Anti-Itch Creams may be the worst thing for your Itchy Skin


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Anti-Itch Creams may be the worst thing for your Itchy Skin.

When you apply an anti-itch cream to fight itchy skin issues, the thickness of the creme often acts as a seal that pushes the itch below the surface where it thrives in your warm, moist body. That itch may even travel to another part of your body and pop up somewhere else. You may need to use these creams over and over, and unfortunately the biggest problem is they are full of synthetic chemicals (or drugs) that are often not safe for extended use.

Alywillow products are different from anything you have ever used before. We can usually stop the itch, give you relief, and prevent the itch from returning.

  • No drugs. We literally only use plants.
  • No synthetic chemicals. We don't even know how to use those.
  • They won't irritate your skin. In fact, they will soothe it - and fast - because they are loaded with natural vitamins and minerals. 
  • They are thin and liquid based, so they won't 'seal-in' your skin like heavy creams.
  • They soak into the skin, which fights the itch and prevents the spread.
  • Read our reviews. Our botanical blends are so effective, you won't need anything else. Use them to wash and moisturize every day.
  • We care about safety. They are so safe that you can use them every day from head to toe, just because you like the scent (you don't 'have to', but you could if you wanted to). That's how safe they are!
  • Everywhere and all the time. They can be used everywhere on your body including your face, scalp, and intimate areas.
  • Great scent! Many of our customers use these exact products not because they need them, but because they love the scent. We don't use fragrances, but you will smell the scent of the plants.
  • Glowing skin. They leave your skin feeling amazing.
  • Feel better. You'll get relief.




When used according to the directions these products will give you relief or your money back. We can afford to make this offer because we know they are effective on 99% of people.


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