Shipping Policies

We always send your tracking number, via email, once the shipping label is created.

  • Retail orders: We make everything by hand and it can take up to 10 days before your order is ready to be shipped.
  • Wholesale orders: We make everything by hand and we do not always have enough supplies available to make your orders. It can take up to 5 weeks before your cases are ready to be shipped. Please order them as soon as possible so we can order the supplies and start creating your cases.

We Schedule your shipping for you.

CARRIER CONTRACTS: We offer USPS and UPS for shipping as their rates and services seem to be the most reliable and affordable. If you prefer another carrier, you can arrange a pickup using your business or personal shipping account. When we arrange to ship your package, we are doing in on your behalf. The shipping agreement is actually between you and the carrier. We do not have access to their shipping systems.
RESIDENTIAL IS BETTER: It is recommended that you ship to residential addresses to ensure your delivery is not interrupted if a shelter-in-place order is implemented in your state or town.

Shipping Schedules

  • SHIPPING OUT YOUR ORDER: Standard ground orders take 2-3 days to process and ship out (Monday- Friday). Processing time may take longer during peak sales weeks and holiday season. Please note we are closed on weekends. It is our goal to ship your order as quickly as possible, however, delays can sometimes happen and if this is the case, we will contact you with the details.
  • DECEMBER HOLIDAY SHIPPING SCHEDULES: Orders placed by Dec 15th, should arrive at your destination by Dec 24th or before. Please choose PRIORITY MAIL for the fastest delivery option. It is possible that orders shipped after December 15th will also arrive at their destination, but it is better to send as early as possible.
  • TRACKING YOUR ORDER: We always send your tracking number, via email, once the shipping label is created. Please understand we are not able to guarantee delivery times as that depends on the operations of the shipping company and the particular state/area of the country. If anything happens to your shipment, you will have to contact the carrier directly since it is your property and your contract is through them.

Fair Shipping Rates:

We have taken great care to ensure accurate weights are listed on each Alywillow product so your shipping charges are automatically calculated correctly, yet at times you may be charge less or more than the actual cost.

  • WE GIVE AUTOMATIC REFUNDS FOR OVERAGES: If you are charged $1 or more over the actual expenses, we automatically send you a refund for the overages.
  • UNDER CHARGED:  If you are charged less than the actual cost of shipping and it is under $3, we normally absorb the cost so you don't have to.
  • CASES: If you are ordering cases, large volume, or custom products, then a separate invoice for the extra shipping charges will be sent to you, once the actual cost is determined.
  • WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON SHIPPING COST: Please understand that we are paying the shipping company on your behalf. They are responsible for their shipping services. If you require a shipping refund, you must contact the carrier directly as they will not allow us to issue a refund to you.

Tracking says my order was delivered, but I have not received it.

Sometimes this resolves itself in a matter of hours. But if your shipment doesn't arrive, it may have been delivered to the wrong address. We normally ship through USPS and it is BEST to contact your carrier as soon as possible to see if they remember where they left your package.
  • Almost every order we ship out has a tracking number. Use this number when you contact the carrier.
  • USPS: Contact your LOCAL post office and ask to speak to the carrier that handles your route. Usually the carrier can find it and redeliver, but it is important you contact your "local" post office, not the main branch. Do this as quickly as possible and keep us posted! We want you to get your Alywillow asap! (We have found that calling your local post office will be more effective than going through the online options for the USPS, and carriers are normally really good about fixing a mistake.)
  • UPS: Follow the instructions on the website.

What is your return policy?

If you don't get the desired results from our products, please contact us first to make sure you are using it properly. We always recommend chatting with one of our Alywillow Specialists before giving up on your product. You can see all our Return Policies HERE.