Conquering Summer Mosquitoes

My kids and I have often referred to ourselves as "mosquito candy", because those little pesky critters seem to single us out of a crowd and attack us more than anyone else -  but now, I have learned how to safely STOP them!

Since my lifelong goal has been to reduce our exposure to artificial chemicals, making an effective bug spray (from pure plants) was essential for our survival in the South! 

Using the wisdom taught to me by my Native American ancestors and about 3 decades of experience working with plants, I created Alywillow's Native Shield Mosquito Repellent with the intention of safely protecting myself and my loved ones from mosquitoes. Now, you can enjoy it too! 

It's so easy to use!  Put it on an existing bite to reduce the itch, swelling, and scarring. Best yet, apply it before going outside so you get preventative protection.

Prevents the bites,

reduces the itch,

lessens the swelling,

 & stops the scarring

For many of us, Summer in the South can be a mosquito nightmare!  I used to hate those mosquitoes so much that I would avoid going outside in the summer. If I did get a bite, it would last for weeks and leave scars. My legs looked polka-dotted for years! LOL!

Now, I love to go outside - even during the worst part of mosquito season. I know that if I get a mosquito bite, applying Native Shield will stop all the irritation, swelling, and scarring. If I apply Native Shield before I go outside, I won't get a bite at all.

Native Shield is an all-natural, DEET-free alternative to conventional bug spray and EVERY SINGLE ingredient is a plant. It is so safe you can INHALE IT!  

But, what's so important about it being DEET-free? 

Let's chat just a moment about that...

Native Shield vs Conventional Bug Spray

Of course, just because something is popular and widely used does not necessarily mean that it is safe. It is well known that DEET is toxic to the central nervous system and could cause seizures and death. The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), states that DEET can cause irritation, rashes and swelling.  
Native Shield, on the other hand, is so safe you can apply it without holding your breath. Actually, you can inhale it with no harmful side effects. It is soothing to your skin even when you have acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and fungal issues. Native Shield is safe for everyone to use - even babies and pregnant women!

Naturally Scentless (after just a few minutes)

Of course, Alywillow products are made without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors. This means the scent you smell from our products are just the natural scents of those plants we use to make those products.
At first, Native Shield will have a VERY STRONG scent (mostly of witch hazel and apple cider vinegar). Don't worry! Even when you cover your body from head to toe, the scent fades away in just 2-3 minutes. Then, it is scentless! 

TWO easy ways to use Native Shield

  1. BEFORE YOU GO OUTSIDE:  Shake well, spray into your cupped hand and rub onto your skin before going outdoors. You can also mist onto your hair and clothes to create a protective barrier.
  2. AFTER THE BITE:  Even if you forget to apply it, it can relieve the irritation of the bite AFTER it happens. Just shake, spray into your cupped hand, and rub into the bug bites. This can reduce itching (in a few minutes), reduce the redness, reduce the swelling, and prevent scarring.

    Chiggers, House flies, Ticks, and Horse flies

    Yes, we have received great feedback from our customers on how Native Shield is helpful in repelling horse flies and house flies. Unfortunately, Native Shield does not work against Ticks and chiggers. For tick removal, see Fortify Medicinal Plant Serum.  To repel ticks, you can either use Fortify or DisinfectNOW.

    RUB it on! Use it properly!

    In order to achieve excellent results, 
    1. SHAKE THE BOTTLE - this is necessary to blend the plants
    2. SPRAY it into your hands, and then RUB IT ONTO YOUR SKIN. (If you spray it directly on, WITHOUT RUBBING, it does not work).
    Just like other products, it does have some limitations. 
    • If your skin gets wet, it will lose some of its effectiveness. Make sure you reapply.
    • The effects normally last for 2 hours (some people say it's longer or shorter, based on body chemistry). Even individuals with O blood type get relief with Native Shield.
    • Eating a high-sugar diet may cause some issues with effectiveness.
    • The shelf life is 2 years, so if you bought it last summer, it should still work.
    • It is made of PURE PLANTS and they need to live in your home (under 80 degrees Fahrenheit). If you leave your bottle in the heat, it will spoil the plants and ruin it's effectiveness. (In my home we have a bottle at the back door, one at the front door, and one in the beach bag).

    It might not repel bugs if...

    Everyone is different and our body chemistry reacts differently to plants. For some reason, about 5% of our customers ARE NOT able to get the protective results from Native Shield. Sometimes this is because you have too much lactic acid in your body. Perhaps the most important factor is your metabolic rate, or the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) your body releases as it burns energy. Mosquitoes use CO2 as their primary means of identifying bite targets.
    If Native Shield doesn't work for you, please contact our team members to make sure you are using it properly. If so, we will be happy to offer an exchange for another product. Keep in mind though, even if Native Shield doesn't repel the mosquitoes for you, it can still sooth the itch.


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