Collection: Safety Grades

Explore our four safety grades. From the gentlest daily care to potent medicinal support, discover what makes each grade special:

  • Aromatic Grade: Perfumes, roll-ons, plus all our seasonal specials - Gardenia, Chocolate, Lilac, Jasmine - Perfect for those who love pure synthetic ingredients available in delightful scents - ideal for gift-giving and seasonal enjoyment.

  • Elemental Grade: Our Elemental products are made of the most gentle pure plants and minerals... safe for everyday use by all ages, including newborns, the elderly, and hypersensitive individuals.

  • Therapeutic Grade: Designed for daily use with many benefits! Our Therapeutic products are versatile products that promote better health on a cellular level, from stress reduction to improved skin and nails.

  • Medicinal Grade: Designed for serious health challenges, our medicinal products targeted relief from serious symptoms caused by serious conditions.