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Alywillow's Firefly Products...

Firefly is a refreshing, invigorating blend of 7 plants with the warm, minty scents that boost the energy of your body for more mental enhancement, clarity, stamina, and focus. This gives you a leading edge so you are better equipped to handle the challenges of the day. Use it every morning for a gentle boost that leads to more productivity and effectiveness with anything you choose to do. Plus it has anti-aging benefits that will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.... and, it's anti-bacterial benefits can help defend your body from invaders.

Firefly Bar BAR CLEANSERS and loofah - you can wash everywhere! You are washing with plants when you wash with our bar cleansers. They are lye-free, sulfate-free, and safe for sensitive skin. Each one lasts about a month in the shower if used every day from head to toe. They are gentle and won't strip your hair or skin. Shave with this for extra healthy skin... and yes, they are lovely for your face! 



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WASHING - The warm water of your morning shower opens your pores allowing your body to readily absorb the nutrient rich benefits of the Firefly formula. Wash from head to toe so you can enjoy all it's energy boosting, anti-aging, and mental enhancements! Choose the FIREFLY CLEANSING BARS or FIREFLY UDC (Upside Down Cleanser) in the morning gives you a great start to the day.

Firefly Spritzer

SPRITZERS - Enjoy the benefits of a diffuser, with the ease of take-and-go. Just shake, spray, and inhale the Firefly Spritzer when you are challenged by fatigue or mental challenges. It's a quick and instant lift... It supports your respiratory system, reduces congestion, and is excellent at clearing your sinuses in the morning.

Firefly Level 3

LEVEL 3 - Successful days are easier when you're energized and feeling mentally alert. Enjoy mental and physical enhancement when used from head to toe. Enjoy a light layer every morning from head to toe of this residue-free spray moisturizer for incredibly healthy skin that looks invisible, and feels light and free. It provides your body with a boost of energy, anti-aging benefits, and antimicrobial production.... and the more you use it, the more you benefit.

LEVEL 4 - This full massage oil is a wonderful way to start your day and provide your body with a boost of energy, anti-aging benefits and antimicrobial production. Your dry skin will start radiating a beautiful glow and be smooth as silk! Plus, the more you use it the Firefly products, the more you benefit from all their greatness!

LEVEL 5 - Just a little of this velvety moisturizer will repair dry cracked skin. It's highly concentrated and just a little bit goes a long way. Rub in it well and it leaves your skin feeling silky, not greasy or heavy. It has all the energy enhancing and anti-aging benefits of our other Firefly products, so enjoy!

Do you love the Firefly Formula?  You can get the entire Firefly Bundle. Get one for yourself and one for a friend. You'll both benefit.

How does the FIREFLY Formula work?

Your body absorbs many of the ingredients of the things you use on it and Alywillow products are made with plants and minerals that offer natural chemicals that do good things for your body. The Firefly Formula is a refreshing, invigorating blend of 7 plants with warm, minty scents that help improve our cognitive function as it activates the blood supply to the brain tissues. To be productive throughout our day, it is vital we know how to improve mental alertness and minimize the risk of fatigue. Our Firefly products can do this and more...

  • ENERGY BOOST: Enjoy a gentle mental and physical energy boost that last for 4-6 hours. It doesn't harm your body or linger in your body like caffeine (12 hours) and in helps improve your sleep cycle, instead of interfering with it.
  • BRAIN FUNCTION: Firefly is is especially helpful for those with dementia, Alzheimer's, forgetfulness, cognitive disorders and brain fog.
  • IMPROVED CONCENTRATION: Firefly stimulates and enhances motor skills and favorably improves learning and memory performance. This high sensory awareness enables you to focus and concentrate on a task at hand, all while improving your mood throughout the day.
  • POWERFUL PROTECTION: Studies have shown these plants increase neuroprotection, to help defend you from neurodegenerative diseases and improve your daily cerebral functions. Plus, they also have natural antimicrobial properties to fight off harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Mental alertness will minimize fatigue, improve productivity levels, increase concentration abilities, and reduce stress levels. It helps us feel more connected and in-flow with the world around us… promoting better mental health and overall well-being.
  • ANTI-AGING: Lessens fine lines and wrinkles.
  • NATURALLY SCENTED: you'll mostly smell the scents of spearmint and eucalyptus, but overall, this formula releases a soft mint scent that invigorates your body and mind.
  • MENTAL HEALTH: The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body and the cognitive functions it provides allow us to stay alert throughout the day to complete and succeed in school and in work, at home and out in public.  Mental alertness will minimize fatigue, improve productivity levels, increase concentration abilities, and reduce stress levels. It helps us feel more connected and in-flow with the world around us… promoting better mental health and overall well-being.
  • See all the Firefly Products - you can wash, moisturizer and even spritz to inhale. Not sure if it's right for you? Try a sample.

Why is this important?

Did you know caffeine can stimulate the cells of your body for about 12 hours? (Not to mention all the long-term damage it causes.) This means you may lie awake in the bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering why you aren't sleepy. When your cells are stimulated, your entire body stays alert, even when you are exhausted. Instead of your body being bombarded with synthetic and harsh chemicals from commercial products or caffeine, washing and moisturizing with our Firefly Products lets you enjoy a safer and more gentle energy boost that works with your body and dissipates easily without the sensation of "crashing". This way you can enjoy the effective and safe ingredients of our products which will help your body function better - all while improving your skin so it looks and feels younger!