The ELEMENTAL line was designed for babies and children under 7 and is safe for everyone*. It is gentle enough and at a low enough concentration that it can be used by pregnant and nursing women. 

Hypersensitive individuals will also be able to use these products with great success. The soaps are moisturizing, the moisturizers are protective, and every product in this line is made of plants (if you have any plant allergies, please let us know prior to using any of our products). The lip balms and lipsticks also contain organic beeswax and the deodorants contain Himalayan salt. 

Plants are incredible. The can heal, nourish, and guide the body and mind. However, they can damage the body if used too frequently, in large volumes, or in sensitive populations. For instance, many plants are too strong for babies or can trigger seizures in epileptics. For these reasons and more, Alywillow products are classified into three different grade levels: Elemental, Therapeutic, and Medicinal.  This way, anyone can use our products without fear of overuse! 

Alywillow has adopted and exceeded, the European safety standards, which are the highest safety standards in the world. This means we formulate our Elemental and Therapeutic Grade Level products to be safe for use every day, from head to toe, for the rest of your life! 

*Epilepsy: Essential oils have been known to cause seizures in epileptics. Those who experience regular epileptic seizures should avoid all essential oils and only use our Unscented products.

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