Collection: Safety Grade - ELEMENTAL

We think plants are incredible! Some plants feed your body nutrients and can help improve your daily life and some are powerful enough to fight resistant germs, clear problems from the body, put you to sleep, and slow down the signs of aging. However, some of them can damage the body if used too frequently, in large volumes, or in sensitive populations. For instance, many plants are too strong for babies or can trigger seizures in epileptics. For these reasons and more, Alywillow products are classified into three different grade levels: ElementalTherapeutic, and Medicinal.  

This line was designed to be ultra gentle and safe for use every day, from head to toe, for the rest of your life by everyone - including brand new babies!  These cleansers will leave your skin feeling soft, the moisturizers are protective, and every product in this line is made of plants and minerals - and that's all! The safety standards on our ELEMENTAL line surpass European safety standards (which are the highest in the world) and ensure our products can be enjoyed every day of your life! However, if you have any allergies to our ingredients, then please notify us in advance so we can send you a list of safe products for your special situation. 

The ELEMENTAL products are ideal for DAILY USE by the following groups:

  • Brand new babies
  • The elderly
  • All children under 7
  • Pregnant and nursing women
  • Hypersensitive individuals. However, if you are to avoid essential oils completely, please avoid everything except the UNSCENTED line and the Lipsticks.