Sometimes we are so busy serving our skin with love and attention that we forget the crowning jewel of it all: Our hair! 

Just like our skin, our hair needs nourishment and care, especially if you want it to grow. Alywillow's Shimmer Hair Moisturizer can give your hair the right proteins and vitamins necessary to grow long and strong while softening the hair you already have. The moisturizer will repair damage done from the elements and daily styling choices, but it's also important not to forget the root of the problem.

Scalp health is often overlooked because the scalp itself is hard to see. We're often only reminded of it when it starts throwing dandruff flakes in our face in a show of anger. Our Shimmer Scalp Spritzer was designed specifically to increase scalp health and is a great reminder to show your scalp some love too. After all, a happy scalp makes better hair!