Alywillow Baby Cleansers are part of our ELEMENTAL product line - formulated to be safe for daily use by everyone including nursing and pregnant women, new babies, all children under 7, and individuals with hypersensitive skin. 100% vegan, they are lye-free, charcoal-free, and designed to be extra safe. All Alywillow products are formulated without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors. This is very important, because wet, warm skin absorbs easily. They are designed to keep delicate skin safe, healthy, and protected.  They are also moisturizing and cruelty-free!

You can use them from head to toe - for your face, your body, your hair, & your more intimate areas. They are not 'tear-free' as that requires synthetic chemicals, so, please avoid your eyes. Each bar will usually last an adult one month in the shower, if you use it every day (much longer for a baby). Just one bar can replace your body wash, your shampoo, your facial cleanser, and even your shaving cream.

Choose Baby Warrior when dealing with diaper rash, infections, and germ fighting abilities. Choose Baby Wildwood to calm itchy skin (including eczema), cradle cap, and dry or bumpy skin issues. Choose Baby Lavender Fields calming anxiety and promoting relaxation. If you do not need these therapeutic benefits, choose our Unscented Cleansers instead.

Every ingredient is sourced from a plant - even the scents, colors, and preservatives - and these plants offer bio-available vitamins your body, skin, and hair are able to absorb better than synthetic vitamins. They are safe for long term use on your face, full body, and hair - and they will not throw off your pH levels like lye, charcoal, and sugar scrubs.

  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Every bar includes a FREE loofah pad - for drying and exfoliation
  • Each formula has unique therapeutic benefits or, choose the unscented for the simplest list of ingredients.
  • Each bar cleanser last about 1 month in the shower (varies by person)
  • No lye, no charcoal, no sulfates, no artificial ingredients, & no dangerous plants (like tea tree). If you have any allergy concerns, refer to our list of ingredients.
  • They are extra gentle and some of the safest and most moisturizing cleansers you have EVER used.
  • Read our reviews to see the power and blessing of Alywillow products.