Wholesale - Massage Therapist


You're looking for the perfect slip from the most natural products and we've got you covered!

This is why we know you will LOVE Alywillow's Moisturizers! They are each available in 12 different formulas with different scents and therapeutic benefits, and every ingredient is a plant with no synthetic ingredients. 


  • Level 5 is a Body Butter that melts in your hands and can restore even the driest skin, that is cracked or broken open, without leaving a heavy feeling.
  • Level 4 is an incredible massage moisturizer and great for daily care of those with dry skin.
  • Level 3 is residue-free and designed for daily care of normal skin. You won't be able use this in your massage, but your customers with normal skin (not dry) will be thrilled to take this home!


  • There are no fillers, no water, and no alcohol in our moisturizers - meaning they are pure and concentrated. Just one spray can cover an entire arm. One bottle can cover the human body from head to toe at least 20-30 times. 
  • The ingredients are the highest quality possible - food-grade plants and oils, therapeutic and medicinal essential oils where needed, and nothing is synthetic. We even use plants for preservatives and NOTHING NEEDS TO BE REFRIGERATED.
  • And we have so much more to offer!

Just check out these 3 customizable options!

We can customize a package for you, or you can choose one of the packages below. Also, check with us to see if there are any special promotions or discounts. Schedule a Free Wholesale Consultation with us if you have any questions. 

Gold Package

Give your clients lots of choices with the GOLD PACKAGE. It let's you offer them everything - from topical pain relief for their chronic pain, the ability to stop the itch of those irritating itchy areas, and ways to repair their broken and ultra dry skin conditions. This includes everything from the Bronze and Silver Packages and so much more. Starts at $730.

Silver Package

The Silver Package adds on the therapeutics products so you can help address your client's daily needs while having access to all the most gentle products included in the Bronze Package. Starts at $530.

Bronze Package

If your wish is just to be simple and natural - choose the Bronze Package. Starts at $180.