Integumentary System


Apply FORTIFY or DisinfectNOW around the outside of the ear to fight infection and cover with any Alywillow moisturizer (Minty Relief and Riverflow will help relieve the pain).



Would you like the skin dimpling or cellulite issues of your body to go away? Too often we see this in the lower limbs, buttock, or abdomen. There are two things you must do to reduce this issue.

First, it is essential to restore a healthy flow of blood to this area (better circulation) and secondly, you must restore good muscle tone to these areas (more movement). This means you need to sit less and move more. Washing and moisturizing with our WARRIOR and WILDWOOD products will help as they support a healthy circulatory system and give your body what it needs to repair and rebuild the blood vessels in this area.

We also recommend a healthy diet plus add herbal teas to your daily practice to increase your collagen levels. Exercise the area of concern every day (for muscle tone) and massage the area everyday (for better circulation). PHOENIX is also helpful to tighten the skin.


Wash and moisturize with LEMON LAUGHS to lighten age spots and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Our facial moisturizer LEVEL 2 also helps even skin tones, reduce age spots and dark circles. These effects are slow and steady, giving great results over time.


Wash and moisturize with any of our anti-aging products daily to tighten, firm, and lift your skin. WARRIOR. You can also boost your collagen levels by drinking a cup of BURDOCK ROOT TEA every day.


Use RIVERFLOW or MINTY RELIEF as fast as possible after an injury to reduce the bruising. The faster you apply it to the area of concern, the faster it will work.


Use GYPSYSUN to help repair the skin and reduce the itching or burning. WARRIOR helps repair the skin and MINTY RELIEF helps relieve the pain.


Moisturize with a LEVEL 5 MOISTURIZER to soften the skin. Soak the area and exfoliate with a loofah regularly to remove dead skin cells.


Moisturize daily with any LEVEL 5 MOISTURIZER to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. LEMON LAUGHS is the best at lightening the scar. Also, if you are pregnant, moisturize your body daily with our LEVEL 4 or LEVEL 5 moisturizers will help your skin stretch better and reduce stretch marks from happening.


To lighten scarring, wash and moisturize with LEMON LAUGHS or WARRIOR products. BURDOCK ROOT TEA helps boost collagen levels, which is needed for skin repair.


Long term sun damage can be harsh on your skin! Wash and moisturize with any of our anti-aging formulas (WARRIOR, FIREFLY, DRAGONFLY, LAVENDER FIELDS, or SAGEROW) to help restore balance to your skin and improve your skin's quality. Also, GYPSYSUN is a great way to help repair damage caused on a daily basis. Just spray every evening on your exposed skin. This is especially great for those suffering from actinic keratosis and premature wrinkles, loose skin or irregular skin. If you are suffering from pre-cancer or cancer issues, please review our SKIN - Cancer suggestions.


Wash with the UNSCENTED UDC and moisturize the area with UNSCENTED LEVEL 4. UNSCENTED products are extra gentle and safe to use on fresh tattoos.

All products mentioned here are available below in alphabetical order.