Gather-Round Gather-Round Gather-Round

Inspire the holiday spirit in everyone and let the smells of Christmas linger in your home all day as the scent of Gather-Round reminds you of happy moments, bringing more pleasant thoughts to mind (we've even heard of it helping with severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorders). This blend also inhibits microbial growth and is excellent in helping prevent colds. It is made of pure therapeutic and organic essential oils (pure cinnamon, clove, orange, and other holidays plants) and almost everyone will breathe easy, with these natural scents (we don't use anything synthetic). This blend also offers powerful antioxidant properties (reducing aging) and helping improve the function of your immune system. 

1. Add 6-10 drops to your diffusers. 
2. Add 2 drops into a teaspoon of carrier oil (or Alywillow moisturizer) and add to your warm bath water.
3. Add 20 drops to an 8 oz watter bottle, shake and spray the air to help kill airborne germs and fill your home with a lovely holiday scent.
4. Make an arrangement of pinecones an add a few drops everyday to keep them smelling fresh and vibrant. 
5. If applying to the skin, use a dilution of 0.01% in your favorite carrier oil 


(One bottle contains 1/2floz/approximately 300 drops)