRITZER for fast relief. Regular use can help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Anxiety: The more opportunities you give yourself for relief, the better you will feel. Thankfully, we offer many options. (Emotional)
    • Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN for immediate relief. Use up to 10 times until your body relaxes and your mind is calm.
    • Do you like tea? Drinking LAVENDER BUDS TEA, LEMON VERBENA, or DAMIANA TEA daily can also help you unwind and relax. Just be careful as these teas will make you a little sleepy.
    • Use the DRAGONFLY and SAGEROW products for your daily washing, moisturizing, and spritzing. They don't make you sleepy and will naturally reduce your anxiety. However, using the SWEET MAGIC and BUTTERFLY products daily will increase your happy hormones so you feel better... and this can also reduce anxiety (because you feel more positive and upbeat). ;-)
    • The STRESS RELIEF INHALER fits into your pocket and can go with you everywhere. Even if you have an anxiety attack in rush hour traffic, you can get almost instant relief by inhaling deeply 2-3 times. You will feel your mind and body relax... and then remind yourself that everything is okay.
  • Depression: Wash & moisturize daily with either SWEET MAGIC or BUTTERFLY Drink ROSEBUDS & PETALS TEA daily. Its uplifting properties help those who are down, depressed, or overly stressed. The STRESS RELIEF INHALER fits into your pocket and can go with you everywhere. Even if you have an anxiety attack in rush hour traffic, you can get almost instant relief by inhaling deeply 2-3 times. You will feel your mind and body relax... and then remind yourself that everything is okay. Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN for immediate relief. It can help promote better sleep, which can in turn help with depression.
  • Stress: Wash and moisturize daily with the SWEET MAGIC and BUTTERFLY products and they will help reduce your stress levels, increasing your happy hormones so you feel better. Our STRESS RELIEF INHALER is perfect for stress relief on the go.


Are you feeling the symptoms of a cold or flu? Such things as a runny nose, cough, fever, aches, and pains can be caused by viral or bacterial infections. Once you start showing signs, rub PARADIGM MASSAGE on your entire body to release it's powerful protection and restorative properties. You can also add it to your bath water and then slide in. It doesn't fight every cold and flu, but it has a high success rate (about 75%) of being able to reduce many cold and flu symptoms very quickly, so you can feel better. Those with Fifth Disease, common colds, and even the flu have reported feeling better when they use PARADIGM MASSAGE. Best of all, there are no drugs involved, just the right plants in a complex formula that helps protect your body and fight the germs and viruses that cause cold and flu symptoms.

  • GETTING RELIEF: Rub PARADIGM MASSAGE on your entire body to release it's powerful protection and restorative properties. You can also add it to your bath water and then slide in and relax. PARADIGM MASSAGE doesn't fight every cold and flu, but it has a high success rate (about 75%) of being able to reduce many cold and flu symptoms very quickly, so you feel better fast.
  • REDUCING FEVER: Rub PARADIGM MASSAGE on your entire body to release it's powerful protection and restorative properties, reducing fever, aches, and pains. It has a high success rate (about 75%) of being able to reduce many cold and flu symptoms very quickly, so you feel better fast.
  • COVID-19: Our COVID CARE PACKAGE is for someone experiencing cold or flu like symptoms as these items can reduce your symptoms helping you feel better. The set includes the following... use the BREATHE INHALER up to three times per day. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. Use PARADIGM MASSAGE on your entire body to release it's powerful protection and restorative properties. Wash with MINTY RELIEF BAR CLEANSER for fast relief from pain & inflammation.
  • Ear Infection: Apply FORTIFY or DISINFECT NOW around the outside of the ear to fight infection and cover with MINTY RELIEF LEVEL 3 to relieve the pain.
  • Sore throat or Coughing: Spray WARRIOR LEVEL 3 into your throat. Swish around your mouth and spit out. You can also inhale the BREATHE INHALER up to three times per day. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. You can also spray the FIREFLY or MINTY RELIEF spritzers around your face and head and inhale deeply. For nighttime issues you can use the BUTTERFLY SPRITZER to help open your breathing passages with calming and relaxing plants.  


Would you like for your breathing airways to be more open and clearer? Getting relief from sinus infections, seasonal allergies, asthma, snoring, and congestion can help you feel better.

