Section 1: Daily Use

This first section includes items for daily body care that are great for all children (including babies).

Unscented Formula Bundle - Alywillow

Elemental Grade Level


The ingredients in our UNSCENTED products are simple and pure. There are no essential oils, no synthetics, no lye, no sulfates and only goodness.

Z - Case - Lavender Fields Products - Alywillow

Elemental Grade Level

Baby Cleansers

We designed our baby cleansers for daily washing to moisturize and soothe the skin of even the most sensitive person. Lye free, sulfate free and free of all synthetic ingredients. Wash your face and everywhere else with plants!

Warrior Formula Bundle - Alywillow

Therapeutic Grade Level


Are your kids arguing? Spray SWEET MAGIC spritzer around them and watch how much happier they become! Nightmares keeping you're little one up at night, use SAGEROW Spritzer for sweet dreams.

Our spritzer are little portable diffusers with therapeutic benefits and when you inhale the mist, they can help you feel better. You can also spritz your linens, clothing, sheets and pillows.


Section 2: Use when needed

All children, including babies, can use Alywillow Therapeutic and Medicinal products - when needed. So, when your baby or child has a symptom or discomfort on the chart below, choose the Elemental option first (if one's available). Then, if something stronger is needed, choose either the Therapeutic and Medicinal options and follow the instructions. Remember to use every product as directed, and don't use too much when a little will do. Only the most common issues are listed below, but we offer help for many problems that aren't listed here. Please contact us if you'd like more information.


Our ancestors would refer to bites, stings, & infections that cause searing pain, burning, and swelling as ‘fire in the body”. So years ago, I combined a series of “killer plants” that burn away many toxins (including bacteria, fungi, and viruses)… and called it FORTIFY. Using Fortify is like fighting fire with fire, and thankfully, Fortify is normally the victor! Even though it doesn’t contain any drugs, synthetic chemicals, or artificial ingredients, it still important to use it properly, because it’s not soothing and restorative like most of our other products. It literally kills the things you put it on.

A customer in Raleigh, NC once told me that Fortify worked so well against all the blemishes on her face that she covered her entire face with it! Yicks! Don’t do that. It shouldn’t go on healthy skin – just on those areas that have problems. She said she wouldn't do that again and agreed to follow the instructions in the future.

The instructions won’t fit on the little bottle, so save the flyer that comes with it! The bottle has about 300 drops and you’ll use just a drop or two at a time. It is the single most versatile product we create here at Alywillow which is why it my number one choice for gift giving! Everyone needs it. It’s just that amazing! DisinfectNOW is a diluted for of FORTIFY. You can easily refill this bottle using distilled water and 10 drops of FORTIFY. Plus, it makes using Fortify really easy.


Alywillow products are super safe and efficient at dealing with acne. If you're dealing with baby acne, start off with Baby Wildwood or Baby Warrior bar cleansers. They are extra gentle and probably all you need. If the case is more severe, Contact us for a custom plan.


We recommend starting off with the gentler bar cleansers. either Riverflow or Baby Warrior are best! If these aren't doing as much as you hope, move on to our Fortify, Paradigm Massage,or DisinfectNow to get rid of the acne.


Lavender Fields has an amazing ability to both relax and calm you down, including your baby! We recommend Baby Lavender Fields first. If that doesn't help, give Lavender Fields or Sweet Magic spritzers or moisturizers. Finally, you can use Island Rain, a potent plant mist for calming and sleep.


As always, start off with the elementals! Baby Wildwood. If that doesn't help, use Wildwood cleansers & moisturizers. If you are dealing with Cradle Cap, use the Wildwood Spritzer on the scalp, not a moisturizer.


For these issues, it's best to start out with Baby Warrior first. If the issues don't resolve themselves, move on to Warrior. If it still isn't helping then it's time to move on to our StarBright Set. you can learn more about it here.


For all kinds of pain and injury, even growing pains, these products are effective and gentle. try in order from left to right.


For all kinds of pain and injury, even growing pains, these products are effective and gentle. try in order from left to right.

Infections, scratches, boils

For all kinds of infections, these products are effective and gentle. try in order from left to right.


For all kinds of sleep and stress issues, these products are effective and gentle. try in order from left to right.