Collection: Facial Toners

Facial Toners

 Alywillow toners offer bio-ready minerals and vitamins to nourish your skin, calm irritation, increase collagen production, improve elasticity, reduce blemishes, and fight the signs of aging. Most toners have alcohols that dry and irritate your skin, yet, Alywillow toners are different. They are alcohol-free and they are not drying as we only use soothing and calming plants to help improve your complexion. 

PHOENIX SPRAY TONER - Medicinal Grade. Originally designed for skin cancer and best for aging or sun-damaged skin. Powerful against lines and wrinkles, while softening the skin. It's an exhilarating scent of plants known to help repair skin cells. This is recommended for those over age 40 or those with damaged or scarred skin. 

BALANCE TONER - Medicinal Grade. Designed for powerful skin repair. Reduces wrinkles and scars. Best for dry, aging, or sun-damaged skin.

HARMONY SPRAY TONER - Therapeutic Grade. Gently helps reduce pore size and softens skin. Calms irritations, reduces redness and lessens the potential for acne. This light scent is refreshing and cooling on your skin. This is fine for all skin, young or old.