  • Sinus issues: Breathe in deeply from our EUCALYPTUS INHALER for an incredible opening experience. Simply hold them up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. You can use it up to three times a day. The BUTTERFLYFIREFLY and RIVERFLOW spritzers can help with sinus issues.
  • Lung issues: Choose the BREATHE INHALER.
  • Snoring: Inhaling the BUTTERFLY SPRITZER helps reduce snoring for many people. Just shake, spray, and inhale. The BUTTERFLY SPRITZER smells so great you might just want to spray down your sheets and pillows too!
  • Asthma: BREATHE INHALER helps open up your lungs and EUCALYPTUS INHALER opens your sinuses. Spray & inhale the FIREFLY and BUTTERFLY. According to generations of our Native American ancestors, MULLEIN LEAVES made into tea will help strengthen your lungs and improve the overall health of your respiratory system.
  • Congestion: Use the EUCALYPTUS  INHALER up to three times per day. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. Shake and spray the MINTY RELIEF SPRITZER around your face and head and breathe deeply. Drink GOLDENSEAL TEA once per day until symptoms fade away.
  • Seasonal Allergies: Add one or more of these items into your daily life to help ease your seasonal allergies. They boost your body with powerful nutrients that enable you to assimilate into your natural environment better. Also, our ancestors taught us that spending more time outdoors in the winter can help your body adjust with a little more ease to Spring-time and all it's pollen. (Breathing)
  • Pneumonia: Pneumonia is an infection and inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs. All the Alywillow products listed below will help fight it, but stillness in the body is what allows it to take hold in the lungs, so I will address that first. Anyone with pneumonia needs to learn to do deep breathing exercises and keep your body moving. Even if you are fatigued and really want to rest – you must keep moving. Even months after pneumonia is gone, it will quickly come back if movement is not maintained. Think about what happens in a room that is closed without enough air movement. The air grows stale and eventually mold can form. This mold begins to break things down. If there is not enough movement in your lungs, something similar happens. Pneumonia is an infection, but it behaves kind of like a mold. In all of Earth - stillness brings on this transformation. To slow down the rate of decay, you need movement. Movement literally helps us live longer.
    • MOVEMENT: Find daily physical activities you enjoy and keep moving. Physical activities that encourage deep, healthy breathing, like yoga or tai chi, need to be persistent and happen several times a day.
    • NO LONG TIMES OF STILLNESS: Don’t sit or lay down for more than 3 hours at a time, except at night while sleeping. The body needs movement. Stretch, Breathe, Stretch, Breathe, Stretch, Breathe, etc.
    • BREATHING: Too often we have shallow breathing. Learn breathing techniques and do them often to keep the air in the lungs fresh. Breathe deeply into the bottom of the lungs, filling them like balloons until you feel your chest and ribs expand. Hold for a few seconds and release. Do at least 10 deep breaths every 3 hours (or more often if possible). It will be hard at first. It will get easier over time.
    • TO FIGHT THE INFECTION: Dilute 6-10 drops of Fortify (or DISINFECT NOW) and apply to the chest and neck at least 3 times a day, for the next 7-10 days.
    • TO SUPPORT THE HEALTH OF THE LUNG: Inhalers– especially BREATHE – up to 3 times a day in each nostril. Once the infection is clear, daily use of the inhalers will keep the body healthier.
    • REDUCING INFLAMMATION – Inhale RIVERFLOW SPRITZER or massage RIVERFLOW LEVEL 3 onto your entire body. Internal inflammation is responsible for much of the damage in our body as we age. Using RIVERFLOW everyday (or any of the other formulas that support healthy circulation and reduce inflammation) will help the body function better. 


  • Fire Ants: Apply a drop of FORTIFY to the affected area to reduce the reaction. Use WILDWOOD LEVEL 3 MOISTURIZER to reduce the itching. GOLDENSEAL TEA can help reduce allergic reactions.
  • Mosquitos, houseflies, horseflies: Spray NATIVE SHIELD BUG REPELLENT on your skin, hair, clothing, and shoes to create a barrier to help protect from mosquitos and some of the other annoying flying insects. If you already have a mosquito bite, just add some NATIVE SHIELD to the bite to reduce itching, swelling, pain, and scars. 
  • Ticks: If the tick is on you, adding a drop of FORTIFY will weaken the tick, making it easy to remove. Fortify will also help fight the infection around the bite. If you wish to repel ticks, then add 20 drops of FORTIFY to your NATIVE SHIELD. This way your mosquito repellent also repels ticks. This is developed for people, not dogs.
  • Bee Stings: Just one drop of FORTIFY will help stop the pain and reduce the swelling of many bites and stings (including infections). Just remember to cover it with a moisturizer to prevent a burning sensation. Add a little RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF moisturizer to reduce pain & inflammation.


