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It takes dedication and determination to get through Alywillow's rigorous training program and these incredible people have chosen this path because they care about helping others and they want to make a genuine difference. If you'd like excellent customer service and assistance every time you buy Alywillow products, call them or email them!

They are able to answer all your questions and make your experience with Alywillow ultra easy. Some have physical locations, others will help you place your online order, and some even offer delivery options for customers in their area. When you support them, you are helping build a healthier economy as they are each building their own businesses through Alywillow. Call or email them and enjoy the attention of your own personal specialist! 

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North Carolina

Sarah McKenzie

Cary, NC

    Debbie Thompson

    Cary, NC

    Veronica Dyer

    Creedmoor, NC

    Veronica Dyer, Certified Health & Life Coach

    Veronica  - or Ronni as she’s known to her friends - was a skin care consultant for 25+ years before she found  Alywillow, so you know our products must be quite amazing to convert a longtime loyal representative of another company! She rounds out her emotional, spiritual and physical services with excellent Alywillow skin, body and hair care – caring for the “whole” individual!

    Alywillow Channa Pickett

    Durham, NC physical location


      Raleigh / Cary, NC


      Raleigh, NC

      Vicky Riddle

      Raleigh, NC

      Laura Washington

      Raleigh, NC

      Sandra Long

      Roxboro, NC physical location

      • Alywillow Independent Specialist: Sandra Long 
      • Business: Ginger Hearts
      • Locations: An Artisan’s Emporium inside of The Shops of Hall’s Way, Roxboro, NC and Maggie Leigh Boutique, 905 N Madison Blvd., Roxboro, NC
      • Hours: Tues-Fri (10-5:30pm), Sat (10-2pm) at An Artisan's Emporium; Tues-Fri (10-6), Sat (10-2pm) at Maggie Leigh Boutique.
        After Hours & Private Shopping Appointments are available - email me to schedule a time.
      • Website: GingerHearts.org
      • Facebook: facebook.com/gingerheartsnc
      • Email: gingerheartsnc@gmail.com
      • Phone: 336-504-3476
      Mary Baker

      Southport, NC


      South Carolina



      Blacksburg, SC physical location

      • Alywillow Independent Specialist: Bill and Robin Woodward
      • Business: Adsila Boutique
      • Location: The Barn Market, 210 East Cherokee St., Blacksburg, SC 29702
      • Hours: Thu-Sat (11-5pm)
      • Website: myadsila.com
      • Facebook: facebook.com/myadsila
      • Email: myadsila@gmail.com
      • Phone: 864-490-3045


        More coming soon!

        Read here on how you can become an Alywillow Independent Specialist too!