7 Tips to turn Rosacea into Healthy Skin

People with rosacea tell us that they had given up on finding anything gentle enough for their skin before finding Alywillow. If you are dealing with rosacea, know that it is possible to get relief and we are here to help you!

Alywillow products are designed with sensitive skin in mind, yet rosacea is a situation that requires even more awareness. According to the Mayo Clinic, rosacea is a skin condition where blood vessels in the face enlarge, giving your skin a flushed appearance leading to bumps, the appearance of broken blood vessels, or extreme sensitivity. 

Over the years, we have found that your body has unique wisdom that can help guide you to keep you safe in the natural world. This incredible guidance system is your sense of smell. If you smell a plant (or plants) and are repelled, you are often allergic or sensitive to that plant. Alternatively, if you smell a plant (or plants) and find them appealing, you're body probably desires or even needs them.

Fortunately, all Alywillow products are designed from pure plants (no synthetics), so engage your sense of smell to find the best formula for you!   

This is easy with our THERAPEUTIC SAMPLE SET. Order yours today and in just a few days you will have many samples and scents to try. Follow these steps to ensure a positive Alywillow experience:

    1. DON'T EVER SCRUB YOUR SKIN. You should be tapping it, not rubbing it. Be soft and gentle, not hard or rough.
    2. DON'T USE WASHCLOTHS, only your fingers and hands. It is really easy to shock this skin type if you try too many things all at once so always remember to introduce one product at a time.
  2. WASHING:  Our cleansers are power packed with nutrition, so they actually feed vitamins and nutrients into your skin each time you wash
    1. Smell all the cleansers in your sample set and use the CLEANSER that smells THE ABSOLUTE BEST TO YOU! 
    2. Only try the cleanser samples that smell right to you. If it doesn't feel good to you - don't use it again. 
    3. Eventually, we'd love for you to wash your whole body with your favorite formula, but for now just try it on a small part of the face.
  3. TONING: Skip this step until your skin improves, then try the Harmony Spray Toner. It can help to even skin tones and reduce redness. 
    1. Our most gentle moisturizer for damaged, sensitive skin is the FEATHERAY Facial and Eye Cream, though sometimes it is too heavy of a moisturizer for some skin types.
    2. You will find Levels 3, 4, and 5 Moisturizers in your set. Try them on your arm to see which consistency you'd prefer for your face. Oily or combination skin will usually prefer Level 3. Dry skin will normally prefer Level 4 or Level 5.  Once you know which level you prefer for your face, order that level in the same formula as your favorite cleanser. These moisturizers are designed for full body use, so use them everywhere!
  5. FEEL BETTER: Our products should help soothe your skin, making it feel better. If you experience any negative reactions, you may be sensitive to one of the plants in that formula. Discontinue use and contact us so we can help find a solution.
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