  • Drinking BURDOCK ROOT TEA can help reduce stress on the lymphatic system, as well as supporting kidney and liver function. Drink moderately.
  • Lymphoma: Wash and moisturize with FIREFLY to relieve fatigue and improve respiratory health. Use the ENERGY INHALER up to three times per day. If you have rashes, use the WARRIOR products to help clear them and relieve the itching. Drinking SAGE LEAF TEA can help boost your appetite. It also has high concentrations of Vitamin A, C, B-family, K, and E, copper, fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium. Drinking BURDOCK ROOT TEA can help reduce stress on the lymphatic system. Drink moderately. SPEARMINT TEA tastes great and has been widely used to reduce nausea. If you have night sweats, use SEAWILLOW SPRITZER on your face and neck. Drinking HIBISCUS TEA can also help control body temperature.

ORAL HYGIENE - for whiter teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath

When you combine food grade ingredients of our LEVEL 4 moisturizers with germ fighting power of our WARRIOR FORMULA, you get fantastic results! Everyone can use these products, but if you suffer from dry mouth, infected gums, mouth sores, sensitive teeth, weak teeth, or gum disease - you will really LOVE the relief. We don't use fluoride and your teeth may even get brighter! Try it for two weeks and we think you'll never go back to the old way of doing things!

  • Brushing your Teeth: You can brush and gargle using only WARRIOR LEVEL 4. Just shake the bottle (to blend the ingredients), spray it three times into your mouth - brush, gargle, and spit.
  • Oil Pulling: Squirt WARRIOR LEVEL 4, three-to-five times into your mouth, gargle, and spit. 
  • Sore Throat: Spray the back of your mouth and throat with WARRIOR LEVEL 4 to help soothe the throat and fight any germs that might be causing pain and inflammation. Swish it around and spit it out.
  • Toothache or pain in the mouth: If you are experiencing pain in your mouth, wash your mouth out with WARRIOR LEVEL 4. Brushing with those can also fight gingivitis and reduce gum disease. If you have severe pain, use 2-3 drops of CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL on a cotton swab and apply to the affected gums and tooth. You can also apply FORTIFY on the outside (of your cheek) to reduce pain and bacterial infections (that cause pain). Always go to your dentist if your pain is severe or persistent.
  • Mouth Sores: Tired of those persistent mouth sores, caused by the herpes virus, messing up your beautiful smile? Just wash or moisturize with the WARRIOR products and enjoy a fast disappearing act! You've never seen anything like this before. In fact, our Warrior Formula fights all forms of the herpes virus (even the embarrassing ones).
  • Chapped Lips: Alywillow LIP BALMS are super nourishing and hydrating. They don't just coat your lips with wax, like most lip balms. Instead, they nourish and protect your lips all day, in any weather. Plus, when you start brushing and gargling with WARRIOR LEVEL 4, not only will your teeth and gums be brighter and healthier, your lips will be healthier too... moist and soft.





PAIN & INFLAMMATION of Joints, Muscles and Tendons.

  • Arthritis: Wash and moisturizer with RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF every daily for fast relief from pain & inflammation.
  • Back Pain: Spray RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF moisturizers into your hand and apply to the area of pain. If this is your lower back, sit and rest for 5-10 minutes after application for the best results.
  • Gout: Wash and moisturize with WARRIOR products daily. When having a gout flare up, use MINTY RELIEF or RIVERFLOW to relieve the pain and swelling. 
  • Joint Pain and Swelling: If you have a joint injury or even arthritis, you can get relief just from washing and moisturizing with RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF. You can wash from head to toe, or use the moisturizers in layers, for fast relief from pain & inflammation from specific regions on the body. Reducing inflammation can often take the pressure off nerves reducing the numbness, pain, tingling, and burning sensations that often accompany neuropathy issues.  #anti-aging #chronicpain
  • Bursitis: Use RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF cleansers and moisturizers to reduce pain & inflammation. Remember to apply them in layers every 10 minutes until you get the amount of relief that you desire. Many of our customers avoid getting cortisone shots when they use these two formulas, applied in layers.
  • Tendon Injury:  If your tendon is swollen or in pain, wash and moisturizer with RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF daily for fast relief from pain & inflammation. Remember to also reduce your physical activity on this part of your body. You still need to use it, to prevent it from getting stiff, but not to the point of causing pain. Just be gentle. Wrap it with a soft bandage and give yourself a chance to recover.
  • Muscle Spasms or Cramps: The SAGEROW formula supports the health of the nervous system and calms muscle spasms. If you have chronic spasms or cramping, consider washing with it daily. In the moment of an active cramp, massage the area with one of the MINTY RELIEF moisturizers for immediate relief.
  • Symptoms of Fibromyalgia*: Wash with MINTY RELIEF and moisturize with RIVERFLOW daily. Use the HEADACHE INHALER or STRESS RELIEF INHALER up to three times per day. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril.  Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN for immediate relief. It can help promote better sleep. Drink BURDOCK ROOT TEA to reduce stress on the lymphatic system. ROSEHIPS TEA contains phytochemicals and are considered helpful in reducing chronic pain and inflammation. 


