Alywillow Attributes

Alywillow Attributes

Have you wondered about the meaning behind some of the words and symbols you'll see on our website describing the attributes of our products. We hope these symbols help you navigate our products with more ease so you can find the perfect item for you.


The following designations have been created to show the intended purpose and your potential results of a product, based on its chemical composition. You will see these designations on our new labels in 2022 and we are working on adding them to every page on our website (over the next few months).


Alywillow products receive a PREVENTATIVE designation when they offer high levels of nutrients that improve communication between your cells which improves the functioning of your organs and entire body. Often our customers will mention how they 'feel' better or they notice things about their body that look better (less varicose veins, less wrinkles, etc.). These products are known to generally increase your quality of life. So, if you are going to wash with something, why not wash with something that does good things for your body?


Some of our products are designed to help repair damage caused by things such as acne, incisions, age, shingles, sun damage, etc. Many of these RESTORATIVE products are too strong to be used for prevention purposes. For instance, our PHOENIX Toner helps repair damage, aging, scars, etc... But, it is too strong to be used for preventative measures and is not recommended for anyone under age 40, unless you have scars, cystic acne, or other damage.


The products with the designation of PROTECTIVE offer incredible antioxidant benefits, which protects you on a cellular level. This is often related to the ORAC values (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), established by the USDA, showing the antioxidants of plants. Antioxidants slow the processes associated with aging in both the body and the brain. Think about this, if you eat too much clove you'll upset your digestive system, but when you wash or moisturize with our Sagerow or Warrior products, your body absorbs trace levels of clove through your skin and respiratory system. Use them everyday for long term anti-aging benefits!

  • Oranges are rated at 750 µTE/100g
  • Kale is rated at 1770 µTE/100g
  • Raisins are rated at 2830 µTE/100g
  • Prunes are rated at 5770 µTE/100g
  • Clove is rated at 1,078,700 µTE/100g


This designation is assigned when a product has the ability to either balance your nervous system or your hormonal system. These two scenarios can help calm your body, and in some cases even increase your happy hormone production.

  • Hormonal Balancing: Sweet Magic, Butterfly, and Lemon Laughs
  • Calms your Nervous System: Sagerow, Warrior, and Dragonfly

Some products are designed just for fun to bring more enjoyment to your life or they are only available for a limited time. For instance, bathing in pumpkins doesn't really help your body function better, but some of us just adore the smell. The ChocoMojo products have some anti-aging and energizing benefits, but they are designed so you can enjoy the delights of real minty chocolate and no synthetics). Most of the products with this attribute are part of our Aromatic Safety Grade product line and are available for a limited time only.


Some Alywillow products contain powerful antimicrobial benefits that can effectively fight bacteria (even resistant forms like staph, MRSA, and cystic acne), harmful viral issues (colds), and many types of itchy and irritating fungi and the things that act like fungi (like dermatitis, eczema, rashes). They fight off many invaders to help keep you well. Some of our fighting products are also nourishing, like our Warrior cleansers and moisturizers, that are great for even babies. However, some of our fighting products like Fortify and GoAway are designed with 'killer' plants, meaning they will destroy the things you put them on. Make sure to read the product to understand how to use it properly.

Daily Use vs. Use When Needed

Daily Use

Ages 7 and older can use these items daily - or just for fun! They usually have therapeutic benefits that help make life a little better, like our cleansers, deodorants, moisturizers, and other daily care products. Some of them are just fun - like our perfumes and roll-ons.

Ages 7 and older can use these items when needed, meaning these items have a specific purpose and are not meant to be for fun or play. For instance, PARADIGM MASSAGE will fight cold and flu symptoms. We know it smells great, but don't use it everyday!

Age 0 daily use

These items are designed for daily use by all ages. They are made with the most simple of recipes using the most gentle plants. They have less therapeutic benefits, but can usually be enjoyed by even the most hypersensitive person. However, if you have plant allergies, you should definitely review our full list of ingredients and let us know which plants you need to avoid so we can send you a list of safe products.

Age 0

Even some of our strongest products are safe to use on even babies when they are needed. For instance, you can use GoAway on a baby that has a staph infection. Just follow the directions. Not only are these more safe than many over the counter products you will find, but they are usually more effective. Our Warrior moisturizers will fight a diaper rash faster than anything else.


Other Attributes

 Vegan Vegatarian

Washing your body in animal fats doesn't appeal to us. That's why all our ingredients are plants! So yes, our products are naturally vegan, but we use honey in a few anti-aging products and beeswax in our lipsticks and lip balms, so those items are vegetarian.


Plants can feed your body nutrients and help improve your daily life, however, not all plants are safe during pregnancy. Go to our Pregnant & Nursing collection to see safe options for you or look for these symbols when scrolling our website.

Shake wellReusable

Our products are made of pure plants and you need to shake your bottles before you spray them. Plus, we are switching over to reusable glass bottles. This means you will save on your refills and the Earth will save on the waste or resources.

No nutsNo synthetics

Sometimes we use coconut or shea nut butter. But, many of our products don't have any nuts. Look for this icon if you need nut-free! Using the 'no synthetic' icon would be excessively repetitive since no synthetics are ever used in our products.

Small BatchesMade in USA

Everything is still made by hand either in NC or in VA, using the same recipes that have proven to be so effective over the years. Our ingredients are fresh, so we make small batches. This ensures you a longer shelf life as our products are not aging in a warehouse somewhere.

Dog FriendlyRecycled

Not all plants are safe for dogs, but many of our products can be used on your canines. Just follow our Dog Friendly suggestions. Also, you may notice that we reuse all our packaging materials. In the event we have to buy packaging, we always choose 100% recycled materials.

No dyesNo sulfates

Trial and error over the years have taught us exactly which plants will give us the right colors... and we can now make cleansers with only plants - no sulfates are necessary. It's great!

No alcoholNo caffeine

We don't use alcohol in anything, even our bug spray and perfumes are free of alcohol. Some of our herbal teas have caffeine, but most are caffeine free. In fact, many of them are sleep teas.

Beard CareOral care

We think it's a little crazy too that WARRIOR LEVEL 4 makes your beard so soft and it's also amazing for brushing your teeth. All the Level 4's are great for your beard and they are all made with food-grade ingredients, but you shouldn't use all of them for your teeth. Look for the icons.

FlyawayCoarse hair

Do you want healthier hair? Get off the synthetic products and try Alywillow. You have never tried anything like this before. See our Hair Care collection to see how to get rid of your itchy scalp, grow thicker hair, and how to wash and moisturize your hair using our cleansers and moisturizers.


    dry skinNormal skin

    Normal skinOily Skin

    • Level 1 - oily to Normal Skin
    • Level 2 - normal Skin
    • Level 3 - normal skin,
    • Level 4 - dry skin
    • Level 5 - ultra dry skin
    • Featheray - the strongest moisturizing effect


    8-10 hoursMoisturizing

    Our moisturizers are designed with plants that feed nutrients to your skin and protect your skin for hours. Level 1 and 3 will protect for 6-8 hours. Level 2 and 5 will protect for 8-10 hours. Level 5's and our Featheray Eye Cream can give moisturizer protection for up to 12 hours.


    Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your lotion bottles? If so, you may have noticed alcohol and water are normally at the top. Our moisturizers are concentrated! They contain no fillers and a little goes a long way.

    Cruelty free

    You may have realized by now that none of our products are made from animals or tested on animals, but sometimes they are good for animals! That makes it easy for us to be cruelty-free. We love animals!