  • ADHD*: Get daily help just from washing and moisturizing with WARRIOR and FIREFLY. These formulas will download your body with the boost it needs to restore balance and improve your daily focus - making it easier to manage the little things. Daily use of the ENERGY INHALER and FOCUS & CLARITY INHALER  is another way to calm your body down and maintain focus. Throughout the day, spray the WARRIOR SPRITZER or FIREFLY SPRITZER in your environment to help you stay focused.
  • Brain Fog: If you can remember during the Brain Fog episode, shake, spray, and inhale the WARRIOR SPRITZER to help you focus and clear the mind. Using the other WARRIOR products throughout the day can help keep your focused all day. The FOCUS & CLARTIFY INHALER can help you concentrate, quiet your mind, and narrow your focus. It is great for students and those with intense mental careers. Herbal teas will help boost the functions of your body - giving you more nutrients so you function better. Drink these daily - BEE BALM TEA, RED CLOVER TEA, SPEARMINT TEA, and PEPPERMINT TEA.
  • Headache & Migraine: Shocked and amazed are the results from most of our customers when they use the HEADACHE INHALER to relieve their headaches, even migraines. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril, up to 3 times a day. Drink 8oz of water every 3 hours or replace some of that water with SPEARMINT TEA. This herbal tea calms headaches and enhance mental alertness. SPEARMINT ESSENTIAL OIL has wide fame for calming headaches, but we’ve noticed it only works for a small population of people. We suggest inhaling RIVERFLOW SPRITZER for fast relief. This unique formula is a blend of some of the best plants for helping balance the functions of your circulatory and nervous systems and is fantastic as reducing headaches.
  • ENERGY BOOST – Fatigue: Use ENERGY INHALER up to three times per day. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. Wash and moisturize with FIREFLY products in the daytime. This formula can cause an increase in energy levels. Use the Spritzer for a quick energy boost. Drink SPEARMINT TEA is a refreshing tea that can help reduce fatigue and make you feel happy.


The complex formulas in our WARRIOR and SAGEROW products are known to help balance and support your Immune System, so it works better. You get these benefits just from washing and moisturizing in these products and we also have many items that can help you feel better when you immune system isn’t functioning properly

  • Daily Support: Wash and moisturize every day with our WARRIOR and SAGEROW products to rebalance and support the functions of your immune system. Drinking ELDERBERRY, ROSEBUDS & PETALS, SAGE LEAF, BEE BALM and LEMONGRASS teas can help give your immune system a boost. 
  • Graves' Disease: Wash and moisturize with SAGEROW products daily to help relax the nervous system and relieve anxiety. Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN for an immediate mood boost. It can help promote better sleep. Use SEAWILLOW SPRITZER for hot flashes - just shake and spray on your face and neck to cool down. Drink HIBISCUS TEA - it helps control body temperature.
  • Lupus: If you're feeling fatigued, wash and moisturize with FIREFLY products in the daytime. For pain, use MINTY RELIEF or RIVERFLOW. For hair loss, use the SHIMMER SPRITZER or SHIMMER HAIR WASH. Using the SWEET MAGIC or BUTTERFLY products daily will help boost your mood.
  • Symptoms of Hashimoto's Disease*: Wash and moisturize with SAGEROW products daily to help reduce inflammation, depression and spasms. Use the SAGEROW SPRITZER to boost your mood. Drink ROSEHIPS TEA to help reduce inflammation and pain. Drink ROSEBUDS & PETALS TEA daily. Its uplifting properties help those who are down, depressed, or overly stressed. Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN for an immediate mood boost. It can help promote better sleep.


  • Restless Leg Syndrome: If you have pain, cramping, tingling, jitteriness, itching, creepy crawly feeling, or pulling in your legs, you will enjoy RIVERFLOW LEVEL 3. Use it right before bedtime to help you rest better. Also, start washing with WARRIOR or SAGEROW daily as they help support the functions of your nervous and circulatory systems. In the midst of a cramp, use MINTY RELIEF to ease the muscle. Breathe in the relaxing scent of ISLAND RAIN to promote better sleep and relieve insomnia. Drink LEMONGRASS TEA before sleeping to help as it contains nutrients to help relax your nervous system which reduces the symptoms of RLS. Drinking HIBISCUS TEA daily can also help promote proper circulation.
  • Seizures*: Our UNSCENTED products are designed to be safe for everyone, including those with seizures or epilepsy. There are also no essential oils, just the safest, simplest plants. If you wish to try our other products, please use them sparingly until you can determine if your body is okay with them. Also, review our list of INGREDIENTS for any plants you should avoid.  


Using all Alywillow cleansers and moisturizers will help strengthen your nails over time, however, using LEVEL 5 on your nails and cuticles  daily can help strengthen them faster!


We have several hormone balancing formulas. When you wash & moisturize with SEAWILLOW. BUTTERFLY, OR SWEET MAGIC daily, your body gets some relief.

  • Hot Flashes: In the moment of a hot flash, spray and inhale the SEAWILLOW SPRITZER. The RED CLOVER TEA has been used for generations by Native Americans to help reduce symptoms related to menopause in women. We recommend drinking at least one cup a day. If overheating is a problem, avoid hot foods and drinks. Instead, cool down your herbal teas and drink cold coffees and cold soups.
  • Vaginal Dryness: Every Alywillow moisturizer will reduce vaginal dryness. If you are ultra sensitive, use the UNSCENTED LEVEL 4 or LEVEL 5 MOISTURIZERS. However, since all our moisturizers are pH balanced, you can use any of them! If you want more lubrication, go for the LEVEL 5 BODY BUTTER. There are 12 options to choose from however, be aware that MINTY RELIEF, DRAGONFLY, and LAVENDER FIELDS might reduce swelling which may be counterproductive for intimate situations. Drink DAMIANA TEA to reduce dryness and enhance your intimate moments.


  • Kidney Health*: BURDOCK ROOT TEA helps reduce stress on the kidneys. It also contains a significant level of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Drink moderately. GOLDENSEAL TEA also supports liver and kidney function with a variety of other health benefits.


Do you have trouble sleeping, diagnosed with insomnia, or are wondering about a natural sedative? Ask for our Sleep Better, Feel Better Flyer. It will explain the main ways we can help improve your sleep naturally. Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN. Use up to 10 times until your body relaxes and your mind is calm. Do you like tea? We have many teas that are ‘don’t drink and drive’ teas because they make you sleepy. LAVENDER BUDS, HELICHRYSUM, LEMON VERBENA, DAMIANA, or MULLIEIN LEAVES teas can help calm the mind and help you relax. Use the LAVENDER FIELDS products nightly to promote better sleep. Those who wash and moisturize with our WARRIOR formula every day have noticed a reduction in their episodes of sleep apnea.


The uplifting and fragrant LEMON VERBENA TEA is known to help with weight reduction. Drinking SAGE LEAF TEA once a day can aid in weight loss and also reduce blood sugar. As far as we know, none of our products help you lose weight, but many will help your body function better. Just washing and moisturizing in WARRIOR will help your cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems function better - this can help you feel better and reduce stress on the body. If your stress levels are high, try some of our formulas that help boost the production of happy hormones - like SWEET MAGIC and BUTTERFLY. Follow these healthy lifestyle choices 10 STEPS TO HEALTHY SKIN. And, if you are losing a lot of weight at once, make sure you are washing and moisturizing with WARRIOR products as they can help your skin stay tight and tone. All of the anti-aging products will work great! BURDOCK ROOT TEA boosts collagen to help firm the skin.

HAIR - Hair Loss:

The formula contained in our SHIMMER HAIR WASH and SHIMMER SPRITZER is going to help balance the pH of your skin, clear any fungal issues or other items that might be blocking your pores, and help restore balance so your hair has a chance to grow again. If your scalp is very oily, make sure to wash on a regular basis with the SHIMMER HAIR WASH until it normalizes. Using Alywillow products on your hair is different from anything you have ever done and it feels different. Please contact us for a private consultation so we can help make sure your plan is perfect for you. We want you to be successful. 


Dogs, cats, and other pets: Yes, some Alywillow products are great for your dogs, but don't use them on your cats and birds. Does this mean our products are tested on animals? Absolutely not! We have never and will NEVER test anything on animals. This is because our products are very safe, they don’t contain any synthetic ingredients, and we always follow and exceed the European safety guidelines for the use of plants. So you will notice that Alywillow products bring more goodness into your dog's life and are probably some of the safest things you have ever used on them.


These natural products can be used alongside the advice and medication your doctor provides. Should you have any concerns, ask your doctor. If you have questions for us,  just ask us or schedule a private consultation with our team so we can discuss your needs. Allergic to plants?  Look at our list of ingredients and tell use what you need to avoid. 

* Make sure you are under the care of a doctor and enjoy the Alywillow products to help improve the quality of your life.